Top 3 MOV to MP4 Converters for Mac and Windows

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Top 3 MOV to MP4 Converters for Mac and Windows

MOV is a multimedia format developed by Apple, and therefore it’s compatible with all of the Apple apps and devices. But if you want to watch your MOV files on Windows, or on other mobile devices, or upload them to video hosting websites for sharing, you’ll need to convert this format to a more popular format like MP4 to make sure it can be played well. MP4 is highly compatible format with pretty much any desktop media players, mobile phones, HDTVs and video game consoles. Converting MOV to MP4 format is easy with the help of a qualified video converter. In this article, we offer the three best converters that help you convert your MOV movies to MP4 format without loss in quality, with high conversion speed and hassle-free conversion process. You can choose one according to your system: Windows or Mac. If you don’t want to download and install any software, we recommend a free online converter, too.

Best Desktop MOV to MP4 Converter for Mac and Windows

Acethinker Video Master is certainly the best desktop tool you can have today to convert the MOV files into MP4 files. It offers an easy approach to convert the video formats and it works faster than other video conversion tools. The Acethinker Video Master is a comprehensive video conversion solution. It can convert almost video formats into other formats. It is available for both Windows and Mac PCs and it works in the following way.

Try It Free

Step 1. Visit the official site of Acethinker and download the Video Master tool according to your operating system and then install it. Launch the app once the download is complete.

Step 2. Under the “Converter” tab, click on “Add files” and choose the MOV file you want to turn into MP4 file, and eventually add the file to the conversion list by hitting the “Open” button.

video master add
Step 3. Select the MP4 format from the list of profiles. Next, select the quality which you want to convert your file to. By clicking on “Settings,” you can chance the codec, resolution, bitrate and much more according to your preference and choice. If you are sending the output MP4 files to mobile devices, HDTV, or video game console, you can choose the preset according to your device name too.

video master format
Step 4. If everything is set and you are ready to convert the MOV file into MP4 file, click on the “Convert” option to start the video conversion.

Online MOV to MP4 converter

Most of the people search for online MOV to MP4 converters because they cannot access their PCs to perform the conversion, or they don’t want to download any software for video conversion. Acethinker Online Video Converter is the leading online video converter, with features offered by this amazing tool, which make it the best choice among all the available online video converters. It supports almost any video format, including the MP4 and MOV formats. It converts video files into nearly almost video other type of video format. Therefore, it is useful and quite an effective video conversion tool. You can use it in the following way.

Select files to start

acethinker online converter

Step 1: Select the files to start, the Video Converter launcher will start downloading and it will get updated within a few seconds.

Step 2: Now upload the MOV video file from your device, which you want to convert into an MP4 format file.

Step 3: Finally, set the output format as MP4. Click on the “Convert” option to start the MOV to MP4 online conversion. It will take a very short time and you will get the converted video.

Free MOV to MP4 video converter

HandBrake is a great choice as an open source and free video transcoder. It comes with a bulk of features which you would like to get in a free MOV to MP4 video converter. You can select any video format to convert it into the MP4 format. It is a multi-platform video converter which not only works on Windows and Mac PCs, but also on the Linux PCs. Besides Apple device presets, now handbrake offers a set of new presets for a number of popular devices, making it easy to convert for a specific device. Supported devices include Android, Apple, Chromecast, Fire TV, Playstation, Roku, Windows mobile and Xbox.


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