How to Mirror PC Screen to Apple TV

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How to Mirror PC Screen to Apple TV

We use our computers for all kinds of things, including watching movies, listening to music, playing games, and looking at photos. It’s okay, but nothing compares to using the big screen of a TV and getting a much better presentation. An Apple TV makes for a great bigger screen, but how do you mirror PC to Apple TV? Most online resources suggest connecting the two devices. We’ve put together a list of the best applications that let you view your computer screen on Apple TV wirelessly. Check and follow the tips here to easily display your PC screen on Apple TV!

Review of Apps


5KPlayer is less an app and more of an AirPlay server. It can turn your computer into a mirror for AirPlay. It lets you mirror what is happening on your screen – including presentations, games, movies, and photos – to your Apple TV with no quality drop. It supports just about any kind of file including 1080p, 4K and 5K videos, MP3s, DVDs, FLAC audio, and AACs. This application lets you enjoy all of your media content, no matter what format it is. Outside of this, the tool comes with hardware acceleration to make the most out of the NVIDIA/Intel graphics of your computer for an even smoother streaming experience.

How to Use 5KPlayer

  • Download the app from the official 5KPlayer website and install it on to your computer.
  • Check to make sure the Apple TV and computer are both on the same wireless network. Open the app.
  • Click AirPlay to the upper right corner of the app and choose your Apple TV as the destination.
  • You should see your computer screen on your Apple TV after the connection is established.

connect pc to apple tv


AirMyPC allows you to mirror not just your computer screen, but also stream the audio from your computer to the TV. You also don’t need to use any cables or wires to connect the two devices. AirMyPC connects your computer to Apple TV wirelessly and lets you enjoy whatever you want whenever you want. It also interfaces with the built-in Cast features and Windows AirPlay features. The app also has an Education Interactive Tools Suit built-in. This lets you draw figures and lines on your TV screen using a digital Pen to turn your TV into an interactive whiteboard effectively.

How to Use AirMyPC

  • Start by opening the official AirMyPC website and downloading the program. Install it on your computer.
  • Run the app after installing it. Click the logo of the program – an orange tray icon next to the system clock – to open a window that displays all online Apple TV devices near you.
  • Choose the right Apple TV and then choose which command you want to execute between mirroring the screen only, mirroring the audio-only, or mirroring both at the same time.
  • You’re now ready to enjoy watching movies, listening to music, and giving presentations through your Apple TV.

connect pc to apple tv

AirParrot 2

AirParrot 2 is an excellent bit of software that allows you to easily connect your PC and Apple TV and view content from the computer through the TV. The app acts as a bridge between the devices. By using AirParrot 2, you can view content from your Mac computer or specific apps on the network through your TV. It’s particularly helpful for streaming video content from a computer to a TV. There’s no need to buy some expensive hardware or plugin for any cables. It’s quick and easy to connect your computer and TV with AirParrot 2.

How to Use AirParrot 2

  • Download the AirParrot 2 app to your computer and install it according to the instructions. Launch the app after installation completes.
  • Ensure that the computer and Apple TV are connected to the same network and open the menu for AirParrot 2.
  • AirParrot 2 lists all of the available destinations, including Reflector 2, Chromecast, and any other Apple TVs on your network. Choose Apple TV from the list.
  • The app connects the two devices and starts streaming.

connect pc to apple tv

Extra tip for PC to iOS Screen Mirroring

If you have an Apple TV, you’re likely a fan of Apple and have their other products, like an iPhone. It would be great if you could access your computer from your iPhone, wouldn’t it? Well, you can mirror your PC to your iPhone and iPad and control it remotely through your handheld device. The best tool for this job is AceThinker Mirror. It lets you mirror mobile devices to PC and vice versa. It also enables you to draw lines and shapes on-screen to highlight the most important parts of presentations. Even more, it’s possible to play iPhone games and iPad games on your computer with AceThinker Mirror. Just click the button below to get started.

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The solutions we’ve looked at today can help you to play content from PC to Apple TV using AirPlay easily. Both of these apps are great, but if you wanted to stream media in particular, then 5K player would be the better choice. Meanwhile, not only does AirMyPC mirror your PC screen on TV, but it also lets you annotate the screen. This is an excellent feature for giving presentations and demonstrations. If you want to use your iPhone or iPad to control PC, then check out AceThinker Mirror.

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