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Since the use of Android smartphones became a trend, Android games have been appearing every now and then. Who would have thought that people will be able to play such high-quality games from their handheld device, but the fact that an Android device has less screen area than a PC is always present which leaves people unsatisfied. On that note, there are ways to play your Android games, and even control them from a larger screen, especially from a PC screen. Luckily, some of the best tools to play Android games on PC are featured in this article. Read on to learn more information about these tools and how to use them.

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AceThinker Mirror

AceThinker Mirror is a versatile screen mirroring tool that you can use to emulate Android games on PC. Aside from that, users can record a video of their game to capture epic moments in the game, and later on, share with social media. The tool provides an optimum large screen gaming experience because there is no delay in the game. You can also control the game from the PC using the keyboard and mouse. This will provide a better gaming experience, which is comparable to those high-end games played from a PC. To learn how to play Android games on PC using AceThinker Mirror, follow the steps below.

allow usb debugging

  • Install AceThinker Mirror: Download the installer of AceThinker Mirror by visiting its official website, and then launch it from the PC. After installation, the main interface will appear and from there click the “Android” tab.
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  • Install the AceThinker Mirror app on Android: From the Android smartphone, launch the Google Play Store and then search for the app name which is “AceThinker Mirror.” Install AceThinker Mirror on the Android device. After installation, launch the “Settings” window of the Android device and then enable “USB Debugging” from the “Developer options” section.
  • Connect Android to PC: Launch the AceThinker Mirror app from the Android device. Connect the Android device to the PC by using a USB cable. After that, approve all permission notifications that will appear on the Android smartphone. The Android screen will then appear on the PC screen, and you can now start playing your game using the mouse and keyboard. To record the game activity, click the “Record” button from the toolbar, and save the video by hitting the “Stop” button.

play mobile on PC


AirMore is a wireless phone manager application available from the Google Play Store. Originally, AirMore was developed to provide wireless and quick file transfer solution to Android users. Later on, the app was launched, with an added “Reflector” feature to cast the Android screen on a PC. This is very useful, especially for Android game enthusiasts because they can now play their games on a larger PC screen wirelessly. To learn how to use this user-friendly phone manager and screen mirroring tool, follow the steps below.

airmore image

User Guide:

  • Install AirMore app: Launch the Google Play Store app from the Android device and then search for the app name, and tap the install button.
  • Launch AirMore from PC: Visit the official website of AirMore and then scan the “QR code” from the homepage using your smartphone to start connecting to the PC.
  • Start the Reflector option: Once connection is established, click the “Reflector” option from home-screen. The notification window will then appear on both PC and mobile device, and from there, click or tap the “Start now” button.
  • Start playing Android games: Once the Android screen appears on the AirMore window, immediately start playing your favorite Android game from the mobile.
  • Note: It is essential to have a strong and stable internet network, to ensure a smooth gaming experience.



BlueStacks is, without a doubt one of the best Android game emulator for PC. This is an Android emulator for PC, which looks very similar to an Android mobile device. Just like any other emulator, BlueStacks can perfectly imitate the Android operating system interface. Using this emulator will give PC users access to the Google Play Store and install their favorite Android games. BlueStacks is free, which is why it is a highly-recommended way to use Android games on PC.

enter google information

  • Install BlueStacks on PC: Visit the official website of BlueStacks and then download the installer and run it on the PC.
  • Enter the Google information: After installation, launch the app and from the main interface, add your Google information just like you did the first time on your Android smartphone.
  • Install the Android apps on BlueStacks: Use the built-in Google Play Store app to search and install your favorite Android games. After installation, launch the app and start playing on a PC screen. You can use the keyboard and the mouse of the PC to play the game on BlueStacks for a more immersive game experience.

pubg mobile on bluestacks


GenyMotion is a more professional Android application because it is mainly-used by app developers to test their applications. That is the reason why it is not free to use under normal circumstances but is still an effective way to emulate Android games on PC. Since this is a paid software, users are entitled to customer support, which is not available on free emulators like BlueStacks. Also, GenyMotion is proud of its responsiveness, which is why many professionals trust it. Below are the steps to use GenyMotion to play Android games on your PC.


  • Create an account with GenyMotion: Visit the official website of GenyMotion and then click the “Desktop Sign in” button then click the “Create an account” button if you are a first time user.
  • Install the application on the PC: After creating an account, download the installer of GenyMotion to your PC and then proceed to the installation process. Sign in to your account after the installation process.
  • Select the desired Android device model: At first, you will be asked which Android mobile device to emulate. After that, hit the “Play” button and then the emulator will start.
  • Upload the game APK file: Once the emulator is ready, use the file explorer from the PC to search for the APK file of the Android game.
  • Start playing from the PC: Drag and drop the APK into the emulator to install it and you are all set to play the game from a bigger screen.

play android games on genymotion


NoxPlayer is similar to BlueStacks because they are both Android emulators. NoxPlayer is the go-to tool of those who are having a hard time using BlueStacks on their PC, because the interface of NoxPlayer is one step ahead in user-friendliness. This is also a great way to emulate playing Android games because it is fast and easy to install. You can play any Android game efficiently from NoxPlayer because the screen is wide enough. You can also use hotkeys to makes gaming more comfortable. Continue reading below to learn how to to play mobile games on PC, using NoxPlayer to emulate Android gaming.

nox homescreen

  • Download NoxPlayer on the PC: Go to the official website of NoxPlayer and then get the installer.
  • Launch NoxPlayer on PC: After downloading the installer, launch it on the PC and follow the installation wizard.
  • Install the Android games and play them: Click the Google Play Store icon from the toolbar and then search for the game to play and install it on the NoxPlayer. Once done, launch the game and play it from the NoxPlayer.

nox app player

Andy Android Emulator

Finally, we have Andy Android Emulator, which is one of the ways to emulate Android gaming on PC. This is one of the few working Android emulators on PC that doesn’t experience lags. Also, the tool works on both Windows and macOS and is free to download. Additionally, Andy Android Emulator allows users to use their mobile phones to control their game with the PC as the screen remotely. Here are the steps to sue Andy Android Emulator on your PC.


  • Download Andy Android Emulator: Go to the official website of Andy Android Emulator and then click the download button.
  • Launch the installer: Run the installer on the PC and then follow the instructions of the setup wizard. After that, launch the tool to reach the main interface.
  • Sign-in to your Google account: The tool will start with an Android boot sequence and after that, log-in to your Google account.
  • Download and play Android games: Launch the Google Play Store app from the emulator and install the games that you want. Start playing the game on a PC after installation.


Playing Android games on a PC screen provides a better gaming experience. Also, playing Android games on PC can relieve the stress on your arms because you will not need to hold a phone for long durations. With that being said, we provided a list of some of the best Android game emulator for PC. These tools provide clear quality gaming resolution and are very responsive, which ensures to bring out your best game performance every time.

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