8 Of the Best Screen Recorder for Android Devices

Do you want a screencast of your Android device or you want to create a YouTube tutorial on your mobile device? Well, there are different screen recorders for Android available on Google Play Store that you can use to record your Android screen instead of using a computer or external camera. To save your time and energy, we have created a list of the best screen video recorders for Android. All the apps listed in this article are endowed with different fantastic features that will give you an amazing screen recording experience.

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ScreenCam Screen Recorder

A lot of people fancy free lightweight applications that delivers to its promise and are ad-free. ScreenCam (Anroid) may lack some of the features present in other android screen recorders in this list; however, this application offers users basic features, users can change the bitrate of videos, recording resolution as well the video framerate (up to 60fps). The app receives regular updates and it contains floating widgets that give users quick control over their screen recordings. This app, however, lacks a Picture-in –picture mode that allows users record themselves using the front camera while taking screen footage.


YouTube Gaming

You need to install this app on your device if you want to record your screen for YouTube upload, especially if you plan on recording games. YouTube Gaming does not have some features and power seen in other apps listed in this post (its video resolution is limited to 720p); however; we consider this app amazing because of its direct integration with YouTube. Besides using this app to record games on your mobile device, you can use it to record specific applications or mirror your Android screen completely. YouTube Gaming comes with the basic edit features and a friendly user interface. The app also provides information on how much recording time is left, depending on the free storage space available.


AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder can work perfectly on any android device (root access not required) and it offers users an option to pause and continue recording; this pause and resume feature is great when creating tutorial videos. The app has a front-facing camera overlay feature which you can access only when you upgrade by paying a little token. AZ Screen recorder supports microphone recording and you can modify settings such as frame rate, bit rate, resolution or add a logo or text alongside your screen footage.


Lollipop Screen Recorder

This app can only be used on Android Lollipop and later versions. As long as this list is concerned, Lollipop Screen Recorder is one of the simplest app and offers users basic options like screen orientation and resolution. To take screen footage, launch the app and tap the icon highlighted above. To end recording, tap the app notification. You can also use this app to record audio, although there are no other interesting features to talk about. If you want to keep it your screen recording simple and stress-free, you can use this app.


RecMe Free Screen Recorder

RecMe Free Screen Recorder is an amazing screen recording application on Android. However, you need to root your device to enjoy features like internal audio and video recording. This feature (internal audio feature) is lacking on devices without root permission, but you can still access features like microphone recording, screen recording front about 60 fps 1080p video quality, and a front/back camera overlay (available for Pro users). Another interesting thing about RecMe is its UI, very nice and user-friendly. The app’s design makes it look like it is a built-in screen recording app.


Google Play Games

You can use the official Google Play Games application on your Android device if you don’t want to download third-party applications on your device, and you are only interested in recording gaming sessions. To use app, launch the Play Games application on your device, go to the information page of the game you want to play, hit the “Record” icon located at the top of the screen. A recording option will appear that allows you choose the record quality you want (either 480p or 720p). Although this app has a limited video resolution, it is well integrated, so we are fine with it.



Mobizen is a popular app on Play Store that allows users take screen footage. It has a lot of amazing features, including full HD recording at 60fps. The app also features tools like background, music, option to record yourself (intro and outro videos), so you can spice up your videos when you are done recording. Mobizen is very good for gaming, it allows users record gaming sessions as well as how their faces react when playing simultaneously.


DU Recorder

We don’t really make reference to reviews on Play Store to justify why we love an application, but DU Recorder has a lot of good reviews; in fact, it’s got one of the best reviews we have ever seen (4.8/5 with 1.15 reviews), so it’s worth mentioning. Du Recorder is one of the best, high-quality and most adaptable/multipurpose screen recording app on Android, so it’s worth the good reviews. With this application, you can take screen footage of gameplay, save them in different resolutions and frame rates up to 60fps.The app also permits users to record their voice while taking screen footage, and the editing features have all you need to edit your videos the way you want it before sharing online, including background images, cutting, music and filters such as pixilation and blurring.



Recording your gameplay or making video tutorials through your Android devices will be much easier today. There are so many apps that you can use to screencast your Android phone, whatever activity you do, it will surely record it. Therefore, this article contains the 8 best screen recorder for Android devices that you can use to record your screen display. All of these tools are easy-to-use, and free, which you can use to record your any activity on Android as much as you need.

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