Best 3 Ways on How to Play iPhone Games on PC Easily

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Best 3 Ways on How to Play iPhone Games on PC Easily

iPhones are well endowed with amazing features that give users a fantastic experience when playing high-quality games. Now imagine playing these games on a larger screen, the experience will be something else you will want to enjoy for the rest of your life. Since iPhone screens are not large enough, the best way out is to mirror your gameplay on PC or Mac; one of the methods involves using a simulator to play games on your iPhone on your computer. For more info, read this post on three workable means to play iPhone games on PC and Mac.

Review of Apps

AceThinker Mirror

One of the best tools in the screen mirroring market you can count on to mirror activities on your mobile screen to your Pc is AceThinker Mirror. This app supports most devices like Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and you can use it to play games on your TV. Besides screen mirroring, it also offers other exciting features like screen recording, taking screenshots, adding annotations, and so on. If you are interested in streaming games on your Mac or PC with AceThinker Mirror, follow the instructions below.

Step1 Download and install AceThinker Mirror

Install AceThinker Mobile Mirror on your iPhone and computer. Open the app on both devices, ensure your phone and PC/Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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Step2 Connect your iPhone to PC

Click the “M” button on your iPhone; this will search for available devices automatically. From the detected devices, click on your PC.


Step3 Play iPhone games to PC

Now, tap “Phone Screen Mirroring” and head to Control Center and click on “Screen Mirroring.” Click on your PC to establish a successful connection. Once a connection is established, you can run the game you want to play on your device and enjoy gameplay on a larger screen.



With iPadian, you can transfer your iPhone’s interface to your Windows PC. This application has a free and premium version. We recommend you opt for the premium version, which costs $10, so you can use this incredible tool on different iOS applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Clash of Clans. Follow the steps below to know-how.


User Guide

  • Install iPadian on your Windows PC.
  • Click twice on iPadian icon; you will see that it comes installed with some popular application.
  • Go to its app store to install iPhone games you will like on your device, and run them the same way you would on your iPad. With this method, you can use your PC to play iPhone games.

NOTE: The only disadvantage of using this simulator is that you are restricted to the apps available in the iPadian store; thus, accessing applications from the Apple Store is impossible. If you intend playing iPhone games on your computer, ensure the game you want to play is designed specially to work with the iPadian simulator. Although you will find many exciting games on iPadian’s store, you are limited to the games they offer; the Apple Store provides more exciting games.


Some iOS games can only be played on iOS devices, and they are some that can be played on android devices. If you want to play these iPhone games available on Android on your Mac or PC, then you can use the Nox emulator. Nox is very stable and works like you are using your smartphone on your computer. To play iPhone games on your computer using Nox, follow the steps below.


User Guide

  • Install Nox application on your computer.
  • Create a Nox account and use this emulator to download the games you want to play on your PC.
  • Once you are done, you can now use your PC or Mac to play iPhone games you will like.


You can use any of the methods mentioned in this article to play iPhone/iPad games on your computer without stress. If you don’t have issues with compatibility, we strongly advise you use AceThinker Mobile Mirror in playing games you like on a larger screen as you can use this tool to record or screenshot your gameplay.

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