How to Control Tablet from PC

You may be one of those people who use phones or tablet as a PC to work or carry out some important activities. It’s quite obvious that most Android devices make use of the finger at the primary input method. However, you may face some limitations when working from your phone or tablet since using a mouse or keyboard offers more comfort and convenience when executing certain tasks. How would you feel if you discover a way to operate your tablet or phone through your computer’s input devices? Fortunately, you can achieve this. We have listed different methods to control tablet from PC effortlessly. Just check and access your Android tablet from computer without any hassles!

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AceThinker Mirror

acethinker mirror logo AceThinker Mobile Mirror tops the list of apps in this post that will allow you to control your tablet from PC. You can use this tool to mirror your tablet to your computer screen. You can also use your keyboard and mouse to control your android device from your computer. This app allows you browse inline, send messages, play games and show presentations on your computer. AceThinker Mirror also comes with some exciting features like that will enable you to record your phone screen and take screenshots, among others. This app works on all Android device; you don’t need to root your device to use it. Follow the steps below to discover how you can control your table from PC using AceThinker Mirror.

Step1 Download AceThinker Mirror

First, download AceThinker Mirror on your PC by clicking one of the “Download” buttons below. Then, run it, and follow the installation wizard to install the tool on your computer.

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Step2 Connect the tablet to PC

Launch the app on your PC. Connect your tablet to your PC via USB cable. On your Android device, make sure you activate USB debugging; this will install and open the mobile version of this app on your tablet automatically. A notification will appear after the app has been installed on your tablet. After that, simply click the “M” icon button to begin recording.


Step3 Start mirroring tablet to TV

Then, click “START NOW.” Your table screen will appear on your PC monitor, and you will be able to control your Android device straight from your PC. AceThinker Mirror also supports connection via Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect your tablet wirelessly. All you need to do is hit the “M” icon on your phone’s interface, and the app will find your PC. When it finds your computer, hit “START NOW” to mirror your Android tablet screen.


AirDroid Mirror

airdroid logoAirDroid is a popular Android emulator for computers. But if you are not interested in the emulator features, you can use AirDROID mirror to screencast your device screen to a computer. You can establish a connection using a USB cord or Wi-Fi. AirDROID mirror also has an extension for Chrome browser that offers more options, functions, and support to various operating systems. To use the mirror feature, launch AirMirror inside AirDroid 3, and follow the instructions provided. We prefer controlling your Android table at home, or remotely, using Google Chrome.


Vysor for Google Chrome

vysor logoVysor is also a popular tool you can use to cast your Android to a computer. You have access to this tool as well as it functions when using Chrome browser by Google. You can use this tool to control your Andriod device from your PC, MAC, or Chrome OS since Chrome browser is compatible with almost all operating system. If you don’t want to limit usage to Chrome browser alone, you can use Vysor application. You can use Vysor in different ways; inside Chrome browser, desktop client, and the dedicated app. When using Chrome browser, you will connect your phone using a USB cable to stream contents on your device on your PC; this charges your phone in the process.


To use this feature, you have to activate USD debugging in the developer options – which is located in your phone settings, download ADB for Windows, and then install Vysor extension for Chrome. Next, open the tool, select ok to permit connection and then connect your Android to your PC using the USB cable. Select your tablet, and your device will be mirrored instantly. However, I feel the desktop app, and the desktop program is the best way to use this too. Also, you can use this tool to share your Android control with another person to assist you troubleshoot a problem.


You can control your tablet from PC using any of the methods mentioned in this post. However, I highly recommend AceThinker Mirror if you want a smooth experience without lag; it offers more features and easy usage. For more convenience when working, you can use Mobizen; it’s a comprehensive tool and allows file transfer between PC and tablet, which may come in handy during presentations or when you are chatting with a client, and you want to show content stored on your PC.

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