How to Play Bitlife on PC and Mac Computers

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Popular among teenagers and adults equally, BitLife is an interactive game that everybody loves for humorous scenarios. It is a real-life simulation where you can live a digital life without any difficulties, rules, and regulations. In BitLife, you get a chance to lead an ideal life, become a model citizen, do whatever you wish to do, and marry the one you fall in love with. It is not suitable for kids at all as there are mature features in this game, such as a player can date, kiss, abort the child, or even murder someone to take revenge. However, if you are an adult, we will recommend that you must play BitLife on the computer instead of your mobile phones to enjoy the perks of simulation. We are going to highlight some methods for you too. Read this article and know how to play BitLife on PC.

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Nox App Player

Nox App Player is a competitive software that you can use to play BitLife on PC. It is compatible with many apps present on your mobile phone. Many youngsters prefer this software as it is much easy to use. You can also connect your mouse and keyboard through this software to play the game. However, there is one major drawback of the Nox App Player, and that is, it gulps more portion of the internal memory. If you want to use this app, here are some steps to follow:

play bitlife on nox

User Guide:

  • Start with downloading Nox App Player and installing Google Chrome from its official source.
  • Next, select the Google Play Store, make a new account, and sign up. You can also use your existing account to log-in.
  • In the search bar, write BitLife, download it, and install it to proceed.
  • Click on the app icon to launch it.
  • Personalize your character and start playing the game.

MEmu is another famous emulator that can help to play BitLife on a computer. It also authorizes the keyboard and mouse to play the game. It works the same as BlueStacks does. Memu does not only mirror your phone screen on PC but cast the sound as well. You can use this app on android devices only. This app is a better choice as compared to the other available apps. You can follow the steps described below to use this app and play BitLife on PC.

play bitlife on memu

User Guide:

  • You must have Google Chrome to play the game. You can download Chrome from the official Google website and download it.
  • Launch the web browser and make a Gmail account to download the apps. You can also sign in using your existing account.
  • Search for the BitLife in Google Play.
  • Follow the instructions to make your profile on the game.
  • You are all set to start your digital life. Play the game and enjoy.
AceThinker Mobile Mirror

AceThinker Mobile Mirror is a pro app that incorporates reliable and versatile features. Its developers keep on updating the app to cater to the demands of its users and catch up with trends. People commonly prefer this app for mirroring phone screens of android phones or iPhones on PC. You can enjoy using this app on any device you have. Be it Windows or Mac computer, you can use this app to take the screenshot, record your screen, stream videos, or watch the presentations. You can use AceThinker Mobile Mirror to play BitLife on PC in high screen resolution and enjoy playing in real-life simulation. If you want to use this user-friendly tool, follow the steps explained below:

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Step1 Download and Install the App

It is necessary to download the app on both your PC and mobile phones. Go to the Google Play Store to access this app on both PC and mobile. Launch this app on both of your systems i.e., mobile and PC.

Step2 Connect using a Wi-Fi Network

Connect both of the devices by connecting them to a single Wi-Fi system or using a USB cable. The lightning cable will be a better option. Use a USB cable for controlling your phone directly from your computer.

scan device

Step3 Connect using an USB Cable

In case you use a USB cable, go your phone’s settings and select the option of ‘USB Debugging.’ You can find this option in the ‘developer’s options.’ Connect your phone and PC with the cable.

connect using USB cable

Step4 Play Bitlife on PC

However, if you plan to connect without using any cable, then connect your PC and phone to the same wireless connection. You will see the blue “M” button popping on your main interface of the tool on your phone screen. The tool will start scanning for the device you want to connect to. When you read the name of your network on the screen, click on it. The app will proceed with the mirroring process. You will then be ready to play BitLife on your computer.

play bitlife

Step5 Stop Mirroring

If you want to stop, click the “DISCONNECT” button, which you will see besides your PC’s name.

stop mirroring

Note: The procedure is different for iOS users.


You are now aware of both mirroring apps and emulators to play BitLife on PC. Review these tools and decide which one will be perfect for you. Carefully look at the features and specifications of the tool and the type of device or computer you use to select the tools and play BitLife on PC.

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How to Play Bitlife on PC and Mac Computers

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