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Do you want to know some of the best photo editing apps for iPhone that can be used to edit and retouch your pictures on the mobile devices? There are lots of apps available tools today that it can become very confusing about which one to make use of. However, you will find that some of these editing apps lack in editing features like to meet every user’s photo editing requirements. This article will be revealing the top 10 iPhone photo editing applications which you can make use of today. These will definitely meet your photo editing needs.

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Snapseed is perfect for any kind of photo editing task. There is precise control of exposure and color too. It is very popular amongst other photo editing apps. The reason is that despite its numerous tools for photo editing, it has a very user – friendly interface. It is available for free download. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced iPhone photographer or a beginner as this app can be used by anyone. Given the editing tools that are available, it is easy to improve sharpness, color and exposure. Furthermore, it is very easy for images to be straightened, cropped and rotated. Specific parts of an image can be edited with the use of its selective tools. If you want objects removed from photos, its healing tool will be of great help. With its portrait tool impeccable portrait photos can be created easily. They will have sparkling eyes and smooth skin.

snapseed photo editing


If you want to create those beautiful edits, VSCO is the best app to make use of. This app is truly impressive which is why it has been regarded as one of the best photo editing applications for iPhone. Given its various filters, you will be able to create those classic film looks from an iPhone. There is no better tool out there that can help ensure that your photos have got that classic and vintage feel. The best part about VSCO is the fact that its filters are subtle. Majority of them have got this soft as well as faded look that can enable you carry out impressive edits. These filters can also be adjusted. With the use of its editing tools, you will be able to adjust the exposure as well as color. VSCO is an app that can be downloaded free from iPhone store. The filter presets that you can get for free are about 10. There are also some tools for photo editing. If you want to get access to all the filters which are about 130, a yearly subscription of $19.99 will be required.

vsco editing app

Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 is perfect for any kind of photo editing. There are lots of creative options that it also offers. Some of the tools that this app offers are for cropping, sharpness, exposure and color. There are also advanced tools like selective color and curves. These will enable you produce even more impressive images. It comes with great filters which can help to improve your photo’s mood. Afterlight 2 comes with some filters and you are free to get more added. Graphics can be easily added to your images using its customizable text as well as artwork. With its double – exposure tool, blended images that are unique can be easily created. This app is perfect for those who want to experience something that transcends basic photo editing. You can get access to Afterlight 2 for about $2.99 in the app store of iPhone. There is no additional payment after this. Best of all is that it is a constantly updated app with new additions every month.

afterlight 2 photo editor


Enlight is perfect for the creation of artistic effects and also selective controls during edits. In case you want to be creative during edit, Enlight is a tool that you can make use of. A picture can be easily turned into painting or drawing. These ensure that design elements which are unique get added to your photos. Using its mask tool helps you apply some effects to selected parts of such photo. Fake – miniature tilt – shifts as well as double – exposures can be created. It is also very possible for those favorite images of yours to be displayed inside a collage. It doesn’t really matter whether you are searching for an app that can enable creative or basic editing as Enlight can definitely meet your needs. For $3.99, you can have access to this powerful app today from phone app store.

enlight photo edit app


If you want those unwanted objects and blemishes removed from your photos, TouchRetouch is a great tool to make use of. There are lots of editing apps which have features that can help you get unwanted objects removed from your photos. However, TouchRetouch has been designed to focus on this aspect specifically. It is a very user – friendly and effective app. If you want to remove an object, just make use of your finger to get it highlighted. Such an object will be replaced using pixels automatically. Using its blemish removal tool, portrait photos that are flawless can be created. Electricity as well as telephone cables can be removed from your photos using its line removal tool. Getting complex items removed may require you trying over and over again though. However, if you would like to start all over again, TouchRetouch makes this process super easy. For $1.99, you can get access to this app today.

