Best Way to Mirror Tablet to TV

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Our world today is a fantastic place, considering the all achievements that have been made in technology. Today you can access so much entertainment with little devices that can enter into your pocket. Use this opportunity to explore devices that aid content streaming from your tablet to your TV. Tablets and smartphones screens are usually small, reducing your viewing gratification, while making your entertainment more enjoyable can be possible by streaming from your tablets, smartphones, as well as PCs to your TV with user-friendly programs. This post has put together some of the best tools to mirror tablet to TV for ensuring you get the correct pack that is suitable for your entertainment desires.

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icon-chromecast Chromecast bridges the quality gap when streaming your tablet onto your TV. It’s very easy to apply this tool; just start the application and click on “Screen Mirror”. Nevertheless, if you wish to cast your tablet, you need a media application such as YouTube, then hit cast screen and play your video the moment you become connected. Chromecast is a much better choice since it bypasses your device’ internal resources, courtesy its streaming approach. It creates room for device playback by click cast, allowing your laptop, phone or even tablet to save power and rest. In addition to streaming and casting your tablet onto your TV, Chromecast as well as Chromecast Ultra assures virtually latency-free mirroring of whatever is on your PC and smartphone, which includes videos, games, photos and much more. Its streaming as well as almost latency-free screen casting options lets you display your tablet onto your TV with a fantastic experience to go with.


Here the steps on using Chromecast:

  • Plug your Chromecast device to your TV with USB powered cord.
  • Connect the Chromecast device.
  • Download Google Home application.
  • Set Chromecast up and then cast content.

While some android smartphones may not run that smoothly, whichever tablet that runs 4.4.2+ will ensure excellent mirroring. In addition, Chromecast is capable of mirroring anything from PC Chrome browser or Mac by just launching Cast button by your browser side.

Note:If you’re employing iOS, you may have to deal with a few limitations. Chromecast is not compatible with loading content onto your device’ memory, although it ensures great streaming from your tablet onto TV for media contents from renowned applications such as Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, as well as Google Play Movies & TV. You can only enjoy all Chromecast features when you download and install Google Home application.


icon-miracastThis screen sharing application is also good for mirroring your tablet onto your TV without stress. It is compatible with android devices that run 4.2 or higher and offers you wireless 1080p screen resolution. Nevertheless, Miracast can support TVs that have Miracast receivers. Should your TV not be compatible with Miracast, then you could get Net Gear for television and connect through HDMI cable.


Explore this guide for mirroring your tablet onto your TV using Miracast:

  • Download the app and install it on your smartphone.
  • Connect the two devices on one WIFI network.
  • Start the application from your smartphone, and ensure Miracast Display is enabled on the TV.
  • Commence mirroring by clicking Start.
  • You could disconnect the application by having your Miracast receiver disabled.

Miracast is a certified Wi-Fi as well as HD wireless protocol which functions like AirPlay, although it has some additional advantage to AirPlay. Dissimilar to AirPlay, it doesn’t need any Wi-Fi network for streaming tablet onto your TV. Miracast does establish its streaming network using a certain Android 4.0 Wi-Fi Direct standards. This Miracast’ network can be equally accessed by other devices but will be limited to those users within its very short range.

NOTE: Miracast is versatile and provides many screen mirroring tablet onto TV functionalities. Asides using android devices to work, it’s necessary for PC mirroring. Miracast’ shortcoming is depending on your device internal resources, ultimately draining the power of your device. Miracast is compatible with Kindle Fire HD via some devices like Netgear Push2TV. Eventually, some functions with fantastic reputation are Belkin Miracast Video Adapter as well as the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.

AceThinker Mirror

acethinker mirror logoAs an alternative means, you could use AceThinker Mirror for mirroring your iOS or Android tablet onto a PC and further mirror that PC to a TV. AceThinker Mirror is designed to offer extraordinary viewing experience for Android and iOS users engaging tablet games, running some tablet applications as well as watching videos. It lets you display the tablet screen on your PC. It equally allows for screen capturing, helping users to record every operation on their device. AceThinker Mirror lets Android users control devices explicitly from their PC with mouse as well as keyboard. This program allows you to screen mirror your tablet onto your PC, as you manage your media files on your tablet from your computer. You can equally play games as well as send messages with your PC keyboard and mouse.

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Step1 Download AceThinker Mirror

Download AceThinker Mirror onto your tablet as well as PC. You can visit its official website to get its installer, or you can use the “Download” button above.


Step2 Connect tablet to PC

Enable USB debugging on Android tablet before connecting your tablet to your PC with USB cord. Then, hit “M” and your device will be mirrored on your PC screen.

connect the device

Step3 Use AceThinker Mirror

Connect your TV and PC through HDMI cable as your tablet screen becomes automatically streamed onto your TV. To record the screen, click the “Record” button from the toolbar and then hit the “Stop” button to save the video

stop and locate recording

NOTE: AceThinker Mirror supports all iOS and Android systems and is capable of displaying three devices onto the system at once. Your only responsibility is establishing the required connection between the PC and tablets.


In summary, AceThinker Mirror is most for iOS and Android tablet users. chromecast ensures excellent experience for users using devices that run Android 4.4.2+, tablets, Computers operating windows 10 as well as Mac. In contrast, Miracast is compatible with Android devices that operate 4.2+ as well as PCs operating Windows 10. Miracast and Chromecast rep the most fantastic ways of having your tablet, PC as well as other mobile device to a huge screen TV. With all these programs, mirroring your mobile devices screen shouldn’t be a trouble.

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