The Most Excellent Ways to Mirror Android to PC

There are several reasons why one might want to mirror Android to PC. You may be developing an app and want to check on it without having to reach for your phone all the time. You may want to check out your pictures on the big screen and share them without needing to upload them. Perhaps you need to quickly give a presentation and the projector is connected to the computer. Mirroring Android screens on PC has been overlooked and underrated for far too long. Either people aren’t aware they can mirror their screen or they think it would be too much of a hassle. There are now hundreds of apps out there for mirroring your Android screen. They display what’s happening on your Android on your TV. Here are the top 5 tools to mirror your Android screen on computer – without having to root the device.

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Vysor 5

vysor logo Vysor is the fastest way to mirror your Android screen o PC. This mirroring app is super easy to set up and run. You can play games, use apps, take screenshots, or do anything else you want while using it. One of the only problems with this app is that the best features are locked behind a paywall. From sharing screens wirelessly to streaming at high resolutions, you need to pay for a subscription. Even being able to just drag and drop isn’t available for the free version.


How to Mirror Android Screen with Vysor via USB:

  • Download the Vysor 5 app for your computer
  • Connect your phone to your computer via USB
  • Allow USB debugging through your Android
  • Open the Vysor installation file on the PC
  • Vysor will prompt you to let you know it detected your phone
  • Click on “Start Casting” to begin casting your phone screen to the computer

Vysor Price:

  • Vysor offers subscription plans of $2.50 a month,$10 per year, or a one-off payment of $40 for lifetime access
AceThinker Mirror

acethinker mirror logoAceThinker Mirror lets you mirror your Android to PC. It also allows for you to mirror your computer to your Android screen. As well as Android screen mirroring, the software offers screenshots, screen recording, and remote control of your Android device. Once you subscribe to a VIP account with AceThinker Mirror, you’ll be able to mirror up to three different Android devices at once. This paid membership also lets you draw over your mirrored screen. One of the best features of AceThinker Mirror would have to be the Game Keyboard. This feature lets you assign keyboard shortcuts to your computer keyboard for a smooth gaming experience on Adnroid. There are lots of other great features to this app, but it can be a problem to set it up. It’s not the most intuitive app. With that said, here’s how to set up AceThinker Mirror for your device.

Step1 Download the AceThinker Mirror

To download, visit the official website of AceThinker Mirror and click the “Try It Free” button to download its installer. Then, launch it, and follow the steps on installing the tool on your PC.

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Step2 Connect your phone to PC

After downloading, allow USB debugging in the developer options of your phone. Then, connect your Android phone to your computer via USB cable.


Step3 Begin mirroring your Android phone

Once done, lunch the tool on both PC and Android phone, and tap on “START NOW” to begin streaming.


NOTE: You can also mirror your Android phone to your PC wirelessly. Just run the AceThinker Mirror app on your Android device, and click the “M” button to start. Then, select your computer name and tap “Phone Screen Mirroring” and click “Begin Now” to get started.

AceThinker Mirror Price:

  • Lifetime subscription – $69.95
  • Yearly subscription – $29.95
  • Unlimited access to all APowerSoft products for one year – $59.95

airdroid logo AirDroid is the perfect solution for mirroring Android devices. It’s hardly surprising that the entire Android community stands behind it and recommends using it. As well as allowing for screen mirroring, AirDroid allows users to share files across devices too. AirDroid also offers a desktop client that ensures you never miss any messages or calls. The file transfer feature lets you send files to and from your device too. There’s also a web client that lets you access your phone online. With a pro account you’ll be able to remotely access the camera on your device. The AirDroid screen mirroring app is somewhat different from the other mirroring apps we’ve looked at. AirDroid features its own UII including messages, pictures, call logs, files, and more. However, AirDroid mirroring allows for you to stream your device to your computer and let you take screenshots and record the phone screen as you wish.


How to Mirror Android Wirelessly on AirDroid:

  • Download and install the AirDroid app on your device and computer
  • Open the app on Windows and create your account
  • Add a device to your AirDroid account by signing in on Android

NOTE:You now have full access to your Android device files, messages, and calls. The floating bar alerts you to any notifications that come through your device. To receive desktop notifications just open up Android Settings, go to Apps and Notifications, then Special App Access, then Notification Access, and then allow AirDroid access.

How to Stream Android to PC using AirDroid:

  • Open AirDroid on PC
  • Open the AirMirror tab
  • Tap ViewOnly Mode
  • Tap “Start Now” on the popup that shows up on your phone

How to Mirror Android on Google Chrome Using AirDroid:

  • Open up the AirDroid website through Google Chrome
  • Log in or just scan the QR code with your phone to connect

icon-mobzap MobZap is primarily used to stream Android devices, but the app actually has support for a lot of different platforms. It works with media players such as OBS, VLC, and KODI and allows for screen sharing over the internet. This app even lets you stream your Android screen directly to streaming services such as Facebook, Ustream, Twitch, YouTube, and more. The software lets you share your screen with DLNA/UPnP devices such as Smart TVs. The app also works with Chromecast without a problem. The only problem with this app is that the free version has a time limit for how long you can use the app. The Android app is also drowning in ads. If you want a way to stream your Android device to your computer or TV, then you should consider using this app. If what you want is to control your Android device through your PC though, then another app would be better suited to the task.


How to Mirror Android Screen on Web Browser Through MobZap:

  • Start the app on your Android device
  • Take note of the URL at the bottom of the screen
  • Open the URL in your PC web browser

How to Mirror Android Screen on PC Wirelessly with MobZap:

  • Download the MobZap Android app
  • Allow “Start Stream Mirroring” through app
  • Open VLC on your PC and click “Open Network Stream” from the File menu
  • Type in the URL from the Android app
  • Click on Play to get started

mobizen logoMobizen is essentially a better version of the Vysor mirroring app we looked at earlier. What makes Mobizen so good is that all of the basic features are completely free. This includes mirroring screen on a web browser such as Chrome, controlling your Android device with your mouse and keyboard, transferring files to PC for viewing, and so much more. Apart from that, mirroring on Mobizen shows a sophisticated Android device render on the PC. You can set up screen transparency (ghost mode) and even add push notifications on a paid subscription. Outside of all that, mirroring through Mobizen offers a sophisticated render of your Android device on your computer. You can include screen transparency and push notifications through the paid version of the app.
The Mobizen website allows you to access your device remotely. While the app sounds perfect, there is one slight problem with it. The app doesn’t allow you to control your Android device through a wireless connection. Even so, you can still record your screen, draw on it, transfer files, and do a lot of other stuff wirelessly. Vysor also performs better than Mobizen when it comes to smooth and fast casting.


How to Mirror Android Device Through USB on Mobizen:

  • Download and install the app on your computer and Android device
  • Allow USB Debugging on your Android
  • Open the app on Android and sign up
  • Launch the software on Windows and choose to connect through USB and log in
  • Tap “Start Now” on the popup on your phone to start streaming

You can mirror your Android screen through a web browser with Mobizen too. Just log into the website and then follow the same steps listed above to get connected.


Please keep in mind that it takes a good internet connection to maintain Android screen mirroring. You should also connect both your computer and Android device to the same Wi-Fi network for wireless casting. While all the apps we’ve looked at today can help with connecting your computer to your phone, we recommend that you install an Android Emulator if you want to play Android games on your computer. That way you can get the best uninterrupted experience with your computer.

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