Best Alternatives to Samsung Dex

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Best Alternatives to Samsung Dex

In this piece of writing, you can be able to find some many Samsung Dex options which you might make use of your phone as a PC. A lot of mobile users dream of phones that can transform into a PC. Particularly those in business, professionals, and students, it can be helpful if you would be able to have a portable computer and make use of it whenever you wish. Samsung had that in mind and then launched the Samsung Dex. This is a gadget that can help you turn a smartphone to a PC whenever you connect a keyboard, monitor, and mouse. It sounds very cool, anyway it’s costly. And then, just Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ function on Samsung Dex. Fortunately, some Samsung Dex options are available which you may put to good use to spend little or make use of your smartphone if you are not able to get their latest version.

Samsung Dex resembles a black ashtray that you will be able to slide backward and see the USB-C port in which you can insert your phone. Concurrently, there are two USB-A ports found at the back. That’s the place you can attach your mouse, storage, keyboard and HDMI port. For the phones that came before Galaxy S8 or S8+, kindly go through the ensuing options to a Samsung Dex for a desktop encounter hosted by your small.

Review of Apps

AceThinker Mirror – Best Samsung Dex Alternative

The first tool to prescribe for you is AceThinker Mobile Mirror; it is a reflecting app which allows you reflect your smartphones to your computer. It is still a cool option in the sense that you will be able to see your phone’s screen on the monitor. Not just that, you can also be in charge of your smartphone from the computer by making use of the keyboard and mouse. The following are ways in which you can use this tool.

How to Use AceThinker Mobile Mirror

  • First download and install the program into your computer. Make sure to also install the app into your mobile phone.
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  • Once the programs are installed on both of your devices, you can establish the connection between the two devices via the AirPlay function as long as they are under the same wifi.
  • Once the connection is set up, your Android phone screen activity will be presented real-time onto the display of your laptop or computer via Mobile Mirror.
  • From the display, there are multiple options available wherein recording screen activity is included.
  • At this point just simply start using your phone, and from the computer, with a single click, you can start capturing your phone’s display.

Wifi connection

Samsung – Authorized Samsung Phone Manager Program

One other useful tool you can make use of is Samsung Sidesync. It is also able to reflect your Samsung device to PC. Additionally, taking charge of your smartphone by using keyboard and mouse can be done with this too. In case you are interested in using this software, simply check the steps here:

How to Use Samsung Sidesync

  • First of all you may use this program by installing the app on both your phone and PC in order to make it possible to manage your phone through the computer.
  • Run the software on both your computer and your Android phone after you successfully installed it on both devices.
  • You may then connect via USB cable or via WiFi connection. Once connected, your phone will then start to be mirrored on the computer.
  • Once all the activities which are being done on your phone are started to be projected onto the big display of your computer, you can take over the control of your phone with your keyboard and mouth on your computer.
  • Manage your phone data and applications from the computer display, as long as the program is running on both devices.

Sidesync manage

Andromium – Related Products to Samsung Dex

Andromium is one other tool that is almost like Samsung Dex. You have to buy it to make use of it, but it is less costly compared to Samsung Dex. It can transform your smartphone into a computer by just connecting your phone to the dock. You still have to download and launch the software into your smartphone and then connect the computer screen at the other side of the dock. The app will aid in giving you every ability of a computer. You can also see your phone’s screen on your computer and still be in control too. To benefit from this program fully, you can just refer to the steps below:

How to Use Andromium

  • First of all you need to install the app from the play store and restart your phone to give the right permission to launch the application.
  • Also, download and install the program into your computer so you can connect both devices later.
  • Now, connect your phone under the same Wifi as your computer for the later steps to efficiently set up connection from the beginning.
  • Once you set up the app on your mobile and gave the right permissions as well, and also did the same for the desktop version,
  • You can establish the connection and can directly manage your phone from your computer afterwards with the available tools.

install app

Comparison Table for the Three Samsung Dex Alternatives
AceThinker Mobile MirrorSamsung SidesyncAndromium
Screen mirroring
Control Android phone
Take screenshots
Record screen


Accordingly, to what’s stated above, every tool prescribed will surely provide what you need. These three options to Samsung Dex will all help you encounter a good PC experience like a large screen, full keyboard, and a mouse. Anyway, in case you see the table, the most helpful appears to be AceThinker Mobile Mirror because it has other characteristics which the others do not possess.

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