Best 3 Ways to Control Android from Android Remotely

3 Best Android to Android Remote Control Approaches

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How would you feel if you can view content on your Android device using another and control your Android device using another Android? Now, imagine you have a friend that needs assistance on using a particular app you are familiar with. Or, you are tech support, and you want to help a client configure their device to fix a specific problem. In these situations, being able to access Android is essential, as you can use it to provide a hassle-free and proper demonstration. To know about some interesting and reliable apps, you can use on your phone to enjoy this feature. Just continue reading this post to learn different ways to control Android from Android.

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icon-teamviewer The first app you will likely use is TeamViewer. This app is well-known for its remove computer control ability. Besides this, the app has a mobile version that’s also useful as a desktop. The latest update of the app supports Android to Android mirroring. Also, you can use the app to access the mirrored device and make use of the receiver’s keyboard. Thus, you have access to your colleague’s device even if they are far from you. Just ensure your devices are connected to a functional Wi-Fi network. When done, follow the steps below to learn how to control Android from Android.

teamviewer mirror android to android

How to use TeamViewer

  • On the streaming device, download TeamViewer QuickSupport from Google Play Store, and install the Free Add-on when prompted.
  • Download TeamViewer from the other device too.
  • Open QuickSupport, you will find an ID. Input Id to the receiving device and click “Remote Control.”
  • Select “Allow” to permit remote control.

remodroid app logoAnother exciting app that allows you to control Android from Android and Mac/Windows PC is RemoDroid. Initially, this app was designed for Android televisions, but the app can also be used on different Android phones and tabs. Therefore, you can use this app if you want to share your device screen remotely. RemoDroid is still in the beta-phase, so you may experience issues with performance when using it because of the bugs within the app. Another thing to note is that RemoDroid does not support all devices, and you will have to root your device to use it. Nevertheless, this app is useful when managing your device from another phone. To access Android from Android using this app, follow the instructions below.

remodroid mirror android to android

How to use RemoDroid

  • Download and install the app on your devices. Simply run Play Store and type the exact name of the app on the search bar. Then, click “Install”.
  • Open the app on both Android devices after installation and select “Allow Remote Control” on one phone, so it can be detected.
  • Then tap “Connect to Partner” button on the rooted phone. The app will display a list of available devices.
  • Choose the name of the first Android and tap “Connect.”
  • For a successful screen display, press “Allow” or “Connect.”

airdroid logoThe last application on the list that supports Android to Android mirroring is AirMirror. This app was created by the developers of AirDroid – a well-known desktop phone manager. You can use this tool to mirror your Android device remotely and assist your friend or colleague resolve issues on their device. This app works on rooted devices just like RemoDroid, but you can still run the app on unrooted devices. All you need to do is activate Non-Root permission to use this feature if your phone is not rooted, but the process is a bit technical. If your phone is rooted already, follow the steps below to learn how to access Android from Android remotely.

airmirror mirror android to android

User Guide to use AirMirror

  • Open the Play Store on both Android phones. The first phone should install AirMirror while the other should install AirDroid.
  • Create a new account to use these applications (AirDroid and AirMirror). If you are an existing user, sign in.
  • Then tap “Connect to Partner” button on the rooted phone. The app will display a list of available devices.


You will find different mirroring apps on Google Play Store that supports Android to Android mirroring, but not all of them offer a control mode feature. Besides screen mirroring, the applications listed in this post, among others, allows you to control Android from Android. To round it up, using TeamViewer does not require a difficult or additional process to link android devices, unlike RemoDroid that requires root permission. AirMirror, on the other hand, offers two options for a successful connection. One supports rooted devices, and the other can be used on unrooted devices.

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3 Best Android to Android Remote Control Approaches

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