5 Reliable and Easy Ways to Mirror Android to Samsung TV

5 Ways on How to Mirror Android to Samsung TV

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Most times, we like to save our downloaded videos to our smartphones so we could play those videos anywhere we find ourselves. Nevertheless, there are other times when we prefer to watch such shows with loved ones or colleagues on a bigger screen. And one way to solve such challenges is to cast the device to a TV for better viewing. Samsung ranks as a leading manufacturer in the TV world due to its high-quality display. Therefore, if you have any of such a unit and you intend to mirror Android to Samsung TV, then apply of the methods beneath.

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Screen Mirroring

samsung logo Screen Mirroring also is known as Smart View stands as a default option for many mobile devices that are manufactured by Samsung. It’s capable of screencasting your mobile device content onto your TV. This works exceptionally well for videos that are saved online as well as on your smartphone, listening to your favorite music, and viewing pictures. It also lets you play PUBG game as well as other installed games on your own Android. The very first Samsung television that featured screen mirroring was F Range, and it was released during 2013. Hence, should you have an older unit, you could still connect that your Android device with the help of the apps underneath. Meanwhile, this is how you can mirror your Android on your Samsung TV.


  • First, ensure that the two devices are connected to one Wi-Fi network.
  • Set your TV up before casting your smartphone. To get this done, select “Menu” on the TV’s remote, then go to “Network”. Tap “Select”, scroll down to locate “Screen Mirroring”. Tap “Select” button one more time to activate the function.
  • Upon a successful configuration of your TV, scroll your mobile device down so you can see the notification menu.
  • Afterwards hit “Smart View” or “Screen Mirroring” to begin searching for devices which can act as receivers. The moment you see your TV name, click it.
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  • After establishing a successful connection, you can now display the content on your mobile device on your TV screen.
Miracast Screen Sharing Application

miracast screen sharing logo One other wireless approach for sharing an Android screen with your TV is via Miracast Screen Sharing Application. This app works a similar fashion as the previous app and offers an easy way to launch smartphone content onto a bigger screen. Presently, the application can be found on Android devices with version 4.0.3 as well as later. You can download Miracast on different devices such as LG, Samsung, HTC, Xiaomi, as well as Vivo. Explore the below instructions on how you can mirror your Android onto your Samsung TV.


  • Open Play Store with your smartphone and search Miracast. Install app and connect all devices to one network.
  • Enable the Miracast display option on your TV from Settings.
  • Launch Miracast’ Screen Sharing Application and hit “Screen Mirroring”. Choose your TV name from the device list for successful connection.
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icon-chromecast One other way of casting Android screen onto Samsung television is by employing Chromecast. Chromecast has the capacity of casting content on your Android device onto a TV whenever you are streaming websites that are Cast-enabled like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, Viki, Fox Sports, and Dailymotion. Besides Android enabled devices, it equally works on Mac, iOS as well as Windows devices. However, the disadvantage of this device is that it is not compatible with 4K streaming. Hence, if you wish to view 4K content based shows, you could use a Chromecast Ultra for that purpose. These are the instructions for casting your Android smartphone onto your Samsung TV with Chromecast.


  • Connect Chromecast to your TV, connect USB powered cable to the Chromecast.
  • Download Google Home and install onto your Android smartphone.
  • Connect your TV and Android smartphone on one Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch Google Home and hit Menu and choose “Cast Screen/Audio”. Tap “Cast Screen/Audio” to search for nearby devices.
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  • The moment your television has been seen, choose the device so it can commence mirroring. You will see your smartphone content on your television immediately.

icon-allcast You can equally explore AllCast for extending your Android smartphone onto your Samsung television wirelessly. The screen mirroring app works well with video and audio streaming, photo sharing, and screen sharing. It has a simple and easy to use interface, allowing you to quickly access whatever media you are using when you open the application. With this app, you do not need to bother about switching your apps for content casting purposes. Furthermore, it is capable of streaming media files through your external storage like your SD card. To successfully stream your Android smartphone to your Samsung TV, observe these instructions.


  • Download and install AllCast in your Android smartphone and launching it afterwards.
  • Enable Samsung TV as well as ensure to connect the two devices on one wireless network.
  • For casting your android device, hit your TV name from its detection tab.
  • When it has successfully connected, the application will see everything on the device. Automatically, you can now play media on your Samsung television.
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Mirror through HDMI Cable

hdmi logo If you do not wish to cast your smartphone wirelessly, you could do that with your HDMI cord. This seems to be the typical method for connecting such devices before being the advent of screening apps. Therefore it offers a stable and reliable connection. Be careful that you don’t disconnect the wires. So read the guide on casting Android onto Samsung TV with HDMI cable.


  • For starters, connect your android smartphone to your HDMI cord with any OTG USB adaptor.
  • After you must have connected one end, find your TV’s HDMI port and then plug the cord.
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  • Finally, open your TV and select your HDMI channel.
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5 Ways on How to Mirror Android to Samsung TV

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