How to Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV

Watching local videos, movies, and tutorials on an iOS device can provide excellent video quality. Although iPhones lets you view HD quality, it can still be painful to watch on a smaller screen. In fact, iOS devices can be screencast to Apple TV easily, which means you can watch videos from your iPhone on a bigger screen. However, not everyone has an Apple TV, since it is quite expensive or maybe some of the iOS users have a Samsung TV. Is it possible to mirror iPhone to Samsung TV? The answer is Yes! We’re going to show below how to do the screen mirroring from iPhone to Samsung TV using different tools.

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iOS Mirror

iOS Mirror is made initially for screen mirroring iOS phones to a larger screen like a computer and iPad. In fact, this tool kept on improving and made a version that lets iPhone screencast directly to Samsung Smart TV. Also, it allows you to record while mirroring if you are streaming a game on your iPhone. Another good thing about iOS Mirror is it provides excellent quality when mirroring, and you can connect your phone and TV wirelessly. In case you only have an ordinary Samsung TV, there is an alternative way to screen mirror your iPhone to Samsung TV. To understand more about this tool, see the steps below.

Step1 Download and install iOS Mirror

To begin, get the iOS Mirror installer by click on the “Download” buttons below. Then, launch it, and proceed on installing the app by following the installation wizard.

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Step2 Screen mirror your iPhone

Once installed, launch the tool on your PC, and make sure that your iPhone and computer are connected on the same Wi-Fi connection. Then, from your iPhone, go to the control center and click the “Screen Mirroring” option to start connecting. Just select the computer name afterward to complete the process.


Step3 Connect your computer to Samsung TV

After mirroring your iPhone to PC, simply connect your computer to Samsung TV using HDMI cable. Let your Samsung TV serve as your monitor. You can also record your iPhone screen by clicking the “Record” button at the rightmost part of the tool, and you can also take screenshots by pressing the “Screenshot” icon button.


Lightning Digital AV Adapter

The second method on our list is connecting your iOS device to Samsung TV with Lightning Digital AV Adapter. It allows your iOS phone to mirror on Samsung TV using wires. This connector has two versions, the first one is for lightning devices, and the other one is for devices that have a 30-pin dock connector. Once you connected and start mirroring your iPhone to Samsung TV, it allows you to stream videos and audios coming from your iOS device to your TV. Additionally, the Lightning Digital AV Adapter has an additional port that lets you charge your iPhone while screen mirroring.


To understand it clearly, keep on reading below to see the steps on how to use it:

  • First, connect the Lightning Digital AV Adapter to your iOS device
  • Next, plug your HDMI cable to the AV Adapter
  • Then, connect the other side of HDMI cable to Samsung TV
  • Lastly, turn the TV on and select HDMI as video input
Video & TV Cast

In case you don’t want to mirror your iOS device to Samsung TV using wired cables, Video & TV Cast can help you to screencast wirelessly. This tool helps you to display your iPhone screen to your Samsung TV, and lets you watch local videos from your mobile phone. Also, Video & TV Cast supports iOS 7.0 version onwards. With this tool, you can play games or watch movies from your iPhone to your Samsung TV comfortable.


To know how to use this tool, check the steps listed below:

  • You can download the app by searching it on the App Store using your iOS device. You should also download Video & TV Cast on your Samsung Smart TV. Then, launch the on both phone and TV
  • Go to your iPhone screen and click the “Cast” icon located at the upper rightmost part of the screen.
  • After clicking the icon, a window will appear showing an IP address. Just type your IP address with your remote control. Once connected, you can start playing the video that you want to watch on your Samsung TV from your iOS phone.

Another tool that you can use to mirror your iOS device screen and audio to your Samsung TV is the AirBeamTV. This tool does not require you to own an Apple TV to screen mirror, and you only need a device running on iOS 11 and Samsung Smart TV. However, despite being useful when it comes to mirroring on iPhone to Samsung TV, there are some drawbacks that you can’t avoid. You can’t use this tool on the older iPhone version. Still, this tool is one of the best tools that you can use for screen mirroring your iOS device to Samsung TV.


Below are the steps on how to use AirBeamTV:

  • You can download the AirBeamTV for Samsung TV by visiting the official website of AirBeamTV. From there, click the “APP FOR IPHONE/IPAD” button to download the app on your phone
  • Once installed, launch it, and go to the control center of your iPhone and enable the “Screen Broadcast”
  • After that, go to “Settings” and tap the “Access Within Apps” and “Customize Controls”
  • Next, put the “Screen Recording” to the control center, then click it. Just select your Samsung TV within the AirBeamTV for Samsung TV
Screen Mirroring – TV Cast

Screen Mirroring – TV Cast is one of the best tools to screen mirror your iOS device to your Samsung TV. This tool allows you to mirror any activity from your phone to TV without fail. It can be helpful, especially when you want to play a game with a larger screen. Also, Screen Mirroring – TV Cast can connect your iPhone to your Samsung TV wirelessly. However, your Samsung TV must be a 2012 model and above.


To start mirroring your iPhone to your Samsung TV, follow the steps below:

  • Go to App Store using your iOS device and search Screen Mirroring – TV Cast to install it on your phone
  • After installing, launch the tool and tap the Samsung Smart TV icon once it appears and press “Allow” to continue
  • Next, go to “Settings” under the control center and tap the “Access Within Apps.” Then, click the “Customize Control” and find the screen recorder and enable it
  • Lastly, choose the Samsung TV from Mirror for Samsung TV app to begin screen mirroring

Mirroring your iOS device to your Samsung TV will be much comfortable, thanks to the said methods in this post. Since watching, playing, and reading text on a small screen is quite difficult, you can connect your iPhone to Samsung TV to view your phone screen on a larger screen. This can help especially those who have poor eyesight.

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