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Top 12 Alternative Tools Similar to Audacity

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Top 12 Alternative Tools Similar to Audacity

audacity alternativeAudacity is one of the most well-known free audio recording and editing tools as it can enhance audio recordings, trim/edit audio, and remove background noise. Though Audacity is really awesome, it still has some disadvantages, for instance, the output format is quite limited. In fact, there are a wide variety of tools that offer similar and even better services than Audacity. If you’re one of those who are fed up with Audacity and want to try something new, now you can check out list of the best 12 Audacity alternatives that you can consider using in both Windows and Mac.

Acethinker Free Audio Online Recorder

free audio recorder interfaceAcethinker Free Online Audio Recorder is a free web-based application design for your audio recording needs. It is considered one of the best Audacity alternatives because of three reasons. First, it can be used without downloading the application. That way you can save up some space in your computer’s internal drive. You just need a compatible browser and working internet to successfully launch the application. Second is the ability to record voice without any background noise included. The recording is neat and clean, you do not need an editor to enhance its volume or clarity. Lastly, you can save these recording into your PC for future recording needs. With these features, there is no doubt that this tool is more practical to use compared to Audacity. You can check the steps below to learn how to use this free audio recorder to record and edit the audio you need.

Step1 Start Recording

Visit the site and click Start to activate the app. Once the application is launched, change the recording settings from “System Sound” to “Microphone” to record your voice. You can also record both at the same time. These options are available at the bottom left side of the interface. Click the drop-down button through the use of your computer mouse. Please see photo below for a clear demonstration. Next, start the recording by clicking the start button.

start the recording

Step2 Stop Recording

Afterwards, click the circle button with the red “square” button to “Stop” the recording. The file then will be saved in the interface not to your computer drive.
end the recording

Step3 Check and Play the Recorded File

To check the audio recording click the three lateral bar at the bottom right-hand side of the interface. From there you will see the tracklist. All files are saved on your computer, to see which folder they are saved in, click the folder icon below.

check downloaded file

Acethinker Music Recorder

music recorder Acethinker Music Recorder is a software like Audacity that you can use to record and edit any sound. This tool can produce high-quality recording because it records the system sound of your computer without having to worry about background noise. You can play or share on Soundcloud or different music community sites. Moreover, this tool can combine multiple soundtracks into one. Aside from the recording capability, a converter is also incorporated so you can convert your recorded file into formats compatible with your device. Formats like WMA, MP3, FLAC, OGG, and a lot more. On the other hand, we want it to make it easier for you, so be guided by the steps below on how to use this tool.

Step1 Download and Launched the App

First is to download the application. Use the shortcut buttons below to get started with the app.

Try It Free

Step2 Change the Settings

Next, configure the settings of the recording by choosing which is to be recorded. If you want to record voice or system sound or both. Click the “Audio Source” located at the bottom right-hand side of the interface.

change settings

Step3 Start Recording

To start recording click the “Record button” below. It is represented by a red circle. see photo below for the clear demonstration of the process.

begin recording

Step4 Stop the recording and check your file

Notice that once the recording started, the record button will change into a “Stop” button. Click that button to stop the recording.

Stop the recording

Step5 Check your recorded file

Once the recording is complete, look for the “Library” tab from the left side of the interface. From there you will see the list of files recorded. Right click the file using your mouse to play it.

check library


ocenaudio dcreenshot main page Ocenaudio is another free audio recorder and editor at the same time. One distinct feature that is noticeable is the fine tuning of the tool. Along with the real-time review of the video being edited. By using this tool you won’t experience any interrruption or any lags while editing no matter how large the file maybe. On the other hand, this platform can use on all types of computer OS like, Mac OSX 10.8 and later, Windows and Vista.


wavepad main pageWavePad is an advanced version of Audacity, that is why it is considered one of the best alternatives to Audacity available. One of the best features this tool have is the ability to make cuts, pause and bookmark audios, and combine then with other audio files. On top of that, this too has effects that you can add to your recording. If you want to add reverb or echo, it is also possible. Moreover, this tool is compatible with any computer OS except Linux.

