How to join MP4 files

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How to join MP4 files

One of the most used video formats today is the MPEG-4 PART 14, or better known as MP4. MP4 is a digital multimedia storage format that can hold or store various data such as video, audio, still images, and subtitles. Aside from its standard filename extension of .mp4, which is for files with audio and video files, it has also other filename extensions depending on the intended content, including .m4a and .m4p for audio-only files. It is applicable to any computer program or technology used for compressing or decompressing data. Moreover, MP4 video format also is known for its memory size efficiency which can store digital videos and media files allowing for streaming over the Internet. If you have a number of MP4 files on your computer, you can join MP4 files to easily share them online, edit, and more. Here are the ways on how to join MP4 files:

Quickest Way to Merge mp4 files - Acethinker Video Master

Acethinker Video Master is a video file converter that helps you easily convert and join video files in various formats. This tool allows users to continually enjoy watching their videos by converting the unsupported video file format to a supported one. You can convert videos to 4k, 1080P HD, 720P, DVD quality, Mobile quality, TV quality, and original source. Additionally, it has editing options that you can use to make your own unique footage or slideshows. It also provides functions that you can use to trim and crop your videos, alter brightness, contrast, and saturation, add subtitle and watermark, and more. It is also an effective tool to join MP4 files and easily share them online.

How to Use the Acethinker Video Master to merge MP4 Files?

Step1 Download the Program on your PC

You can freely download this tool and install it afterward. This tool is available for Mac and Windows computer. You may click the buttons below to download the tool directly to your computer. You do not need to worry about the computer threat because it is safe and clean to download.

Try It Free

Step2 Upload your Files

There are two ways to upload your file into the software. First, just click on the “Add files” button. Second, using your mouse, drag and drop the file on the center panel of the main interface.
add your file

Step3 Join and Convert Your Files

Once you have uploaded your files to the tool, simply hit the “Merge into one file” button and select the output format. Then, click on the “Convert”.
merge your file
TIPS: You can edit your file before joining them. Simply. click “Edit” button to trim, crop, rotate, and more.

Using Free Video Joiner

Free Video Joiner is a tool created mainly for the purpose of merging video files. This tool makes it easy to combine limited video formats such as MOV, MP4, DVD, VCD, AVI, WMV, and others. It has features that let you save your merged file as AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, VCD, DVD, iPhone, iPod, Zune, and PSP formats. It has a simple interface that makes it easier to use.

How to Use the Free Video Joiner to Join MP4 Videos together?

Step1 Download the tool

First, visit the main website of the Free Video Joiner. Then, download and install the program on your computer.

Step2 Run the program

Once installed, you can start the process. On its interface, you will see an “Add” button, click it to add your files. You can select the file and then tap “ Move up” or “Move down” to change its order. Simply click on the “Remove” button to get rid of the wrongly added file.
free video joiner

Step3 Join files

You need to choose the output folder and format of your files before joining them. Tap the output folder location finder and click Select after. Same is true with the output folder. You can choose from all the formats mentioned above. Once done, click the “Join” button at the bottom part of the interface to start.
free video joiner

Using MP4Joiner

MP4Joiner is another effective way to join MP4 video files and exporting them to a large complete file. It has two modes of joining files, namely the en-code joining mode and direct stream joining. The en-code joining mode is appropriate to use when you want to combine files with different parameters. On one hand, the direct stream joining is best for merging files with similar property and need to be saved into an output file as an original source. Moreover, this tool has several options for profile parameters, including bitrate, codec, frame rate, channel, and sample rate.

How to Combine MP4 Files Using MP4Joiner?

Step1 Go to

From the given website, download and install the tool on your computer. Once the MP4Joiner is installed, you will notice that the package of MP4Splitter will be unexpectedly installed as well.

Step2 Run the tool

Once the tool is ready, simply click on the “Add file” button to add the files that you wish to combine. You can rearrange the added files by using the sequence functions available on the left of the interface. Simply select the file from the list and you can move up and down, top or bottom, the file. If you want to remove the unnecessary files from the list, simply click the “ Remove File” or “ Remove All” buttons.
add file

Step3 Merge Your Files

Once you are sure with your added files, just click “Merge” button on the main interface.
mp4 joiner


All the abovementioned tools have been making waves in the market in the category of joining multiple MP4 files into one. However, each of them has their unique pros and cons. For instance, the Free Video Joiner lags behind when it comes to the number of formats it supports and speed. It only caters merging files in limited formats and it takes time to complete the merging. Moreover, you may get quite disappointed when you try to install MP4Joiner because along with its installation is another program or file being installed on your computer. There are times that you cannot immediately, or not at all, run it even if you are certain that you installed it properly.

Among the three tools, Acethinker Video Master has the best features and user experience. There is no issue when it comes to the speed of joining two video files. The quality of the merged files is still as good as the sources. It is a professional yet very easy to use tool for joining MP4 files.

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