How to Stream Video From PC to TV Using Various Methods

Watching videos from a PC good in every sense, which is why people prefer doing so. However, isn’t it better to watch videos on a TV screen? Doing so will provide lots of benefits, like more vivid colors for the video, and maximized pixel size for optimum viewing experience. These are just some of the best things about watching your PC videos, from a large TV screen. On the other hand, large screen TV’s doesn’t support file transfers from PC. Although it is currently impossible to stream video from PC to TV, there are some feasible methods for you to do so. Fortunately, some of these methods are featured below with some steps on how to use them. Read on, to learn how to watch videos from PC to a larger TV screen.

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AceThinker Mirror

The first way to stream video PC TV is by screen mirroring. This process changed the way videos are being played from any mobile device. This is because it enables mobile devices, and now even smart TV’s to be cast directly on a larger screen like PC. Screen mirroring is yet another way to watch videos from a larger screen, which is very useful for many purposes. One such way to do so is by using AceThinker Mirror to screencast mobile phones to PC. Also, the tool is capable of mirroring the PC on the TV. This enables users to watch their PC videos from a larger TV screen. The tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac, which is why users of both operating systems will be able to enjoy its benefits. To learn how to use this exceptional screen mirroring tool, follow the steps below.

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User Guide:

  • Download and install AceThinker Mirror: First, get the installer of AceThinker Mirror by clicking one of the download buttons below and then run it on the PC. Follow the instructions of the setup wizard that will appear, and after installation, the main tool interface will appear. Similarly, download and install the AceThinker Mirror App from the Google Play Store of any SmartTV or Android TV.
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  • Launch the tool and start mirroring: Click the “TV” tab from the main interface of AceThinker Mirror on PC. Similarly, launch the AceThinker Mirror app on the TV and then take a look at the “Pin code” that will appear. Enter the “PIN code” to the AceThinker Mirror on PC, then click the “Start Mirroring” button, and the PC will be then mirrored to the TV. Note that both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this to work.
  • Record and then end mirroring: If you want to record the activity while mirroring is in progress, simply hit the “Record” button from the tool interface. Once the mirroring is over, click the “Stop” button and the recording will end then the video will be saved on the PC.

stop and locate recording

HDMI Cable

Another feasible way to cast the desktop screen on a TV is by using the good old HDMI cable. Almost all large screen TV comes with an HDMI cable port and connector, which makes it easy to stream video to TV. To learn how you can connect your PC to your TV using an HDMI cable, follow the steps below.

connect phone to tv

User Guide:

  • Connect the HDMI cable by plugging each end to the PC and TV respectively.
  • Turn on the PC, and the TV then switch the video source of the TV to the appropriate HDMI port number.
  • The desktop screen will be then appear on the TV screen in the highest possible settings that it can have and proceed to the desktop activity.
  • In case the PC fails to recognize the TV and mirroring is not successful, then open the “Control Panel” then click “Display.” From the new window, click “Adjust Resolution” and then select TV from the drop-down menu.

connect hdmi

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a streaming device that allows the regular TV to stream online videos. This device can turn any regular flat-screen TV into a smart TV. Aside from being a great online streaming device, Google Chrome can also act as a PC stream receiver. This small yet powerful device packs a punch when it comes to playing your favorite videos from your PC into your TV. Aside from TV, Chromecast also works on Mac devices, which makes it very versatile. To learn how to stream video on PC to TV using Google Chromecast, then follow the steps below.

chromecast icon

User Guide:

  • Plug the Google Chromecast device to the TV, and from the PC, launch Google Chrome browser.
  • Make sure both the PC and Google Chromecast are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Once Google Chrome detects the Chromecast device, an icon will appear within the browser.
  • From there, play a video from the Google Chrome browser, and then click the Chromecast icon located at the extension bar of Google Chrome and click the “Stream” button from the menu.
  • Click the name of the Chromecast device, and the videos will then play on the TV screen.

mirror chromecast

AirPlay Mirroring

Just like Android device which is capable of Chromecast, Apple device like Mac, iPhone, and iPad also has a mirroring tool. This is called AirPlay, which is a built-in mirroring option for iOS and Mac devices. However, not every TV is capable of receiving AirPlay screencast from such devices. That is why it is required that an Apple TV box is installed to the TV for this to work. The only downside of using this method for users that don’t have an Apple TV is that they will be required to purchase the Apple TV box first. To learn how to use AirPlay to mirror Mac PC and watch videos from a larger screen, follow the steps below.


User Guide:

  • From the Mac toolbar, click the AirPlay icon located at the upper-right part of the screen.
  • From the AirPlay menu that will drop down, click the “Mirror Apple TV” option to fully connect both devices.
  • The Mac will appear on the TV screen after that and proceed to play the video on the Mac device.

mac airplay screencast


Watching a video from a PC screen is all well and good. However, it is a fact that it is better to watch on larger screens. However, not every method that promises to screencast PC to TV works. That is why to provide reliable PC to TV screencast solutions, the list above was made. All the tools mentioned are sure to cast your PC screen to a larger TV screen without any hassles.

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