3 Best Mirroring Apps to Share iPhone Screen on Mac

Apple Inc. has produced a series of trending products like Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The innovative and high performance features offered by these products makes them appreciated and desired by many. iOS users, sometimes, may want to cast their iPhone screens on their Mac PC for various reasons known to them. When this happens, they can share content on their device screen with anybody or view content on their device like videos, photos, or games on a bigger screen. However, Apple does not offer a direct method that allows users to mirror their device screen. To know how you can achieve and enjoy screencasting your iPhone on Mac, simply follow this article to easily mirror iPhone to Mac.

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AceThinker Mirror

acethinker mirror logoAceThinker Mirror is one of the most diverse applications that supports iPhone to Mac mirroring. This tool is compatible with most devices, if not all. Besides mirroring your iPhone to your Mac PC, you can also use this app to mirror your Android device to Mac. In addition to the screen mirror feature, you can also utilize the screen recording feature that comes with the app. AceThinker Mirror also allows users to control their devices from the computer and mouse. Follow the instructions below to learn how to mirror iPhone to Mac using AceThinker Mirror.

Step1 Download and install AceThinker Mirror

To mirror your device using this app, download it from the official website or use the download button below to get the app.

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Step2 Connect devices

After installing the app on your devices, make sure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the app on your iPhone and Mac. Initiate connection on your iPhone by tapping the blue “M” button on your phone and select the name of your Mac. Then select phone screen mirroring on your phone.

acethinker mirror connection process

Step3 Reflect iPhone on Mac

You are almost done. Now, scroll up or down to bring out your control center and select “Screen Mirroring.” Now select the name of your Mac again to start mirroring.

start mirroring


quicktime player Mac also has a built-in feature that you can use to screencast your iPhone. QuickTime is a preloaded app on Mac mainly used for screen recording. However, it can also be used to mirror your phone; this is so because you need to reflect your device before you can record. Thus, QuickTime is another way to cast your iPhone device to Mac. Using this tool is a good option; you don’t have any issues with compatibility since the app is preloaded on Mac. Follow these instructions to know how to screencast iPhone to Mac via QuickTime.

quicktime player screen mirroring iphone to mac

User Guide

  • Connect your phone to Mac PC using an 8-pin lighting cable.
  • Open QuickTime Player on your Mac, your phone will be mirrored automatically as soon as your Mac PC detects your device.
  • You can now stream your iPhone on your Mac to enjoy a better viewing experience.
Reflector 3

Reflector 3 is one of the most competitive apps that you can consider. This tool also offers good video quality, just like AceThinker Mirror. Reflector 3 has a smooth and easy interface, so you will not have any troubles with the operation. You can view videos as high as 1080p. You can also use this tool on projectors, computers, and TVs. However, it’s advisable to use Reflector Director for your school or business presentation. Using Reflector Director is not difficult at all. Follow the instructions below to know how to mirror iPhone on Mac using Reflector 3.

reflector 3 screen mirroring

Step Guide:

  • Download the app on your Mac from the official site of Reflector 3 and install it .
  • Next, open the application and ensure your Mac PC is connected on the same server.
  • Obtain pairing code from your iPhone device and input it in your Mac.
  • Your iPhone will be mirrored on your Mac afterward.


You can use any of these fantastic apps in this post to mirror your iPhone on your Mac. However, I recommend you use AceThinker Mirror if you want a multitasking application. You can use QuickTime on your Mac if you don’t want to download any third-party application. If you want more features, you can use Reflector 3. These three apps are useful; you can use any based on preference.

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