Best Translation Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019

The latest iOS for apple devices allows Siri to translate text into different languages quickly. However, Siri only supports a few languages. Thus, having a translation app on your iPad or iPhone that will allow you to speak and translate text into different languages will be useful, especially when you travel abroad. A translation application can also be useful when you a friend or family who speaks a different language from yours comes visiting. It’s incredibly amazing how you can have a meaningful conversation with almost anyone from any part of the work with just a few taps. The good thing about these translator apps listed in this article is that most of them can work offline, so you get to communicate without interruptions or interference. Here is a list of the best translation apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019.

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iTranslate is a well-known iOS translation application that can translate words, text and phrases; this app supports more than 100 languages. With iTranslate, you can listen to your translations in a female and male voice and also switch between different dialects available. The app has a voice-to-voice conversation feature that can be really useful when you travel abroad. You can easily understand any text using its dictionary with different and synonymous meaning. iTranslate also has an offline mode that gives users access to translations without interference.


Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translate has no equal as long as accuracy and efficiency are concerned. One interesting feature of this iPhone and iPad translation appl is it multi-person conversation translation. To be specific, you can have an in-person conversation with nearly 100 persons in different languages. This powerful translator supports more than 60 languages. The app also has a camera translator that easily translates word into any picture. To make things more interesting for users, the app features immensely useful phrase-books for verified pronunciations and translations.


Google Translate

You can translate about 103 languages with Google Translate instantly for free. This fantastic app can translate words, texts, phrases, sentences and web pages between supported languages. Even if you are without an internet connection, you can use this app to translate texts in 59 languages. You can still use this app to translate if you are lazy to type. By pointing the camera of your device to the text, you can easily translate it into 37 languages. Google translate is an all-in-one platform that can help you with your translations.


Speak and Translate

The accuracy and versatility make Speak & Translate stands out from the rest language translator apps. You can communicate in different languages comfortably when using this app. To be specific, you can use this app to communicate in as much as 54 languages. The app supports more than 100 languages for written conversation. You can decide to use a female voice or male voice to translate text depending on what you want. On iPads, you can interpret text even when you are using a different application.



This app is very simple and easy to use, making it very useful for travellers. myLanguage supports about 59 languages, so you can easily translate your text to any language of choice. Translated text can also be accessed easily when offline. You can translate and listen to text in 20 languages with myLanguage. You can communicate with anyone when abroad using this app, all thanks to its simplicity and accuracy. Another exciting feature of this app is that you can quickly check out the meaning of any particular dialect to maintain a pleasant conversation.


iHandy Translator

The smooth and intuitive user interface offered by this app allows users to translate words, phrases and sentences without stress and delay. iHandy Translator support about 52 languages from different parts of the world. It also saves your selection, saving you the stress to remember and retype text. This amazing app has an in-built copy-paste function and also supports social media. iHandly Translator also has a text-to-speech feature that allows users to easily understand the language of any native’s pronunciation. You can also use the phrase-book alongside trendy expression to make translation more convenient.


Voice Translator

If you need a cool app that can translate your voice to another language, you can count on Speech Trans. This app features an advanced voice recognition technology that identifies your language quickly and supports more than 30 languages. This app supports both keyboard typing and voice translation. It also allows users to share translations with family or friends via email and SMS. If you don’t fancy ads support, you can upgrade to the premium version for $2.99 to use this app.


Clear Translation

You can easily transform yourself into a talented communicator using this app. With Clear Translation, you can translate texts, phrases or sentences into 30 languages. Users can listen to translation in any language they prefer. Also, you can edit your text, save it, and use anytime you want to. You can also send your translation via SMS or email. Even when you are offline, you still have access to previous translations.


Language Translator Pro

If you are having little troubles with speaking and translating text, you will find Language Translator Pro very useful. This app is flawless; you can convert text into any language you prefer instantly. With this app, you can translate your voice into 50 languages or more. You have nothing to worry about when travelling to a foreign land; you can take full advantage of conversations between two different languages using Language Translator Pro. This app has a user-friendly interface, so you can easily operate it and translate text on the go.



This simple but creative translator app has won different wards. To use Worldictionary on your device, just point your camera at a word, and it will define and translate the word immediately. This app saves you the stress of typing words or taking photos manually. You can count on Worldictionary for on-the-go translation. This amazing app is just like WordLens but contains other extra features. Worldictionary is compatible with different international languages like English, French, German and more.


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