Sound Forge Audio Studio

soundforge mainsite screenshotSound Forge Audio Studio is developed by Sony and one of the first to launch an Audio recorder and editor in the market. Similar to Audacity, it can record audio with studio quality lets you enhance the recorded file to bring out the best in it. It can handle file up to 4GB and can hold up 24-bit of resolution. Aside from that the tool can mix and convert files without losing the original quality. This tool is only compatible with Windows Platform.


wavesour main page screenshotTrying to save-up some memory on your computer? As we all know when we download editing software like Audacity, it keeps on eating our computer’s internal memory. Well, if you are looking for the lightest audio recorder software like Audacity, try Wavosaur. Aside from the features of a regular audio editor, this tool can process audio in batch. Aside from that, if you want to apply effects on multiple audio files, this tool can do that compiling them on one folder. Compared to the previous tools mentioned, this tool could do more than just recording. It can also transfer audio files and transcribing it into text. You can export it in Excel or MATLAB. As per the computer compatibility, this works with the Windows platform only.


audiodope screenshot of mainpageCompared to the previous tools mentioned above like Wavosaur, WavePad, Sound Forge Audio Studio, etc., AudioDope might be not that fancy yet it works well. This tool has editing functions where you can increase or reduce the volume of the audio, enhance the quality, filter the background noise, and lastly save the file into a different format. As per the system requirement, it works with Windows OS Pentium 4 and above.

Steinberg Cubase

cube-audio-recorderThe next Audacity alternative is Steinberg Cubase, which was developed by Yamaha Corporation. As we all know Yamaha is known for producing quality items. This audio editing software is used by most professional because it has a chunk of amazing features infused in it. aside from the normal features, an editor must have, this tool can add instrumentals like drums beats and chords along with the voice recording. So if you are an aspiring singer or songwriter this tool is perfect for you. Along with that is the ability to manage your mixes by altering the tempo and sound quality. Furthermore, just like Ocenaudio this is also available almost on all computer platforms.


reaper screetshotReaper looks a little nostalgic compared to the other software like Audacity yet, features on the interface are customizable. You might find the interface appearance a little outdated, but its features updates few weeks after to fix bugs and other unnecessary functions. The tool is lightweight and only eats 10mb in maximum on your internal memory. That is why the tool runs flawlessly and fast. Aside from that, it has a large community where you can raise up concern about the tool. Lastly, the strongest selling point of the tool is the price. You can start using this tool for merely 60 dollars. The only drawback of this tool is the absence of the instrumental piece. You cannot add any instrumental sound like drums or guitar.

Cakewalk SONAR

sonar screenshotWith Cakewalk SONAR, you can compose songs from scratch as you add voice and instruments all together. Rearranging the parts, manipulate the voice’s pitch, tempo and any aspect of it is possible. Aside from that, you can also polish the sound into perfection by using the built-in mastering tools of the software. Also, you can mix songs or audio files into one track. If you want to share these masterpieces you can publish them directly on Youtube, Soundcloud, Facebook and a lot more. For the Computer’s compatibility, you must have Windows OS preferably 64Bit.


musE audio recorder MusE is an open source audio editiong and recording feature. It was developed by Werner Schweer and is continuously mentained by the development team of the company. This tool is capable of doing real-time recording and playback, Import and export files and manage them. Also the tool suppports multi channel Synthesizers to support both hardware and software of the computer. Along with that is the capability to edit graphics of different audio tracts like Audio iput and output, Wave and group tracks and aux tracks.

Acoustica Mixcraft

acoustica screenshotIf you are looking for an app that can give you all features that you need Acoustica Mixcraft will suit you best. This Audacity alternative comes with professional music production and mixing ability. It is one of the most commonly used editors by professionals because it can use both 64 bit and 32bit effects at the same time, just like Audacity. All of the basic features that you can find on a regular audio editor are here plus the over 7000 sound effects, loops and MIDI editing/missing features are infused. It has everything that you need in one tool. One thing that you will love about Acoustica Mixcraft, it has tons of instrumental effects that you can add to your recording. However, this tool is only available on the Windows OS version only.


All the tools mentioned above are helpful for your audio recording needs and can be perfect Audacity alternatives. You just have to right fit base on your needs. Though majority of them works the same way with Audacity, they have distinct and better features that you may find more convenient for you. Almost all of them are paid apps, so if that is too much for your need you can consider using the free online audio recorder from AceThinker. Practicality wise it is the best alternative. If you have questions or helpful information to share, do not forget to leave us a message under the comment section below.

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