Review of Best 10 Audio Recorder for Various Needs

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Review of Best 10 Audio Recorder for Various Needs

best audio recorderThere are various life events that sometimes we want to be recorded, so that in the future it would not be difficult for us to recall or remember that significant moment in our lives. Recorded moments give you chance to go over certain life occasions again, whether it be a phone conversation with loved one, important business meetings or university class lecture; hence, it serves a future personal reference. Interestingly, with the advancement of technology nowadays there are a large variety of easy options for recording audio presented and are within our reach. However, deciding on the best audio recorder can be very difficult, as a good voice recording software with ample features and tools is a must, but it is hard to find the one which is the most suitable to your specific recording need. In this article, we investigated the most relevant situations when you might need an audio recorder software, and we present you the most suitable audio recorder for each of the later mentioned situations so that you can have a great overview on what tool to use in different cases.

The Best audio recorder for Chrome – Chrome Audio Capture

When it comes to the need of recording specific activities on your laptop or desktop computer that are related to your activity on the Chrome internet browser, the Chrome Audio Capture tool is a mentionable extension which captures the audio on the current tab and saves the output file on your computer when the recording is complete in the format that suits your need. This tool allows the users to capture any audio playing on the current tab, which can come in handy when you open a FaceTime call in a Chrome tab, or a YouTube video in another Chrome tab. A big advantage is that multiple tabs can be captured simultaneously, therefore, you can capture different sound at the same time.

The completed audio recordings will be downloaded into the folder of Chrome’s downloaded files and will be stored as .mp3 files or .wav files. Also, an option to mute certain tabs, which are presently being captured, will be made available to users.

Wіndowѕ Hotkeys:

  • Ctrl + Shift + S: Begіn capture on the current tab
  • Ctrl + Shift + X: End capture on the current tab

MAC Hotkeyѕ:

  • Command + Shift + U: Begіn capture on the current tab
  • Command + Shift + X: End capture on the current tab

In the extension, lots of options can be changed, such as:

  • Captured mute tabs permit the extension to mute whatever tabs presently being captured on the audio output of the system. However, it maintains its audio capture as well as encoded in the outcome file.
  • Maximum time for capture adjusts the time needed for the extension to capture prior audio timing out. It has an extent to limit exceeding memory limit for chrome.
  • The format of output file enables users to decide whether the file will be encoded to .mp3 or .wav
  • MP3 Quality is only applicable for .mp3 encodings, and will change the bitrate of the encoding. (Low: 96 kbps, Medium: 192 kbps, High: 320 kbps)

Best audio recorder for Android – Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice Recorder also has a suggestive name, and it earned its position on our list of most relevant audio recording tools because it is specifically designed to do audio recording on Android phones, with great convenience and ease. This tool provides an easy method to record things with your phone, where all you need to do is just to open the interface and directly hit the presented mic button, so the recording is already in progress. Afterward, the control and closure of the recording are also available with one simple click, and your recording is directly ready, while some of the available features let you personalize this recording and choose what kind of file type you wish to record in.

This present application’s design leaves a considerable measure of other recording applications in the dust. It offers a great deal of present-day style in the menus and buttons, unquestionably unlike your normal recording application. It incorporates a bundle of various gadget controls that look awesome in contrast with the main application, as well. That is cool, yet in the case whereby you need to control the application from your status bar and include controls that display notification, you have to pay the sum of $4. There is a nice recording quality, however, it depends vigorously on the nature of your telephone. There are lesser sound settings that let you message better quality out of an unremarkable recording. However, Easy Voice Recorder compensates for it with enough format support. There are about six diverse audio configurations within the application. That is one of the main propelled features you don’t need to pay for. Fortunately, this application provides OK performance and merits downloading for its awesome gadgets alone.

