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Last updated on May 8, 2019 by Christina Green
mp4converterThe popular MP4 video format is nowadays replacing the AVI format and has become the favorite video format for users around the world. A lot of people rather prefer to use MP4 videos as they allow for streaming not only on your computer but also on tablets and Smartphone. However, due to a lot of video content is in AVI format, this can cause an issue due to problems with playback on some programs or on different devices. By using a good MP4 converter, you are able to convert videos into MP4 format which not only allows for it to be played on more devices but it also saves a lot of space. Because of this, the demand for a good MP4 converter is quite high, developers have come up with different solutions. In general, you can find two different video converter categories which are designed for this need, the online MP4 converters and the desktop MP4 converters. Both are introduced in this post.

The Online MP4 Converter

The online MP4 converter allows you to convert the AVI files into MP4 files online. Many good MP4 converters are available on the Internet. Most of them offer a free service and allow users to convert multiple AVI video files into MP4 files. The top rated online MP4 converters are as follows:

1. Acethinker Online Converter

Acethinker Online Converter is probably the most versatile online MP4 converter. It allows simple video editing so you can customize your MP4 files before conversion. It is the best tool you can choose for converting video files into MP4 files if you don’t want to download a desktop tool. People trust it because it always works while others may not have worked as well in the past. To start using the app here is a simple guide on how to use it. Step 1: Start Conversion Use the shortcut button below to try it. Decide which file to convert, click the file and choose "Select".
Select files to start
Step 2: Set Format and Convert Prior the convert chooses a format of the file by clicking "Format" choose "MP3" then hit "Convert". online converter

The format section is labeled according to the original format of the video uploaded. Since the file to convert is MP4, the label from "Format" button is mp4. So remember that the label varies on every upload. It is actually a good information for you to know if the file has a correct format or not.

Step 3: Choose the File Location The tool then will ask you to choose a location, where you are going to save the Converted file. You have the option to change or not to change it, it’s up to you. Hence, if not changed, the file will be saved on the default location set by the tool. location file Step 4: Preview the Converted File Wait until the convert is completed. Once the process is done, a pop-up window will appear where you can directly see the location of the file. The default player on your computer will then play the converted file. preview the video

2. ClipConverter

ClipConverter is another great online audio and video conversion tool. This online media converter offers features such as online recording, converting and downloading of almost every audio and video URL available. This video converter is currently supporting YouTube videos of 720p, 1080p and 4K. This MP4 converter is also a great choice if you want to watch your desired YouTube videos offline on the PC, smartphone, tablet or on the TV and bring them within your device to make them accessible for you anytime and anyplace. In this way converting video files into MP4 becomes very easy. All you have to do is providing the video URL and then clicking on the “Continue” button. Now, the converter will ask you to choose a format like MP3, MP4 or M4A. Select the MP4 format and press the start button. Your video will then be converted into MP4 video.


Promoting itself as the easiest YouTube video to MP4 video converter, is a great online MP4 converter. It’s so simple to download a YouTube video and convert it into an MP4 or MP3 file. You can find your favorite YouTube video, copy its URL, paste that URL on and then press the convert button. It will start the conversion and produce a high-quality MP4 file within a few seconds. This online file conversion tool is, therefore, a great alternative to other bulky file conversion tools in case of which you need to download and install the program before the file conversion.

Desktop MP4 converter

Desktop MP4 converters are probably the most reliable and useful file conversion tools. These tools ensure you that your video will be converted into your required format. Desktop MP4 converters allow users to convert almost any video files into your required format. The best desktop MP4 converters are reviewed below:

1. AceThinker Video Master

This is probably the best MP4 converter tool you can get on the market today. Video Master has everything that a user needs in case of having a top quality converter. It allows you to convert all the popular audio and video formats into other formats. It converts HD videos without losing the video quality. It is a video converter tool that allows you to edit downloaded videos and create your own masterpiece to share with friends.
red-download-btn-winbutton mac
Using AceThinker video master is quite a simple task. Here are the steps briefly which you can follow: Step 1: Download and install the AceThinker Video Master for free from the official site.  Now download or upload a video file which you wish to convert. video master add Step 2: Under the profile section, select the required format you wish to convert your file into. video master format Step 3: Click on the "Convert" button on the bottom right of the program. The AceThinker Video Master will start the conversion.

2. Freemake video converter

The Freemake video converter is another great tool to be mentioned on our list. This tool allows you to download YouTube videos and convert video files into MP4 files. People mostly use it to download YouTube videos because it downloads the video directly into MP4 format. It is a reliable tool and it is available for free on the internet. Of course, downloading and using Freemake video converter is fairly a simple task on the other hand.

Online MP4 Converter VS Desktop MP4 Converters

It is quite confusing to choose the right tool for converting video files into MP4 files. However, you can choose which one you prefer based on the information we compiled to you below:

Online video converters:

  • You can convert video files without downloading them.
  • Converts every major the video format into MP4 format.
  • Easy to use.
  • It doesn’t work without Internet connectivity.
  • Limited conversion options.

Desktop video converters:

  • Video converters like AceThinker are available for free.
  • Converts all widely used formats into other popular formats.
  • Accepts all sizes of video files.
  • Converts videos into MP4 files faster than online converters and allows you to download the files directly from YouTube and other video sharing sites.
  • You need a desktop computer to convert video files.
  • Downloading and installing can be confusing tasks for a few individuals with a lack of PC and converting experience.

Christina Green

Christina has a rich experience with video converting, downloading and editing tools. She’s reviewed hundreds of video apps, paid and free, Windows and Mac, desktop and online. So if you are looking for a solution for your video playback issue, Christina will offer you the best solutions in her articles covering video downloads and video conversion.Last updated on May 8, 2019

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  • Video converters like AceThinker are available for free.
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