Best 3 Approaches to Connect iPhone to Hisense TV

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Hisense TV happens to be in the best budget TV category as it offers extreme quality graphics, compatible with various graphic screen resolution like 4K, HD and Full HD. It is equally capable of delivering high-quality pictures, videos as well as other visual contents types. Nevertheless, its standard screencasting only works for devices that are Android enabled. But if you have an iPhone and you want to connect iPhone to Hisense TV, you can try a couple of options; they do appear to be complicated at first sight, but not to worry as we have simplified everything for you. Just check the solutions and detailed steps below.

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AceThinker Mirror

acethinker mirror logo Apparently, you can explore various ways for casting your iPhone onto your TV. You could use receivers, USB plug-in, or third party applications like AceThinker Mirror. Many persons are not aware of the last option. It’s a mirroring application that is platform-independent, sharing screens among different devices without compromising picture quality. You can equally use it for displaying three devices simultaneously. For mirroring your iPhone to Hisense TV, follow the instructions below.

Step1 Download and Install the App

Download the program and install onto your iPhone as well as TV. You could employ button of download beneath. Start the application on the two devices and ensure they are on one Wi-Fi

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Step2 Connect the Devices

Tap “M” on your iPhone as well as tap your TV name.

Step3 Start the Mirror

Tap “Phone screen Mirroring” so that mirroring can begin.

activate screen mirror

TV Assist

tv assist TV Assist functions like a DNLA server that lets you stream contents from your iPhone onto Hisense TV. It works with devices that operate 8.0 iOS or other later versions. TV Assist gives you the option of playing your media onto compatible DLNA devices like smart TVs, media players, game consoles, and many more. You can also stream sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook with this app. On how you can connect your iPhone to a Hisense smart television, observe these instructions.

  • Download the application onto your iPhone as well as install it after the download.
  • Start the TV Assist app on the devices. Ensure that your iPhone and Smart TV are one wireless server. Have the device connected to the TV
  • Launch the app on your iPhone and then open any media file for your casting pleasure. When you want to play any video, tap “Play Videos”.
  • activate screen mirror

  • As soon as it is connected to the Smart TV, start playing your preferred multimedia files from iPhone.

airserver logo The AirServer is another means of connecting your iPhone to your Hisense television. This screen mirroring application is well known and is useful for casting content from iPhone onto any smart TV. Besides its casting features, it equally supports other functions like mirroring from Google cast devices, Miracast or AirPlay. You can use this app to do media streaming from Apple Music, Spotify, as well as YouTube without bothering about internet connection getting lost since it creates guest networks. Below, is a guide for mirroring your iPhone content onto your Hisense TV with AirServer.

  • Download the application and install on your iPhone as well as TV.
  • Open Control Center in your iPhone/iPad and then tap “Screen Mirroring” to display the list of devices.
  • screen mirror

  • Choose your TV name from the device list and watch your iPhone stream content onto your television.


The last two options indeed work, but AceThinker Mirror is a great alternative that gives you extra flexibility that other solutions don’t offer. These straightforward ways of connecting your iPhone to Hisense TV. With these methods, you are free to watch your lovely movies or even play your favorite games on a more prominent display. The first two approaches let you cast content wirelessly, a more convenient means when it comes to streaming media. Nevertheless, AceThinker Mirror’s high-quality content output and its ability to connect multiple devices simultaneously give it the edge over the others, letting you do more than casting your iPhone content onto your Hisense TV.

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Best 3 Approaches to Connect iPhone to Hisense TV

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