How to Use AceThinker Mobile Unlock

With AceThinker iOS Unlock, you can unlock your iOS screen and Apple ID within seconds, regardless of your device iOS. This iOS unlocking tool is reliable as you can use it to unlock your device if you forget your password. Do you care to know how? Read this post to learn how you can unlock your iPad screen, iPhone screen as well as your Apple ID using this amazing unlock tool called AceThinker iOS Unlock.

How to Unlock Apple ID

Sometimes, you may forget your Apple ID or a friend/family member might have used your device to log in to their Apple ID, and removing it becomes a problem no matter what you do, which can cause unnecessary frustrations. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this using AceThinker iOS Unlock. To use AceThinker iOS Unlock in removing Apple ID, follow these instructions.

1. Open AceThinker iOS Unlock and use a USB cable to connect your device to a computer.

2. You will find “Unlock Apple ID” on the left side, select it.

3. After clicking, you will be given directions to the attention tips. Make sure you read through carefully, click “Start” when done. Your device will be identified by AceThinker iOS Unlock. This tool will also check the version of iOS that’s running on your device once your iPad or iPhone has been detected. This tool will not support your device if it’s running on iOS 11.4 or recent versions because of iOS restrictions.

attention tips

4. If your device is running on older iOS versions, then follow the displayed steps accordingly. Select “Settings” then “General” then “Reset” and then select “Reset All Settings.” You might be prompted to insert a passcode if you created one. To confirm reset, click “Reset All Settings.” Your Apple ID unlock-process will be initiated afterward.

reset all settings

5. Wait for some seconds to complete the unlock process. Once completed, the Apple ID on the iPhone or iPad will be removed.

How to Unlock iPhone/iPad Screen

Besides removing Apple ID, you can also use this tool to unlock screens of iPhones and iPads. You may forget your device passcode, and when this happens, having access to your iPhone or iPad becomes a problem. AceThinker iOS Unlock can be useful in a situation like this. The instructions below will guide you on how to unlock your iPhone or iPad screen using AceThinker iOS Unlock.

1. Launch AceThinker iOS Unlock. Tap “Unlock Screen,” located at the right side of the main interface, your iOS device will be recognized instantly.

Unlock iPhone/iPad Screen

2. You will see your device name once your iOS has been detected. The system will also detect a compatible firmware that supports your device, or you can select the firmware you can use by clicking the drop-down button.

3. Select an output directory to save the firmware and then hit the button that says “Start downloading” to initiate the download.


4. Click the “Start unpacking” button after the firmware has downloaded to unpack it.

start unpacking

5. Now, click “Start unlocking” to unlock your iPhone or iPad screen instantly. After a while, the screen lock will be removed successfully.

unlock iphone/ipad

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AceThinker iOS Unlock is a tool that allows you to remove your Apple ID and unlock your iOS screen. If you experience any trouble when using this practical tool, hit the “Help” button and select “Technical Support.

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