Things to Do With Old iPhone After You Get an iPhone 8

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Things to Do With Old iPhone After You Get an iPhone 8

what to do with old iphoneThe fans of iPhone are so happy with the launching of the iPhone 8 that was revealed officially on the 12th of September 2017. Maybe you have gotten your iPhone 8 already, what about your old phone, is there any plan in your mind yet on how what you to use the previous iPhone for? Truly, a lot of iPhone owners will simply auction their previous iPhones or deliver them out probably to any of their family members, friends or relatives. But, apart from selling your old phone or giving it out to others as your ultimate resource to your iPhone, other things are also there which you can use your old iPhone for.

5 Valuable Things You can Use your Old iPhone For

Now, back to the topic of discussion, below are some valuable hints for dealing with your old iPhone.

1. Let it be a substitute/auxiliary device

substitute/auxiliary device

What should I do with my old iPhone? Your previous iPhone can be used as an auxiliary device or backup device which you can use to store your videos, photos, music and other files. Especially when you are saving your new iPhone 8 memory from getting full, this can be very beneficial. However, remember not to keep it for a long period as the value of it gets lower.

Apart from that, the moment a phone is not regularly used, there is every tendency that it might not open again. Therefore, it is recommended you use it as a backup for a few months and then sell it off and get cash for it. Apart from that, continue to read the tips below for more things you can use old iPhone for.

2. Utilize it as a second phone

second phone

If you happen to be such a person that usually forgets his phone inside the car or maybe in the office, then it is recommended you have more than just a single phone. Let your old iPhone be in your bag always so that in case you mistakenly leave your main phone in the house you can have something to use.

3. Use it as a remote control for Apple TV

remote control for Apple TV

A lot of persons that have Apple TV are complaining about the issues with the functionality of the new Apple TV remote. So, you can change your old iPhone into remote control for touchscreen. Only one thing you will have to do, i.e. to download the App for Apple TV remote on it.

4. Make use of it as an iPod

Make use of it as an iPod

Because you will move your files in your old phone to your new phone, there will be enough space on your old phone, so you can save as many as the music you have on your iTunes. One thing an old iPhone can be used for is to convert it to iPod and then make use of it in listening to the music you love. With this, you can save lowest $200 you would have used to buy a new iPod.

5. Use it for taking videos

take videos

Because of the quality of cameras in iPhone, an iPhone of last year edition can still give a clear and useful quality images and videos. Therefore, one thing you can use your old iPhone for is to use it as your expert device through the addition of accessories such as battery pack, microphone, glass lenses, etc. Too, you can choose to use it as a ready-to-use tool that you can instantly use whenever you desire to shoot a thing or whenever you make a live Facebook.

Move Files from the Old iPhone to the New iPhone 8

Before opening up how to handle old iPhone, please remember that you need to first move the files in your old iPhone to your new iPhone 8. You can make use of AceThinker Phone Manager, an application which can assist you to move your files from one phone to the other without stress. Because it’s effortless to use, moving of files does not delay. You can move videos, photos, contacts, audios etc.

Below are the processes involved in achieving this.

Step1 Install the program

First of all you and download the program from the official AceThinker website and after the downloading is done then you can install the app on your PC, run it and then pair the two devices.

Step2 Connect your iPhone to your computer

At this point, right on your former iPhone, see the dock-like icon located at the interface and then click on it. The device will search for any device that is active. In order to establish the connection between the two devices, you need to touch the new iPhone’s avatar to connect and also approve the connection with the new iPhone.

Step3 Select your files

Once the connection is established between your devices and the iPhone is ready for the data management, you can take the moment to analyze the whole files you need to move from your previous iPhone to the new iPhone 8.

Step4 Perform the data transfer

Lastly, click on the “Send” icon and give it some time so that the files to be move. You can see the transfer real-time and manage the files both on your iPhone and on your computer to your convenience from this point.


As you can see there are multiple things you can use your old iPhone for once you get the new iPhone 8 in your hands. In the overview before you can see that these are the things you can use old iPhone for, and you don’t really need to market it right away. Instead, there are multiple ways you can use it efficiently, and you can still enjoy your old iPhone even as you are enjoying your new iPhone 8 as well. And in such case when you decide on using it actively, you can always rely on the AceThinker solution which will be a great and suitable partner to your data management needs to get the most out of your old mobile.

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