Most 4 Used Apps for Screen Mirroring Android to TV

Screen mirroring and screencast nowadays became so famous since it helps users to see their smartphones on a much larger screen. Although they can both be used to view your mobile device on your PC or flat-screen TV, they have somewhat differences. Screen mirroring is for mirroring any activity on your Android to a bigger screen. While screencasting is for streaming and sharing the content coming from your phone. With this method, you can play your games while viewing it on a bigger screen, watch your local videos clearly, and see your family and friends faces when you are video calling. Want to mirror Android to TV but still wonder how to do it? Just check the best 4 ways to connect and mirror your phone to TV here.

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AceThinker Mirror

The first on our list that can mirror Android phone to TV is the AceThinker Mirror. Despite having the name of iOS in this tool, it can also be used to screen mirror your Android phone to your flat-screen TV. You can use this tool to play games while mirroring for a better viewing experience. Also, this app lets you watch your phone’s local videos on a much bigger screen. Besides, it provides excellent quality for you to view your phone’s screen smoothly. In fact, you can screencast your phone with this app wirelessly, which means no cable is required to use the iOS mirror. To know how to use this tool, keep on reading below to see the steps on using iOS Mirror to screen mirror Android to TV.

Step1 Download the AceThinker Mirror app

First, download the AceThinker Mirror installer by clicking one of the “Download” buttons below. Then, launch it, and follow the installation steps to install the tool.

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Step2 Mirror your Android to TV

Next, launch the tool after installing on your PC, and connect your PC and phone to the same Wi-Fi network. On your Android phone, click the “M” button and choose your TV name once it appears.


Step3 Use your phone while mirroring

After connecting your phone to your TV, you will see that your phone screen appears on your TV. You can start using your Android while mirroring on your TV.



AllCast is one of the most popular screen mirroring tools for Android devices. It is, in fact, what Android users use whenever they want to cast their Android phones to their TV. This tool allows you to watch videos, view photos, and listen to music from your Android phone. It is compatible for Android OS version of 5.0 and later. Furthermore, AllCast has a free account that lets you view photos and videos for 5 minute. You can also pay for premium account for unlimited viewing and to access its unique features fully. On the other hand, we listed the steps below on how to use AllCast.

  • Visit Google Play Store on your Android phone and search AllCast to install
  • Open the app, and let it scan for available devices
  • Once done, choose your TV name, and select the file you want to mirror on your TV
  • It will mirror on your TV once you follow the steps provided above



Miracast is another great Android screen mirroring tool to mirror phone to TV. This app supports both wireless and wired connectivity, depending on your preferred connectivity. Also, you can start mirroring your phone to your TV with just one click, which means it’s so easy that even a non-techy user will fully understand the tool. Another good thing about this tool is it will automatically switch on the Wi-Fi of your Android if you forgot to turn it on. In fact, this tool has been tested to most of the popular Android phones like Samsung, LG, Vivo, Honors, HTC, Xiaomi, and more. If you want to find out how to use the tool, see the listed steps below.

  • Visit Google Play on your Android phone, and search the name of Miracast. Then, download the app to install it on your Android phone automatically
  • Check if both device are connected with the same Wi-Fi network
  • After installing, launch the app from your phone, and turn on the Miracast Display to your flat-screen TV
  • Lastly, click the “START” button to start mirroring



Using Chromecast is another method of casting your Android phone to your TV. You can use this device as an HDMI dongle for connecting your phone to your TV. Also, this tool can be used on iOS devices, as well. You can mirror your phone to TV and start watching movies, local videos, view pictures, and play games on a larger screen. To Chromecast, your phone will act as a remote control. It will be an easy task to navigate this tool that even a child can use it easily. However, you need to open a media app first before you can initiate Chromecast. To fully understand Chromecast, check the guideline below.

  • Connect the Chromecast dongle on your TV, and connect your Android phone to Chromecast device. Make sure that both devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi connection
  • Next, download the screen mirroring app on Google Play Store using your Android phone, and install it on your phone
  • After installing, launch the app, and enable the tool on your TV. Then, click the “START” blue button to initiate mirroring your Android phone to your TV
  • To complete the process, go to any media app and play a video. Once the video plays, click the “CAST” button to start the mirroring completely


Comparison and Conclusion
iOS MirrorAllCastMiracastChromecast
Screen Mirroring
TV Compatibility
Application Accessibility

All of the apps mentioned above are the most used tools for screen mirroring an Android device to a larger screen. They all can do screen mirroring and screencasting, and also compatible with a smart flat-screen TV. With all of the tools in this post, you can surely play your games, watch your phone’s video, and view your pictures on your TV. You can try all of these easy-to-use screen casting/mirroring tools as much as you like.

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