The Most Trusted Tools to Control TV with Phone

The remote control that comes with every television allows users to increase or decrease volume, change channels, and so on. This remote is battery-powered, and the sad thing about this is that the battery dies easily, prompting you to change your remote battery from time to time. Another unfortunate thing about most TV remotes is that they can break easily when dropped or trampled. Fortunately, you can install some apps on your phone that will enable you control your TV the same way your remote would. With this, you don’t need to worry about your TV remote control anymore. Read this post to the end to learn how to control TV with phone easily and conveniently.

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Android TV Remote Control

icon-andoird-tv-remoteMore than five million applications are downloaded from Google Play Store, and one of the most popular smartphone virtual remote control is Android TV Remote Control. You can download this tool on your Android free of charge, and it supports Android 4.0 and later versions, as well as all Android televisions. With this remote control tool, you can play and pause clips, navigate your TV, use your device keyboard, and transfer texts from your phone to your television. Also, this app comes with a microphone feature that supports voiceover command. You can select between Touchpad and D-pad (the normal navigation control) when using the app.


  • On your Android device, install Android TV Remote Control.
  • Ensure that your phone and TV are on the same Wi-Fi network. You can also set up the application via Bluetooth.
  • Select the name of your television from devices detected, and enter the code from the screen of your TV.
  • Select the “Pair” button and allow the application to establish a successful connection.
  • Peel Smart Remote

    icon-peel-smart-remoteThis tool will turn your tablet and Android device into an advanced TV remote. You can use Peel Smart Remote to turn/off your TV, adjust volume, change settings, and so on. The features in this app are impressive and hard to find in similar applications. This tool features a recommendation tab that’s categorised according to channels, genre, and time slots. Also, you can use the app to save favourites, bookmark shows you want to watch and record certain shows on your TV. To use this feature, your device must have an IR-blaster or infrared blaster.


    • Install Peel Smart Remote on your device.
    • Launch the app after installation and select your region and service provider.
    • Put your TV on, make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same network.
    • You will see a remote icon at the bottom right corner of the app interface, click on it, and choose your television from the list of devices available.
    Anymote Universal Remote

    icon-anymoteAnyMote Universal Remote – from Color Tiger – is another application that allows Android users to control their TVs. This tool also requires IR-blaster features to work on your device, and it supports different TV brand and model. You can use this app to access remote control functions like recording videos, adjusting volume, change settings and so on. In addition, this app offers different commands on one touch and voice searching. To use the app without ads, you can opt for the premium version.


    • Install the app on your device and launch it.
    • Select “TV” on the main interface and select the brand of your TV from the available options.
    • Enter the model of your device and select “Search” and then choose a remote to test. You can also choose your TV model from the search list.
    • Turn your TV off if it’s already on. Then select “Continue” after selecting your model and hit “Power On.” Once the app turns on your TV, select “Yes,” and the app will redirect you to the controls that will grant you remote control access using the application.


    You can count on these three apps anytime you want to use your Android device to control your TV. You can use Anymote Universal Remote and Peel Remote if your phone has IR-blaster. And if you own an Android TV, Android Remote Control is a suitable app to use.

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