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With the number of different phones, tablets, and programs people use on a variety of operating systems, it's necessary now to be able to convert videos from one format to another. For instance, you download a movie in MP4 format but it neither play in QuickTime nor on your iOS device because of the codec is not supported. In a case like this, you can convert it to MOV format which is better supported by Apple. In this article I will show you how to convert MP4 to MOV in a way which will suit you, on Windows or Mac.

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Acethinker Video Master

When wanting a desktop converter to change your MP4 files into MOV files, you don’t need to look much further than AceThinker Video Master. This piece of software will convert your videos in such a way that it will not have any loss of quality. One of the best features of the MP4 to MOV converting software is that you can edit the video within the software. This makes sure that you will not need to download any extra editing software if you want to make changes to the final product. The software, one your video is converted, allows you to trim, add effects, add watermarks, text and annotate your video. This software is straightforward to use and should not only pose any problems for beginners but is also great software to use for the more experienced users who wish to add extra to their video. Download it and give it a try.

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  • Add the video to convert: Under the first “Convert” tab, click the “Add files” button to navigate to the MP4 file you want to convert and hit “Open” to import file.
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  • Choose the right format: Select MOV format from the profile list. If you want to put an output file on your iPad or iPhone, you can choose the preset format for your device, which is optimized with the best quality and small file size. You can customize the codec, bitrate, resolution, etc. by clicking the settings.
  • select mov as the format

  • Save the changes applied: When you are done with the settings, select where to save the file by clicking the “Destination” button. After that, click on the “Convert” button located in the bottom right to start converting MP4 to MOV format. The converting of the file will then begin and should complete relatively quickly depending on the size of the video.
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AceThinker Online Video Converter

If you are converting a short MP4 movie to MOV format, and you don’t have many video conversion tasks to do, you will probably look for an online tool, so you don’t need to download and install any app on your Mac. Online video converters are very simple methods of getting the result but usually have a decrease in quality. AceThinker Online Video Converter comes handy in cases like this. It gives you all the features, tweaks, and options you need to convert MP4 to MOV format that plays smoothly in Quicktime, iMovie, Final cut pro, etc. You can also send output MOV videos to your iOS devices to watch on the go. To start, visit the official website of AceThinker Online Video Converter, you can also use the “Select files to start” button below to start the conversion immediately. After that, click the “Select files to start” button and choose the MP4 video that you want to convert. Then, choose the MOV format and click the “Convert” button to start converting the video.

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Online Uniconverter

To look at the reliable tool that will help you to convert your MP4 video to MOV format, here is Online Uniconverter. A free online MOV converter that can access using different web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Furthermore, using this tool, it allows users to convert multiple MP4 videos in one time process. This online tool also offers different multimedia file converters and compressors such as Audio, Image, and Video. Aside from online converter, this tool also has a desktop version that supports some of the useful multimedia formats. With its desktop version, it is an all-in-one video converter that is available to different computer platforms that allow users to perform an unlimited batch conversion, convert video files without size limits, and more.

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User Guide:

  • On your default web browser, go to the official website of Online Uniconverter to access the tool.
  • Then, click the purple “+” icon to upload the MP4 video you want to convert.
  • To add more files, click the “Add More Files” button on the top right corner of the converter.
  • After adding additional files, click the “Convert” button below to start the converting proces
  • Once done converting, to obtain the video, click the “Download” button next to the file name of the converted video.
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Convert.Files is another web-based app that allows users to convert MP4 to MOV using any major web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. One unique function of this online tool is that it lets users convert a video using the URL from its website. Regarding this feature, users would not have to waste time downloading the videos first and saving it on their local storage before they can start converting. Aside from videos, Convert.Files also enable users to upload other formats such as ePUB, PowerPoint, and others. All of these essential converting functions are available for free. However, one drawback of this web-based app is that it only allows users to upload files for up to 250MB in size.

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The next online converter on the list that can also convert multiple media files like video to other audio or video formats is CloudConvert. This web-based app even allows users to upload multiple files and convert them simultaneously. Additionally, it features a clean and user-friendly interface that lets users convert files within a few clicks. One good thing about CloudConvert is that it enables users to adjust the resolution of some videos before conversion. Also, the online tool ensures that all files uploaded to their servers are safe from hackers. In spite of these amazing functions, CloudConvert requires payment so users could convert files without any limit.

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The next tool accessible for both Windows and Mac computers is Convertio. This online tool is an all-in-one file converter that allows users to convert files to almost any format possible. The site claims that it supports the conversion of up to 300+ formats, including MP4, MOV, and other media file formats. Aside from being a converter, it also proposes different functions that can enhance the converted videos. Its video conversion is equipped with a simple editor that can rotate, flip, and configure the quality of the original clip. Despite that, users could only upload files for up to 100MB per conversion.

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If you are looking for a video converter that can turn MP4 videos to MOV using a mobile device, then VidSoftLab is said to be one of the best video converters for Android phones. This tool has a smooth and easy to use interface that allows the user to navigate the app quickly. Also, VidSoftLab supports video editing tools that will enable you to trim, extract audio from the video, add motion effect, and even reverse the video effects. To start using this tool, search and install it from Google Play Store using your Android device. After that, launch it, and choose the MP4 video from your phone that you want to convert. Then, go to the “Convert” section and select MOV format and click the “Convert” button to start turning MP4 videos to MOV file format. Finally, open your phone’s “Gallery” to check the video.




iOS users mostly know Videc as one of the excellent video converters on iOS devices. This app supports numerous types of video formats like MKV, FLV, AVI, MKV, and more, so turning MP4 video to MOV will be an easy task for Videc. Also, it allows you to edit videos like trimming, adding special effects on the video, adjust the speed of the video, and lots more. To begin, visit the App Store on your iOS device and search for Videc, then click the “GET” button to install the app on your device. Once installed, run it, and open the MP4 video that you are about to convert. After that, click the “Custom Converting” option and select the MOV format to start the conversion process. Then, to check the converted video, go to the “Photos” app of your iPhone.



In terms of keeping it simple, there are many different websites and programs you can choose from. The site offers a very simple approach to turn an MP4 file into a MOV file but doesn’t provide anything else while the free software can provide a little more and with better quality. If you want the best software of these, then look no further than Video Converter from AceThinker. Not only does this have everything but it also produces better quality videos and gives you a lot to do with your video after conversion


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