The Best MP4 to AVI Video Converter Tools Available Today

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The Best MP4 to AVI Video Converter Tools Available Today

MP4 is probably the friendliest and most widely compatible video format nowadays, as almost all players and mobile devices support this format. However, there are cases where you might need to convert MP4 to other formats, like AVI. Some of you might convert MP4 to AVI for burning with DVD/DIVX players. Some video game lovers may also want to convert self-made MP4 movies to AVI for playback on Xbox. No matter what your reason is, you will need an MP4 to AVI converter to get the job done.
However, in case you might do some search on Google, you will found quite a lot of tools claiming to do that, and you have too many choices to know which is the best. Here I recommend the best three for you, free and paid, for Mac and Windows, and could be tools. Simply pick one that fits your needs best.

Best Desktop MP4 to AVI Converter for Mac and Windows

You can create a long list of desktop tools that offer MP4 to AVI video conversion feature, however it is quite difficult to shortlist the best among a big bunch of video converters, but never worry, as we have done the job for you, and the leading video converter tool for Mac and Windows is Acethinker Video Master. There is probably no other tool that can match the performance of this program, as it ensures a quick conversion of the video file, without reducing the video quality. You can convert an MP4 video file into AVI video file by following the below explained guide.

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Step 1. Download the Acethinker Video Master Tool and install it on your PC.
Step 2. Now open the Video Master Tool. As you can see, there are many options and you have to click on “Add files” option to select the MP4 video file for conversion.

video master add
Step 3. Now click on the Profile option to select a format for the output video. A new tab will open and it will offer many available formats to choose from. Choose AVI as the output format and make further settings to ensure that you will get a high-quality output video file.

video master format

Step 4. Now click on the “Convert” option and Acethinker Video Master will start the conversion. It will take a few minutes and your AVI format video will be ready.

Choose this tool when you:
1. Look for a desktop MP4 to AVI converter for your Windows or Mac.
2. Want free tech support for any problems you meet while converting files.
3. Want to convert HD MP4 files and export to HD AVI video without any quality loss.
4. Looking for user friendly software so you can get the job done without any hassle.
5. Don’t want to waste your time and want fast conversion speed and multitask support for batch conversion.

Online MP4 to AVI converter

Acethinker Online Video Converter is a powerful multimedia converter tool which is available online and it eliminates the hassle of downloading software. It allows you to convert files from a wide range of browsers. Besides converting MP4 to AVI format, you can convert audio files, video files and even image files from one format to another without any problem and once done with the conversion, download your converted file.

Select files to start

acethinker online converter

Step 1: Open Acethinker Online Video Converter and afterwards click on the “Select files to start” option.

Step 2: Now add the video file and then select the output format for the file to start the conversion.

Step 3: As given in the screenshot, all you have to do is clicking on the Format option and turning it into AVI and then clicking on the “Convert” button to start the conversion.

Choose this tool when:
1. You don’t want to download and install software on the computer.
2. The MP4 file you are converting is a short video and the size is small.

Free MP4 to AVI video converter

Avidemux is a free video editing, cutting, and conversion tool that you can download and use on different platforms like Mac, Windows, OS X, and Linux. It is not as popular as other video converters, but it is a safe and reliable software for video file conversion. It is an absolutely free and impressive video conversion tool. It supports many video formats and ensures high-quality output video. You can use this free AVI to MP4 video converter on the Mac and Windows PC without any trouble.


Choose this tool when:
1. You are looking for a desktop MP4 to AVI Converter that is 100% freeware.
2. You are tech-savvy and you don’t mind spending some time to learn how to use it. A freeware software’s interface is usually less straightforward.
3. Slower conversion speed and ordinary output video quality compared to Acethinker Video Master.

What are the MP4 and AVI formats?

MP4 is a format, which is also described as the official filename extension for MPEG-4 Part 14. This multimedia container format is used to store digital audio and video streams, which are normally defined by MPEG. AVI is also a multimedia container format, but it is not considered as effective as MP4. AVI was introduced by Microsoft during 1992 as an option of MOV and yet it is being used. People convert AVI files into MP4 files so that they can use the audio and video files on their portable devices. The above-given MP4 to AVI Video Converter choices are the best to perform this operation.

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