Top 6 Free Video Editing App for iPhone and iPad Users

Gone are the days when you need a PC or Mac to create custom movies using pictures, music and videos. Improvements in technology have made it possible for our mobile devices to execute functions known only to Mac or PC. And as iOS hardware continues to improve in strength and power, growing closer in functions to a true computer, users can now create and edit videos from media files, all thanks to the many video editing applications. If you love to edit clips or you want to create a custom movie on your iOS devices, here is a list of 6 best free video editing apps for iPhone and iPad.

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iMovie; that’s why this app is number one on our list. As long as you have an iPhone or iPad, this app should be your number one editing app. Although the interface may appear overwhelming in the beginning, this app has a lot of powerful and exciting features, and it is quite similar to video editors used on desktops. iMovie has two important features you can turn to your advantage. It features a powerful editor that allows users to choose from eight different themes with matching titles, music and transitions. The app also offers ten different filters to choose from. Users can use in-built music, and sound effects track from your music library or your own creation to compose a soundtrack for the movie. If you want something different and unique, this app has a nice feature that can help you create movie trailers in Hollywood-style with the scores and graphics included. iMovie allows users to save or share both movie types in 1020p or 4K at 60 frames per second. You can check our video edit guide on iPhone or iPad, we have some tips on iMovie.



You can import files saved on platforms like Dropbox or Facebook when using this app. With GoPro’s Splice app, you can select soundtrack or add soundtracks from iTunes library. The app has a large tune collection neatly organized in 13 genres (rock, pop and reggae included). You can change transition, background color, photo duration, and so on when using this app. When editing videos with this app, you can choose from the tools available to place text, adjust volume, add filters, trim the file and change the playback speed. With the audio edit tab, you can trim music, add narration, and download effects. When you are done, you can save or share the video.


Videorama Video Editor

This is another friendly tool you can use to edit videos. You can choose any of the three video orientations when you open the app (portrait, landscape or square). If you are editing videos for Instagram, use the square size (it works perfectly for Instagram). One interesting feature of this app is that you can use it to download photos and videos from Pixabay without paying a dime. You can also use the app to download sound effects, video effects and music (copyright-free). Videorama has different edit tools on the editing timeline, like adding text, music, photos and filters. When you tap the video slider located at the top of the screen, it will reveal four additional tools; they include: edit the clip, duplicate it, add different transition effects and remove it.

The app has a free version with limited functions; it allows you to create short clips (720p), and it comes with a watermark of the app name. Paying a monthly subscription to use the app gives you full access to all features, you can remove Videorama watermark, create high-quality videos (1080p at 60FPS), and share videos with a length above 3 minutes.



Quik by GoPro is another nice video editor. It is an ideal app to use if you want to mix videos with only a few taps. Quik is not a true video editor like the likes of Splice, the app works by gathering several media files to create customizable results. Users can import media files, then choose a theme and its soundtrack. You can change the soundtrack and select your own music by clicking on the music icon located on the bottom of the screen. You can also choose from different in-built templates available if you want to. Each of this template has its own music and graphics. It also offers an option that enables users to convert video into different orientation (square, portrait or 16:9 format). You can save your edits on your device or share on social media for friends and families to see.


Adobe Premiere Clip

This is a free video editor app that offers storage to users worth 2 gigabytes. You need to create an Adobe account to be able to use this app on your device. You can choose media files saved on your device, Adobe’s Creative Cloud or Dropbox. This app has an automatic tool that creates a video montage. But if you want complete control over the results, you can use the manual option. You can choose shadows, highlights and exposure for the video. With Premiere Clip by Adobe, you can duplicate videos on the timeline and modify the playback speed. The app does not have a vast music collection; however, you can easily add your own tracks. This fantastic video edit app has different video effects and filters in the settings section.


Magisto Video Editor & Editor

This amazing app, which is focused on social media, has simplified the process involved in making interesting videos. Magisto is an automated app just like Quik; it uses artificial intelligence to combine photos, videos, music, text, filters and effects. When you select a particular video edit style like memories, travel or caring moments, then you can import all the media files you need. The app also has different songs you can choose from (rock, pop, cinematic, and more). If you don’t find any of the track suitable, you can select a track/tune from your library. When you are done with your creation, you can save your edit on your device or share on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms), you can do this with a single tap – it’s that easy.

Magisto Video Editor and Maker have a free version that allows users to create videos with length, not more than two and a half minutes. The paid version has two subscription plans (premium and professional) that offer more features like unlimited movie download, additional editing styles, longer movie length, and more.


Using an iPad or iPhone to capture a pics or video is not only interesting but simple and quick. However, a lot of us have a lot of media files that we may not view again, which is probably consuming our storage space. Instead of leaving these media files unattended to, you can get creative with any of this video editing applications on your device and create something interesting to help you appreciate those memories.

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