How to Connect Your iPhone to Sharp TV

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These days many iOS users are beginning to employ their iPad/iPhone screen monitoring tool for watching movies or even sharing videos and photos with loved ones. For any iPhone user that has Apple TV, doing this will be as straightforward as you can imagine. Nevertheless, for users who would like to connect iPhoneto Sharp TV, getting the work accomplished can be a bit difficult if you have no idea of how to do it. Interestingly, this guide contains various reliable ways to cast your own iPhone to a Sharp TV without any stress. Read on and figure out which method will be best for you.

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AceThinker Mirror

acethinker mirror logo AceThinker Mirror is a very reliable tool in this regard. This screen mirroring application can be used for several purposes. Hence, if you want to know how you can connect your iPhone to a Sharp TV, then you can count on this tool. To begin with, this software supports mirroring on Android and iOS devices. It is implemented for mirroring your smartphone to PC as well as vice versa though you can equally use it to mirror your smartphone to a smart TV. Besides, this tool can be used for recording your smartphone screen activities, have access to game keyboard function, do annotations on-screen in the course of a presentation, and for controlling an android device. This is how to cast your own iPhone to your TV with this very app.

Step1 Download and Install the App

Download the AceThinker Mirror app and install on your own iPhone as well as Sharp TV. Once installed, start the application on your own iPhone

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Step2 Connect iPhone to Sharp TV

From the interface, hit the blue “M” button for detecting your Sharp television. Once it has been detected, tap your Sharp TV’ name.

Step3 Start the mirroring process

Then from your iOS device, open the Control Center, and click the “Screen Mirroring.” From there, locate your Sharp TV name to start mirroring. Your iPhone screen is going to be mirrored onto your Sharp television immediately. You can now enjoy using your iPhone while viewing it on a bigger screen.

screen mirror

iMediaShare App

imediashare logo iMediaShare is a renowned app equipped to cast media related files from phone to smart TVs wirelessly, and it’s compatible with iOS devices that operate 6.0 or later versions. Having said that, mirroring your own iPhone to a Sharp TV in the absence of an Apple television is possible. Besides, it equally works with game consoles, media boxes, audio systems, and much more. In addition to that, it can work like a remote for adjusting your playback as well as the volume of media files. Also, it can automatically detect the device you have connected and play your media contents instantly, or it will let you switch to your preferred media player. To understand more how you can mirror your iPhone to a Sharp TV, observe the guide beneath.

connect imediashare

  • First, download iMediaShare App and install the software on your iPhone and install it once done.
  • Ensure the two devices are on one wireless network.
  • Start the application on your own iPhone, and then open a media file you would love to cast on your TV.
  • Once completed, select your TV name to begin the process.

icon-chromecast It is possible to use Chromecast for the same purpose. This digital device can plug into your television, allowing you to stream media from online sources to a smart TV or audio machine via any mobile device that is Chromecast enabled. You can also mirror your content to Google Chrome. You can watch your best TV shows as well as movies on your own iPhone or iPad to a big-screen television using Google Home application. Let us know a thing or two about how this can be done.

connect to sharptv

  • Link your Chromecast and iPhone to one Wi-Fi network.
  • Download Google Home application onto your iPhone using the App Store as well as install it.
  • Connect the Chromecast dongle to the TV via HDMI port. Do not forget to plug the Chromecast charger.
  • Start Google Home, select ‘Devices’. Click on ‘Set up’, ‘Continue’.
  • You will see a code on the TV and the iPhone. If the code matches, tap “Yes” on the iOS device. Then use your own Google-Account to sign in.


If you are still uncertain about a suitable method, see things this way. The tools mentioned above aids you in casting your iPhone to a Sharp television wirelessly. AceThinker Mirror will be a fantastic option that works without any Chromecast or hardware device. It is free; it has other functionalities like screen recording that makes it more suitable.

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How to Connect Your iPhone to Sharp TV

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