Top 11 Mobile Text Messaging Apps for Android and iOS

Smartphones have made it possible for us to communicate with our loved ones instantly, even though the pre-installed options are not always the ultimate. Messaging applications have upgraded their services to provide various interaction types with others, which includes free text message, video and voice calls, file and photo sharing with better encryption. We have tested out some options, hence, here are a couple of the best text messaging apps available on iOS and Android.

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With its millions of users, Telegram ranks itself as one of the fastest and best messaging applications around. It functions on both desktop platforms as well as mobile devices. You can have your chat history stored in the cloud, share files without size limits, 2048-bit RSA encryption, secured chats 256-bit AES encryption, as well as Diffie-Hellman protected key exchange. It has got support GIFs and stickers, video and photo editing, and group chats can accommodate as much as 100,000 persons. It is equally free and lacks any form of adverts. Supported by numerous donations, the developers of Telegram has promised it will be free forever since they are not focused on generating any revenue.

telegram messaging app

WhatsApp Messenger

Emerging among the most popular messaging apps worldwide, WhatsApp is extremely easy when it comes to setting it up, and it is also free. You could chat and decide to share vital info such as your location, documents, photos and contacts. It also supports voice and video calls. In the course of setting up, you are needed to grant the app access to all your contacts, making it possible for the app to instantly fill your contacts list. One thing that has made this app so fashionable, besides its huge user-base, is the inclusion of its superb end to end encryption to boost security and privacy, even though it is now owned by Facebook. Its compatibility with GIFs and Snapchat-kind of editing tools is simply overwhelming.

whatsapp messaging app


LINE is an app that is very popular, especially across Asia where it has over 600M users. Along with the app’s standard features, it has a timeline very similar to that of Facebook’ where you can put up posts and friends can make comments accordingly. Free video or voice calls and calls to land phones are available. It equally has so many stickers that are packed with various Line characters which are known in Asia. Group chats can accommodate as much as 200 participants, alongside some very reliable encryption. You could equally follow brands and artistes on Line. You can even set albums up and have them shared with loved ones.

line messaging app


Hangouts is automatically part of every Android device. It is equally accessible on iOS, while it can also be used on laptop or PC. This is what makes it a perfect way for family and friends to chat, especially for group video chats. The app needs you to possess at least one Google account as well as internet connection, allowing you to equally share GIFs, photos, make video call, and group calls. Unfortunately, it cannot be used as a preset SMS app, while there are also plans to send the classic application to its resting place.

hangouts messaging app


WeChat stands as the most known app within China with over 1 billion active users. it provides normal messaging application features such as photo sharing, or voice and video calls. However with WeChat you are equally entitled to features such as location sharing which can be useful for locating friends that are close by, and are free to share comments. The app equally supports games, payments and many more. It has versions for App Watch and Wear OS as well.

wechat messaging app

Signal Private Messenger

Signal is one highly recommended app when you are considering chat security and encryptions. This app has got a military style encryption for every of your messages and voice call. It is compatible with voices, texts, group messages as well as sending media file attachments, making it highly loved by those who seek security as their number one priority.

messaging app

BBM Enterprise

Although BlackBerry has fallen behind in the race for the best smartphones, one of its selling points was the BlackBerry Messenger app (BBM). It is now accessible on iOS and android. The essentials are looking good with instant updates as to when messages are read, delivered and when recipients are responding. It equally offers fee video and voice calls, plenty of stickers as well as emoticons, game supports, and other features such as retracting and glimpse necessary for retrieving photos or choosing to share your location just for some time. The messages are fully encrypted, but BBM has ads, while they can be removed for a token.

bbm messaging app

Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s special messaging app ensures that people can chat with loved ones in a very convenient manner. It will eventually fill your contacts, though you can equally include a new contact, or let someone else add you as contact, via scanning a special code. There are many free stickers coupled with many GIFs that you can send. The voice and video calls are quite reliable. In Android, its “Chat Heads” option lets you keep chat icons floating on your screen, as a convenient means of chatting. You can equally share your location, files as well as send money within specific markets. You could even begin a secret conversation that is encrypted end to end.

facebook messenger app


Snapchat might have gone under the radar in recent times, but it certainly was a huge hit with youngsters and celebrities some years back. It lets you share videos and photos that are capable of self-destruct capabilities. You could send your friend a snap for some time prior to its disappearance later on. Its best features are funny filters specifically built for video snaps, as well as options for photo editing. It is certainly one fun way of serving bite-size communications.

snapchat messaging app

Viber Messenger

With over 1 billion active users globally, Viber will import your contacts all by itself. It lets you send text message, emoticons, stickers, make voice and video calls, share your beloved pics. Color coded encrypted messages is equally available, alongside group chats, as well as self-destructing chat. Viber Out allows you make domestic and international calls at cheap rates. Viber to Viber calls are free all the time.

viber messaging app

IM+ Instant Messenger

For people who have accounts on all service, IM+ Instant Messenger could just be the way out. This application lets you send as well as receive instant message from a couple of different services. If you’ve got accounts with AIM, Google, ICQ, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Live and others, you could add them to IM+, and use just one app for chatting. If you are still counting on older instant messaging apps, or you have various accounts that are not Line or WhatsApp, you can aggregate all of them on IM+ and make your life much easier.

implus messaging app

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