Best free audio recorder – AceThinker Free Audio Recorder Online

A very special audio recorder that must be mentioned as one of the best available audio recording tools on the market is the AceThinker Free Audio Recorder Online. This tool has a special place on our list because of its universality, as you can use it whether you want to record the sound of a presentation, ongoing video sound from YouTube, or the audio for a new presentation via your microphone, or basically any other sort of audio. Furthermore, not only does this tool make it possible to be used in all of these situations, but you can also use it completely free, by simply starting it directly on the official AceThinker website, no matter whether you access it from a Windows or Mac computer.

Step1 Activate the Application

Visit the application with your browser, and go ahead and click Begin to run the audio recorder. You should introduce a launcher on your computer when it is your first time to utilize the application. It does not have any adware or spyware, therefore, it is safe.

Step2 Select thе Source for the Audіo

When you click Begin, a panel having possibly three sound sources to record will display. Select any one depending on what you want.

  • Mouthpiece gives you a chance to record your audio for description, audio directions, etc.
  • System Sound gives you a chance to record MP3 from streaming sites, capture in-game sounds, live radio broadcasts, etc.
  • System Sound and Microphone give you a chance to record audios coming from both system and microphone for the purpose of audio talks, voice meetings etc.

Step3 Start Audio Recording

After you choose the source for the audio, play any sound/audio you need to record or talk via your microphone to test the sound. When all things are ready, click Begin to launch the sound recording process. You can stop the recording whenever you wish. Hit the red Stop button to complete the recording.

Step4 Play Recorded Sound File

AceThinker Online Audio Recorder is built with a library to enable you to easily manage recorded sound files. Click on the icon for the Recording list in the base right corner to open the library. There you will see all the audios that have been recorded. You can play the recorded sound to test the quality or click on Open Folder to find a sound/audio file on your PC.

Step5 Add Music Data to the Recorded Sound/Audio (Optional)

AceThinker gives you a chance to alter the ID3 data to oversee music effectively. Choose an audio recording in the library and check Edit ID3. A music data board will display. Here you can include the title of the song, year, artist cover album, etc.

Best audio recorder for music - Audacity

Audacity comes into the mind of many users when it comes to recording audios. This tool can handle the recording of music, as it comes loaded with many helpful features, which are required for an efficient and personalized music recording. It is a totally free sound recording software. Audacity allows you to record, mix and edit the audio clips for your benefit and with great ease. Recording your voice using this software turns to be quite easy.

To record your voice in Audacity:

  • Make sure your microphone is plugged in and on
  • Do a microphone check: In the Lab, use the Mic check icon on the desktop. On your own machine, you can record something in Windows Sound Recorder (Start >> Accessories >> Entertainment >> Sound recorder). If the microphone is not working, check the Windows sound settings (Instructions at the end of this document)
  • Check your Audacity settings a. Edit >> Preferences b. recommended settings:
  • Audio I/O >> recording Channels [Mono (1)] >> [OK]
  • Quality >> Default Sample rate [22050 Hz] >> [OK]
  • Click on the red record button
  • Speak into the microphone

Note: You may need to adjust the recording level in the Windows volume control

  • To stop recording, click on the yellow Stop button
  • Export (File >> Export as [whatever format you want]) Choose a filename and location (In the Lab, you can only save to Temporary Local File Storage or your own AFS space)

Note: For .mp3, you will have to set the ID3 tags. Most of the time, this does not matter and you can just click [OK]. But ID3v1 works better in some situations, like exporting to Flash.

Best audio recorder and editor – AceThinker Music Recorder

Similarly to the aforementioned AceThinker Music Recorder tool, this tool is also a very versatile and useful tool for audio recording due to its universality, as it can handle any sort of incoming audio both from your computer speakers and microphone. Whether you want to download a song from a streaming music site or record a meeting in real-time, this comprehensive tool will give you the option to record it with high quality. You can also enjoy the music with many premium features as it provides the option to edit your recording, as well as adding ID3 tags to music files automatically, or saving and converting your audio into different widely compatible formats, such as MP3, FLAC or OGG.

Start by downloading AceThinker Music recorder by clicking the Download button below. Follow the instructions to install the software. Launch the program by double-clicking the shortcut icon.