touchretouch photo editor


Instagram isn’t just a photo sharing platform as it can also be used to editing such photos. This is one tool that you shouldn’t ignore in any way. As compared to Enlight and Snapseed apps which have been listed above, Instagram lacks advanced features when it comes to photo editing. However, it is great if you require some basic edits. The color as well as black and white filters are really great. They will give your image a new look. There are also some editing tools which you will find handy. Sharpness, color and exposure can be adjusted. Also, there are options which will enable you correct perspective, straighten, rotate and crop a photo. Tilt – shift or vignette effect can be added. Prior to sharing a photo on Instagram, you can decide to make use of its features. It is a free app that you can start making use of today.

instagram photo editor

Adobe Lightroom CC

The fine – tuning of exposure and color using this tool is very precise. It also comes with some advanced tools for editing. With Adobe Lightroom CC, you have a very powerful app that can enable you edit your photos in a very easy way. In order to enhance images, make use of its one – tap filter. There are also its adjustment sliders which enable you to tweak details, color and exposure. There are advanced tools such as split tone, color mix, and curves will make you have complete control during the process of editing. In case you are used to editing photos with the use of Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom on a system, this is one app that you will find to be very helpful. Although it can be downloaded freely from iPhone app store, its premium features come with some charges. For instance, you will get access to perspective correction and selective adjustments. You will also be given access to photos that are in every of your device through Adobe Creative Cloud platform.

adobe lightroom cc photo editor


When it comes to applying grains, textures for edits that are beautiful and creative, Mextures is one of the best. Other effects that it can help you add to photos are gradients and light leaks. Wonderful mood as well as visual interest can be added to photos easily using this tool. By blending the various effects that it offers, you will be able to create a very unique edit. Your image can also be fine – tuned with the help of its filters. As a beginner, it is recommended that you make use of various preset formulas. Your formulas can be saved as well as shared. It is also possible for formulas to be imported. You can start using Mextures today for $2.99.

mextures photo editor

Lens Distortions

When it comes to getting weather and light effects added to photos, there is hardly any other tool that you can use apart from Lens Distortions. It gives high quality overlay such as fog, snow, rain, lens flares, sunlight and more. In order to make an image blur or sparkle, it comes with features such as glass elements and shimmer effects. With sliders, opacity, contrast, color and brightness can be adjusted. The elements can be made to appear bold or even get them toned down in order to blend perfectly with the background of your photo. Although you can download Lens Distortions app for free on iPhone app store, more features will be available once you pay for its premium version.

lens distortions photo editor

Superimpose X

Superimpose X is a great option that can enable you blend several images or photos into one unique image. Its refine hair tool can be used when it comes to hair selection in portrait pictures. Blend mode as well as opacity of every layer can be adjusted to ensure that every image blends very well. There are also distortions, gradients, blur, shadows, adjustments and filters. You give a photo some artistic feel using the brush tool. This app can be accessed for $4.99.

superimpose x photo editor

Tips and Conclusion:

The above are the best apps that you can use for your photo editing exercise. However, there is no doubt that you will be wondering which app is the best. Here are a few tips that can help you get along.

  • In case, you are new to iPhone photo editing, use Snapseed. It comes with various editing tools.
  • If you plan to create classic edits using one – tap filters, VSCO will be a perfect choice. For editing tools that are more advanced like color adjustments and curves, you can use Afterlight or Adobe Lightroom CC.
  • If you want unwanted objects removed from photos, TouchRetouch will help in such regards.
  • Lens Distortions will help alot when it comes to adding snow, fog, rain, lens flares, and realistic sunlight to photos.
  • If you love being creative while carrying out edits, Enlight will be a great option to explore. There are 2 effective creative tools being integrated into Afterlight.
  • Mextures can be great in adding light leaks and textures.
  • Superimpose X can help you create those fantasy – styled images as well as artwork.
  • Photos being shared on Instagram can be enhanced using the editing and filter tools.

Despite the fact that the apps being discussed in this post are great, there is no guarantee that your photos will be great or improved. This simply implies that if you aren’t skilled enough, your edited photos will still look awkward. In a nutshell, it is the skills that matter the most. The good part is that if you’ve got an in-depth understanding about iPhone photography, you are going to be editing photos impressively.

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