How to Mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV

Mirroring your iPhone screen to a bigger screen like PC or TV is one of the best ways to enjoy viewing content on your smartphone. You can achieve this via in built-in mirroring feature offered by Apple or through AirPlay. With this iOS feature, you can stream clips, music, or play games straight from your iOS device with this feature. A nice, easy and convenient way to screencast your iPhone on your TV is through Apple TV, but the unfortunate thing here is that Apple TV is expensive. Well, this doesn’t mean you cannot mirror your iPhone if you don’t have an Apple TV. Read this article to discover alternative ways to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV.

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AceThinker Mirror

acethinker mirror logoWith AceThinker Mirror, you can mirror your phone screen to another phone screen, cast phone to computer, and screencast phone to TV. It also comes with other exciting features besides screen mirroring, such as a whiteboard, game keyboard, screen recorder, screenshots, and so on. Follow these steps to learn how to mirror iPhone to TV via AceThinker Mirror without an Apple TV.

Step1 Download and install AceThinker Mirror

First, download the AceThinker Mirror by using one of the “Download” buttons below. Then, launch it, and follow the steps on installing the tool on your PC.

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Step2 Connect iPhone to TV

Next, ensure your TV and iPhone are connected to the same network. Launch application on your smartphone and television. Then, You will see an “M” blue button on your iPhone, tap on it to find your TV. Select your TV from the list of available device. You can also connect your iPhone and TV when you scan the QR code.


Step3 Start mirroring your iPhone to TV

Once both devices are connected, go to Control Center and select “Screen Mirroring” on your iPhone, and select your television name that appears on the list. This will connect your iPhone to your television immediately.


AirBeam TV

icon-airbeamtvAirBeam TV is another method you can use to mirror your iPhone screen onto a smart TV. Using this tool saves you the cost of buying an Apple TV if you want to cast your iOS device to a larger screen. You can use AirBeam TV to stream movies, videos, gameplay on a bigger screen at your convenience. However, you must have a compatible device before you can use it. Your TV must be produced in 2012 or later if you want to mirror your iPhone to Samsung TV.


How to mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV using AirBeam:

  • Install this program from Appstore or iTunes on your iOS device.
  • Enable the recording function on your iOS 11 screen. You will find this in the control center. If you don’t find it there, you can activate this function from your phone settings.
  • Launch AirBeamTV, and it will look for your smart TV immediately. Once it detects your smart TV, tap it to connect your phone to TV.
  • You need to allow the notifications to appear on your iOS device for this too, that way you can tell if your television is working.
  • To initiate screencasting, scroll until you come across the control center, then hit the Screen Recording icon for five seconds.
  • A second window will appear, tap “Mirror Samsung TV” if you are using a Samsung Smart television so your iPhone screen will be mirrored on your television.

icon-allcastAllCast is another tool you can use to screencast your iPhone to smart TV if you don’t have an Apple TV. Just as the name sounds, till tool offers screencasting from a particular device onto a bigger screen like TV. Only Android users can use this tool at first, but now iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) can use this tool to mirror their screen. Besides casting your iOS device screen, you can also use this tool on casting supported devices like Amazon TV, X-box, Chromecast, and so on. Viewing content on your smartphones on a larger screen offers comfort and satisfaction, so I suggest you try this tool.

connect android to tv

Mirror your smartphone with AllCast:

  • Install this tool on your iPhone from the AppStore. Turn on your TV.
  • Launch the program; a window will pop up, prompting you to allow access to your media files, agree.
  • You can start mirroring your mobile device when you hit the cast icon found at the bottom part of your screen. The next thing to do is search for your television name and select it to connect your phone to TV.
  • This tool will take you to videos and pictures stored on your device automatically. To initiate streaming, select the video or picture you want to view, and it will be mirrored on your television.

icon-anycastAnother nice tool you can use to mirror your iOS device to your TV is AnyCast. This tool gives you access to stream media content, like videos, photos, and music from your phone to your television wirelessly. This tool is compatible with standard DLNA, which you can use to connect home multimedia applications with this device. Besides screencasting your phone screen, you can also use this tool to stream live videos and camera online. Also, you can select a lower resolution if your television is not compatible with 1080p full HD video resolution.


Follow to know how to mirror your iPhone to TV without Apple TV:

  • Connect your TV to any AnyCast device via HDMI. Connect the device to a power source using its USB cable. You can use your phone adapter if your television does not have a USB port.
  • Navigate to the “Input” option on your TV using your remote control and choose HDMI. When you select HDMI, the SSID and password of your AnyCast device will appear.
  • Go to your Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone and choose your AnyCast device, and then type in the password shown on your television screen.
  • The next step to take is to launch Safari on your iPhone and enter the AnyCast IP. Tap the “Internet” option on the page and connect your iOS device to your wireless network.
  • Lastly, open Control Center from your device by scrolling from the bottom. Select “Screen Mirroring” and tap on your AnyCast device. You can now stream content on your iPhone to your television even if you don’t have an Apple TV.


The methods mentioned in this post are very effective, you can use any of them to cast your iPhone screen to your television even if you don’t have an Apple TV. The process is quite easier if you have an Apple TV, but not everyone has the money to purchase one. Thus, you can use any of this tool if you have a smart TV since they don’t have in-built mirroring function. If you know any other way of screencasting iPhone screen to Smart TV, please share with us in the comment section.

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