Best Free MP4 to WebM Converters 2017

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Best Free MP4 to WebM Converters 2017

MP4 is one of the most popular video file formats today. Most players support this video format which delivers great quality. However, there are several occasions when people want to play MP4 files but their video players are not able to play them. In cases like this, users must convert MP4 into a suitable format. MP4 to WebM conversion is probably one of the common conversions of this type in such cases. This file format is usually used in HTML5 video tags. If you are interested in converting MP4 to WebM, keep reading this article as some of the best solutions are provided.

Best Desktop MP4 to Webm Converters

Without any doubt, AceThinker Video Master is the best option you can have for MP4 to WebM conversion at least when it comes to desktop converters. In addition to WebM, you can convert your MP4 file to many other file formats. AceThinker is easy to use software that can be used by anyone. Thanks to this program you will be able to modify the different characteristics of your videos like bitrate or image size. Additionally, AceThinker Video Master also provides support for different qualities of videos. The editing tool, on the other hand, is here to help you adjust your video after conversion. Therefore it is an all-in-one video that will help you do this job in the exact way you want in no time.

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Step 1. Download this program and install it on your desktop/laptop computer. There is a Mac and Windows version. Locate the MP4 video file you want to convert on your computer, and afterwards just drag and drop the file from the original folder directly to the convert tab.

video master add

Step 2. The next step is to choose the arrow found in the Profile section in order to find and select the file format. In this case, you will be looking for HTML5/WebM file format.

video master format

Step 3. Finally, after you have selected all the options, simply click on Convert and after a short period of time, you can enjoy your WebM file.

Free Mp4 to Webm Converters

There are also many completely free video converters available on the Internet. The fact is that they have many features, but it is very likely that they don’t have all the features found in paid converters. The following two converters are your best alternative options in case you are interested in trying and using free converters.

1. Freemake

In case you want to use a converter that is not that fancy and comes only with basic features, then you can choose Freemake. As the name suggests, this is a completely free video file converter that will let you convert MP4 to WebM easily. Although we are talking about software that won’t cost you a dime, this doesn’t mean that it is unattractive. In contrast, it comes with a user-friendly interface and allows high-quality conversion. Besides converting your MP4 video files into WebM video files, you can also choose to convert them into a lot of other formats. With the help of Freemake, you can also adjust the videos in any way you want so you can get the ideal format for your player. While it is true that Freemake is an amazing piece of software it comes with a couple of disadvantages. For instance, it doesn’t come with a built-in video editor, so you can’t add subtitles or text. In addition, people usually have to wait for a long time before their videos are converted.

2. Any Video Converter

Here is another example of a good free video converter, Any Video Converter. It looks and works in a similar fashion like Freemake, but it comes with one big difference – it has an editing option for the video. Thanks to this option you can crop, rotate and add text to the videos. There is also a paid version of the same software that comes with an editor that has additional options.

Online Mp4 to Webm Converter

If you are looking for simpler and faster solution – opt for one of the online video converters. These two have proven to be very useful by many users.

1. Acethinker Online Converter

Acethinker Online Converter is a completely free yet powerful tool if you are looking for a stable and feature rich cloud converter that converts MP4 to WebM format efficiently. It supports all popular formats and outputs in virtually any video and audio formats so you can have a tailored experience. If you are tech savvy and want to tweak the presets, you can actually customize it to your own taste to make the output file fit your needs. You can also edit the video before conversion, too. Many online tools only converts one video at a time, Acethinker online converter supports batch conversion, so you can convert a batch of MP4 movies to WebM in one go. With a wealth of options and tweaks, you’ll love it and not want to use anything else.

Select files to start

online converter

2. Zamzar

Zamzar is a well-established website focused on the online conversion of videos. All you need to do on this website is to upload your MP4 file, choose the output format (in this case WebM) and wait for the conversion to end. Once the process is finished, however, you cannot download your new video directly, but you will receive a link on your email and you can use this link to download the file.

3. Clipconverter

Clipconverter is not much different than Zamzar. You can freely convert MP4 video files to WebM files with it. It offers fewer video file format options, but unlike Zamzar it provides a dedicated link directly without the need to share your email with them.

We hope that this article will help you find the right solution for your MP4 to WebM conversion.

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