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How to Easily Convert MOV to AVI Format

Last updated on July 3, 2018 by Christina Green

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How to Easily Convert MOV to AVI Format

mov to aviMOV is a video format which is used by Quick Time Player. The format is now widely used for streaming videos on the internet, but it was developed by Apple mainly for MAC platform. However, there cases that you need to convert your mov videos to avi format, like sending them to your game console or edit it with some professional video editors. There is a number software available which can help you convert your videos to AVI format. But you need to care about the problems that are usually faced by people while converting their videos. To reduce the chances of facing all kind of conversion problems, you need to get hold of a reliable video converter. Therefore, to help you I have listed below three of the easiest methods to convert your files.

Best Desktop MOV to AVI Converter for Mac and Windows

AceThinker Video Master is the ultimate option for converting any video format type on the MAC and Windows operating system. It has made the process of converting MOV videos to AVI so much easier than ever before. Actually, you can easily convert all your files to any desired format with the help of AceThinker. The application is extremely user-friendly and also quite popular with the users. It converts the files at an incredibly high speed. Follow the steps given below to convert your files using AceThinker.

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Step 1. Using AceThinker is nothing that complicated. Download and install it on your system. Now, run the file after it has been successfully installed.

Step 2. In order to convert your files, you need to add them to the converter. Go to the ‘Add Files’ option and select MOV file that you wish to convert to AVI format from the pop-up list. Now, hit the ‘Open’ Button to add the file to your conversion list.

video master addStep 3. Before you convert your file, you need to select the format type which is AVI in this case. Go to the ‘Profiles Menu’ and select the format type in which you wish to convert your file to. Here, you can also change the resolution, bitrate and other settings are you want to.

video master formatStep 4. Once, you have adjusted the settings to your choice, hit the ‘Convert’ button to convert your selected file to AVI format. Wait until the process is completed. After the completion of the process, you can save your converted video on the hard disk of your computer.

Online MOV to AVI converter

Those who do not want to download the software; they can get their file converted directly from online. Yes, AceThinker also provides the facility of converting your files online. Isn’t that great? AceThinker Online Video Converter is the ultimate choice for people who are impatient or do not believe in wasting their time. AceThinker Online also uses flash to convert your files within no time. It is a reliable way of converting a wide range of available formats easily. The process of converting files is more or less the same as mentioned above. But, for your convenience, I have listed it below.

Select files to start

Step 1: Click here to visit the page of Online Video Converter to convert your files directly from online.

Step 2: Once the website opens, select a file from the pop-up list that you wish to convert to AVI format by clicking on the ‘Add Files’ option.

Step 3: After adding the file, change your settings to your preference. Select the format type that is AVI in this case. Here, you also have the option of changing other settings like the resolution, bitrate and a few others as well.

acethinker online converter

Step 4: Hit the ‘Convert’ button, once you are done with the settings. The process will only take a few minutes. So be patient enough.

Step 5: After the conversion process is over, download your file and save it on the hard disk of your computer.

Free MOV to AVI video converter

There is no other better software than EncodeHD that can convert your videos free of cost. It is one of the best and reliable applications out there which do not charge a single penny to convert your videos. You can convert almost any video format with the EncodeHD. It is a highly effective application that can re-encode all types of video files on your home media player and on-the-go device. EncodeHD is quite popular with its users because of a number of reasons. The first being that it has a very easy-to-use interface followed by that it has no complications to use. It performs at high speed without compromising on the quality of the files. It also uses a plenty of open-source tools. Download EncodeHD today, to make the most of it.


More About Converting MOV to AVI

What is MOV Format?

MOV is basically a MPEG-4 video file format which is developed by Apple in 1998. It is mainly used in Apple’s QuickTime program to save movies and other types of video files which are compatible with both MAC and Windows platforms.

What is AVI Format?

Audio Video Interleaved (AVI) is a multimedia file format originally developed by Microsoft Windows as a part of Video for Windows software. It contains both audio and video data which allows synchronous audio-with-video playback.

Now that you have the required knowledge about MOV and AVI file formats, it will be easier for you to convert your files and identify the problems if faced any.

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Last updated on July 3, 2018

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