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Record Audio, Convert and Download Music
  • Record audio in high-quality
  • Search and acquire music
  • Identify music automatically with ID3 tags
  • Manage music files with ease
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Record Audio from the Web in High Quality

Do you want to know how to download a song from a streaming music site to enjoy whenever you want, record a meeting, or even record your own voice to create a live tutorial? Music Recorder is the solution you have been looking for. It lets you record audio from both your microphone and computer simultaneously. The audio is then saved in a high-quality recording ready to be played back on your devices, uploaded to a music community, and shared with friends, family, and followers.

Enjoy Music with Premium Features

By utilizing this robust tool, you can easily record songs from any music streaming sites with ease. In a few clicks, Music Recorder will add your desired songs into library and identify them for you. The ID3 tags will be added to these songs automatically.


Record Online Radio Stations

Music Recorder is the ideal solution for recording live streaming audio from an internet radio station. Just find your station of choice. The program can record any song, talk show, or news program you like and save it to your hard drive.

Search Features for Finding Songs to Download

Music Recorder features a built-in search engine for finding MP3 files online. Simply input a few keywords, and away you go. Listen to the song and check the quality before choosing which songs, if any, to download.

Transfer Audio Files to iTunes

If you are looking to listen to downloaded music through Apple devices, then choose the Transfer Music to iTunes feature. This feature converts audio files to a format compatible with iTunes and even adds them to your library with a single click.

Easily Edit Audio Files

Music Recorder comes with a built-in audio editor packed with functionality allowing you to cut, copy, paste, mix, merge, and add effects to your audio as you see fit. You can use it to take audio files and turn them into anything you want, such as a ringtone.

Burn CDs to Share and Add to Your Collection

Another great feature is that you can burn audio files straight onto a blank CD ready to be listened to on a CD player or to share with your friends.


Add ID3 Tags to Music Files Automatically

You do not need to edit the information on your song manually after recording it. Music Recorded can recognize the title, album, year, genre, and artist of your songs. It can even recognize the cover art. This feature is great for music fans and collectors. Music Recorder can recognize batches of music files at once to save you time editing each file individually. Of course, you are free to edit the tags manually if you so choose.

Convert Audio for Playback on Other Devices

The power to listen to a recorded file on any device is just a click away. Music Recorder features an internal audio converter that can convert audio files so they are ready to play on any device. It can even convert files in bulk to save time. It can also combine several audio clips into a single file. It can convert online videos into a range of formats including WMA, MP3, FLAC, OGG, and more, ready for you to listen to whenever and wherever you want.

Record Audio from Computer or Microphone

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    Comprehensive Solution for Collecting Music

    Follow the instructions as demonstrated in the video below and enrich your music collection efficiently.

    Customer Support Manager
    Chicago, USA

    Wonderful Audio Solution

    I never thought I’d find such a simple and effective way to record streaming audio. It even comes with some extra features such as the audio converter, editor, and music downloader. The only word that can describe it is ‘excellent.’ Definitely a thumbs up from me.

    Marketing Specialist
    Toronto, Canada

    Fabulous Software

    Thanks so much! This is easily the best audio recorder I’ve ever used. I need to record online radio a lot for my job, and Music Recorder makes the process effortless. I’m proud to always give it my support.

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