Best Apps to Mirror iPhone Screen on Windows 10

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Screen mirroring offers users an amazing viewing experience as it allows them to view the content (videos, pictures, games, and others) on their devices on a bigger screen. However, some people are not aware that they can mirror their smartphone screen to a larger screen. Others who know that screen mirroring is possible don’t know how to go about it. In this post, you will find some of the best screen mirroring applications for iPhone that will help you mirror iPhone to Windows 10. The methods listed in this article will allow you to cast your iPhone screen to PC running Windows 10 easily.

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AceThinker Mirror

acethinker mirror logoThis is a popular app that permits users to cast or stream their smartphone screen to a computer. You can also use this app for other display screens like TV or projector. Users can also control the screen via mouse and keyboard. iPhone users can now use this app to watch movies, play mobile games or share presentations with colleagues or classmates on a larger screen. Additionally, users can use this app to record activities on their phone screen, a game, or how to use an app, for instance. This app supports iOS devices and Android-branded devices, which you can connect seamlessly via wireless network or USB cable. So far, AceThinker Mirror is the best iPhone mirroring application. Follow the instructions below to know how you can mirror your iPhone to Windows 10 using this tool.

Step1 Download, install and run the app

Download AceThinker Mirror and install on your iPhone and PC. Choose from the platforms below which is right fit your PC operating system. Launch the app by then.

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win xp win7810

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OS X 10.10

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Step2 Connect iOS device to PC

Tap the “M” button on your iPhone; you will see it at the bottom centre of your screen. Select the computer name to connect.

connect iphone to pc

Step3 Cast iPhone to Windows 10

Tap “Phone Screen Mirroring” to display the screen on your device on your computer. Lastly, head to your iOS control centre and select “Airplay/Screen Mirroring” then select your computer name to mirror your phone’s screen.

iphone to win 10 mirroring


app iconThis tool is a useful AirPlay server for Windows and Mac PCs. Users can use this tool to play content from their devices to an Apple TV or PC screen. Also, users can use this tool to record voiceovers using a microphone while mirroring, and it supports different devices to one PC/Mac. This is one of the best and widely used tools that supports iPhone mirroring to Windows 10, and its popularity has grown gradually over the years. Follow the steps below to know how to use X-Mirage.

Screen Mirroring iPhone to Windows 10 via X-Mirage

  • Download and install the latest version of this app on your PC (Windows 10). Open the app on your PC.
  • Open control centre on your iPhone.
  • Select “AirPlay” and choose X-Mirage.

iphone to win 10 on x-mirage


app icon This tool is an Airplay receiver that allows users to cast the screen of their iOS device to a PC. Users can easily mirror movies, screen and music on Mac and Windows devices. LonelyScreen allows users to play online games, project presentations, display images, and so on. This amazing and unique app supports iOS 9.1, 9.2 and later versions. Also, the app is totally compatible with recent iOS versions, enabling users to Airplay their iPhone content to Windows 10. You get to enjoy all the advantages associated with Airplay, which allows you to transform your computer into an Apple TV. These steps below will teach you how to use this tool.

Mirror iPhone to Windows 10 with LonelyScreen

  • Download and install LonelyScreen on your Windows 10.
  • Connect your phone to your computer and open the LonelyScreen app after installation.
  • Go to the control centre on your iPhone and select “AirPlay.”
  • Hit on the “LonelyScreen” option.
  • You can now mirror your phone to Windows 10.

lonelyscreen mirroring iphone to win10


You can use any of these amazing tools to mirror your iPhone to a larger screen. Additionally, you can use the screen reflecting features to display your device screen on a TV without utilising a lightning cable. The tools listed in this post are the best mirror apps to use. They have a lot of interesting features and functions you won’t find in other mirroring applications. You can use any iPhone mirror method you desire to enjoy a nice viewing experience on a larger screen.

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Best Apps to Mirror iPhone Screen on Windows 10

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