To get started, all you have to do is play the song and press the big red record button. End the recording by pressing the button again, and the finished file will show up in the interface. Information about the music is automatically added to tracks as it is being recorded, or you can set it in recording Settings. Open up your library to see all of your recorded files. Right-click a file to open a list of options, which includes the following:

  • Play: Listen to the file through the built-in music player.
  • Edit: Customize your song by cutting, copying, inserting, or mixing sound files, and save your edited file in different locations or qualities.
  • Convert: Convert a selection of files into different formats at the same time, and merge several audio files into a single file.
  • Add to iTunes: Transfer the files directly to your iTunes library
  • Identify: Add information about your chosen song, including the name of the song, artist, album, and more.
  • Rename: Write another file name after recording it.
  • Remove: Remove the chosen file from the chosen list.
  • Delete: Delete a file from the computer.
  • Open Folder: Open the folder the file saved on your computer.
  • Select All: Choose all the files in your Recording List.

Best audio recorder for iOS – Just Press Record

Just Press Record

Just Press Record is a very famous audio recorder tool which is specifically designed for audio recording on iOS systems. The usability of this tool is very easy and straightforward where the interface of this tool directly shows you a big record button that, as the name suggests, you should “Just Press”– and the app starts recording automatically. The simplicity of the features of this tool makes it stands out and chosen by many people, especially the ones that need a quick start and finish of audio recording.

Best audio recorder for lectures – AudioNote


AudioNote is a specialized audio recording software which is able to synchronize your handwritten or typed notes to the audio being recorded. Therefore, this tool is ideal to record the voice of your professor explaining the lecture while extracting the most important information into the summarized notes presented and followed by the synchronized audio that was recorded. The built-in voice recorder can capture your lecture or small-group discussion, which can bring many useful insights and easy tracking of what was going on in a lecture with multiple people, and therefore it could be an important tool for anybody who is having such sort of academic learning.

Best audio recorder for editors – Acoustica

When it comes to satisfying your need for an advanced audio recording with editor, then we can have a look at the Acoustica software, which is a beautifully designed, comprehensive audio editor built for recording, editing, mixing, mastering and batch-processing, which are more advanced and comprehensive activities for professional audio recording. Due to this, the Acoustica software is a more expensive audio editor tool, which might not be affordable to everyone, however for the features which it provides for the editors, it is considered to be still the most popular choice to be chosen by many people who wish to do professional audio editing.

Best Audio Recording Software for Singing – WavePad

Recording direct audio over the microphone, such as singing might sometimes be more difficult to be professionally recorded than just simply starting a music video with a highly clean and high-quality audio on YouTube and just record the sound that is being played during the video. Due to this, we selected WavePad as the best audio recording software for singing, as it has very strong recording and editing capabilities, where you can use a large range of audio effects, filters as well as other sorts of editing and conversion options in order to have professional audio recording at the end of your singing. The many filters and special effects are all giving a helping hand for you to have a great recording experience with this tool.

Best Audio Recording Software for recording voice for YouTube videos – Open Broadcaster Software Studio

Open Broadcaster Software

Finally, another important type of audio recording that must be considered is the case when you want to record voice for creating YouTube videos, as this sort of entertainment has become one of the most popular reason nowadays for audio recording. A great and clean audio for a video blog or an uploaded video is inevitably important to give your followers a great viewing experience. Due to the various usage cases why people generally want to create YouTube videos OBS Studio also gives possibilities such as you can not only record directly from your webcam and microphone, but you can also incorporate footage from games, add in existing videos and still images, capture a window or portion of your screen, and much more.


As you can see there is a large variety of audio recording software available on the market, most of which are specifically developed for specific occasions that make them unique among other tools. However, most of the time, these specifications come for a very high price, and these software can sometimes be pricey. It is up to you whether you need that sort of professionally fine-tuned software to suit that specific need, a more universal, cheaper solution that can still satisfy your need and maximize your attainable benefit, such as in case of the mentioned AceThinker software, which comes completely free and would be a great partner for your audio recording needs.

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