How to Record Screen on Android Marshmallow

Android Marshmallow, otherwise known as Android 6.0, is the latest version of the Android Operating System. The latest Marshmallow version offers the ability to record phone screens in a way that wasn’t offered with previous versions. However, the feature isn’t a direct feature anyone can access. Rather, it’s a trick that can be activated through the “Android Debug Bridge” trick. It might sound a little too complicated and technical for the average user, so let’s keep things simple and say that with the help of some applications you can record Android Marshmallow screen. Here are some of the best apps for the job.

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AceThinker Mirror

If you want to be able to record phone screen without having to root your device or go through a complicated setup, then AceThinker Mirror would be your best option. This tool can record an Android Marshmallow screen free of charge. It can be used to record phone features, video games, video chats, promotional videos, tutorials, rundowns of mobile set-ups and features, and anything else you can think of. Unlike some other applications, this one offers full support for HD videos as well as recording audio from external devices, such as a microphone. On top of all of that, it allows you to record from the camera, take screenshots, customize video resolutions, show when and where you touch the screen, and much more. The best part is that it’s so easy to use.

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Step1 Download and install AceThinker Mirror

Download and install the AceThinker Mirror app from the Google Play Store. Another way to install it, is by launching the app on PC, and click the “USB Connection” tab. From the Android device, enable USB debugging and then the app will be installed on the mobile device. After installing the app, open it up and configure the settings including the bitrate, resolution, framerate, and orientation.

connect via usb

Step2 Configure settings

Open up the video, game, chat, or anything else you wish to record on your phone. Tap on the “Overlay icon” and choose the video camera icon to begin recording the screen.

launch the app

Step3 End the recording

You can pause or stop recording by opening up the overlay again and choosing the appropriate button. Videos are saved automatically when you stop recording.

stop and locate recording


  • No need to root Android phone.
  • Is available for free with no membership or registration required
  • Comes with various video settings and output resolution options
  • Fully supports external audio, screenshots, and front camera


  • Requires Andorid 5.0 and higher.
Versatile Screen Recording for Android Marshmallow

If you want something more versatile and are looking for more than just basic Android screen recording, then you should consider trying Mobizen out. This app lets you record just about anything on the screen. On top of this, it can be used to mirror your Android screen directly on to your PC or web browser. Much like the other app we suggested, you can use Mobizen without having to root your Android phone ahead of time. Mobizen supports recording Android screens in up to 1080p. You can share the videos you record or watch them directly through the app. This Android Marshmallow screen recorder is also super simple to use. Here’s a simple guide on how to do it;

save recording

User Guide:

  • Install Mobizen: Download and install the Mobizen app to your phone.
  • Open record screen: Tap on the “Record Screen” button on the app to open the recording.
  • Use the Android app: Load up the video, game, or chat that you want to.
  • Start recording: Tap on the “Record” button to begin.
  • End recording: Use “Pause” or “Stop” to finish recording and save the video.


  • Super simple to use
  • No root necessary
  • Offers mirroring features


  • Limited choice of video settings
  • Doesn’t support front camera
  • Doesn’t show taps on the screen
  • Doesn’t support external audio sources

While both applications can be considered effective Android Marshmallow screen recorder apps, each of them offers something different in terms of recording capabilities and features. Mobizen is able to record just about anything you can load on your phone and it comes with the added feature of screen mirroring. With that said, it also lacks some important features such as recording external audio and supporting different video settings.

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Last updated on November 10, 2019

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