5 Best Solutions to Mirror iPhone to FireStick (Fire TV)

5 Easy Ways to Mirror iPhone to Firestick

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a fantastic piece of technology. It does almost anything. It can be used to watch sports and live TV, stream movies, play games, and anything else you can think of. With a little time, you can even side-load extra apps on to the Fire Stick to get access to an endless array of additional content, including live broadcasts and free TV shows. Sometimes you may want to watch videos, presentations, and photos stored on your phone on your TV. You don’t have the option to connect your Android or iPhone to an Amazon Fire Stick directly. However, there are many third-party apps out there that allow you to mirror iPhone to Firestick. We’ll look at some of the biggest and best ways to mirror an iOS device, including iPhone and iPad, to your TV with an Amazon Fire Stick.

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AceThinker Mirror

acethinker mirror logoWhile there are a lot of options out there for mirroring iPhone to Fire TV, AceThinker Mirror is easily one of the best apps out there. It’s the perfect solution for mirroring your phone to PC and TV and being able to control it through the larger screen. It does a lot more than mirroring your device too. It allows you to record and annotate the screen while mirroring. The app works both wirelessly and through a USB cable. Here’s how to mirror your iPhone to Fire TV using AceThinker Mirror.

Step1 Install and launch AceThinker Mirror

Download the AceThinker Mirror app and install it through one of the download buttons below. The app can also be downloaded and installed on your TV.

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Step2 Link iPhone and TV to same Wi-FI

Connect the iPhone and TV to the same wireless network. Open the app on your TV and find the “pin” tab to see the PIN.

pin tab on acethinker mirror

Step3 Mirror iPhone to Firestick

Click the “pin” icon on your iPhone. It’s to the upper right side of the main menu. Type in the pin from the TV.

connect iphone to fire tv with pin

AllConnect for Fire TV

allconnect app logoAllConnect is a simple and lightweight mirroring app that does just what it needs to do; it mirrors content from an iPhone to a Fire TV. It can be used to browse through channels like Vimeo and YouTube and send everything to the TV through a few taps. It also lets you stream MP3 and FLAC music files directly to your TV, stream content from Kodi and Plex, and play files in the background as you continue browsing for extra content. AllConnect lets you connect iOS to Fire TV effortlessly.

Steps to use AllConnect

  • Using AllCast is as simple as downloading the free app for your iOS device.
  • While the app is free, there are some advertisements and other limitations – including limiting the number of connected devices – on the free version. You can remove these limits by purchasing the paid version.
  • Then, install the app for your Fire TV. After installing and running the application on both devices, add the content you need on iOS and mirror it to Fire TV.
  • allconnect interface

    Video & TV Cast for Fire TV

    icon-video-tv-castThis simple free mirroring app created by 2Kit is the most straightforward mirroring app there is. After installing it on the Fire TV and iOS device, you can stream content from the iPhone or iPad directly to the TV through Video & TV Cast. Watch all your favorite videos, stream live sports, and send music and videos to your Fire TV with a few simple taps. The app is entirely free to use, but there is a premium edition available. The premium edition includes some great extra features.

    Connect iPhone to Fire TV with Video & TV app

  • Start by downloading the iOS app to your device and setting it up.
  • Then download it for the Fire TV and install the app through the Amazon app store.
  • After connecting the apps, choose the content from the iPhone/iPad to stream to the Fire Stick. Video and TV Cast takes care of everything for you.
  • video and tv cast interface


    iwebtv app logo The iWebTV app was designed to provide high-end mirroring services to iOS and Fire TV. The app offers HD quality video streaming, streaming in 720p, 1080p, and 4K HD resolution. It has support for lots of different video formats; much more than the basic MP4 support offered by most other casting apps. You can also add content to a streaming queue for continuous, uninterrupted playback. Mirroring your devices is simple enough. Just install the app and press play on the content. It’s the ideal solution for people looking to stream content from an iPhone to TV effortlessly.

    How to use iWebTV

    • Get started with iWebTV by downloading and installing the app on to your iOS device. Then get it for Fire TV by searching for the app on the device directly or by using our link to send it directly to your device.
    • Once the apps are open, and the devices are connected, you can choose the content to stream and play through the app on the iPhone.
    • iWebTV is completely free to use on both iPhone and Fire Stick, but a banner ad may obscure the content. The ad can be removed by making a one-time in-app purchase.

    iwebtv mirror to fire tv

    AirPlay Mirror Receiver

    app icon AirPlayMirror is a simple and straightforward all-purpose app for mirroring content from iPhone to Fire Stick. The app allows you to connect up to four Apple devices at once, stream Netflix and YouTube, and play content from your iPhone or Mac, including images, photos, and videos. Unfortunately, this app isn’t free, but there is a 15-minute trial version that lets you test out the app before making the purchase.

    Mirror iPhone to Firestick with AirPlayMirror Receiver

    • AirPlayMirror works a little different than the other apps we’ve looked at. Start by installing the app to your Fire TV.
    • Open it up and enable the device as a receiver. Now, grab your iPhone and turn AirPlay on.
    • Choose Fire TV as the AirPlay receiver. Connect your devices and then choose the content to mirror the iOS hardware to get started.

    airplay mirror receiver interface


    It’s never been easier to mirror an iPhone screen to Fire TV with these handy apps. There’s no need to buy an Apple TV to mirror your iOS devices to the big screen. You can use a Fire TV or indeed any other smart TV available to you. If you have other suggestions for mirroring iPhone to Fire TV, then let us know in the comments below.

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    5 Easy Ways to Mirror iPhone to Firestick

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