Top 5 Screen Mirroring Apps to Mirror Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones these days operate like a real computer. You can edit documents, points and clicks browsing through the web, and other related tasks. On top of that, most mobile phones today can handle movie streaming way more convenient because of the portability it provides. However, when watching movies or videos on a smartphone, sometimes it’s a little difficult to follow all the details coming in and out of the small screen. Hence, screen mirroring programs are developed for this kind of need. Using such a tool, you’ll be able to cast the on-going screen of your smartphone straight to your computer monitor. In case you are wondering, here we outlined some of the best screen mirroring apps for PC. Check them out and learn the process of how mirroring mobile phone to PC is exactly done.

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Acethinker Mirror

Acethinker Mirror is a professional mirroring designed to help you cast mobile device screen onto a computer. Aside from its mirroring capability, this mirror app for laptop comes with useful functions. It enables you to cast the screen activity of your phone along with the audio of the video onto PC. Having that said, you get to enjoy the exact output with the benefit of a larger screen. Aside from that, the tool lets you connect your mobile device to PC via Wi-Fi server or via USB cable which is very handy when you have an unstable network. It fully supports Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows versions. With this app installed on your device, you can enjoy streaming gameplay and movies on a much bigger screen. To simply guide you the steps to use this app, here’s a guide you can follow.

Step1 Download and install Acethinker Mirror

To begin with, download Acethinker Mirror by clicking the download button below. Install the once completely downloaded. Also, you have to get its mobile version from the Google Play for Android and from App Store for iOS devices.

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Step2 Connect phone and computer

Next, launch the tool on both your computer and mobile device. Ensure they are connected under the same network to establish a successful connection. On your mobile phone, tap the mirror button at the bottom of your screen and wait for it to detect your computer. Tap your computer name from the detected devices to connect.

connect phone to pc acethinker mirror

Step3 Stream phone to PC

Once your phone is connected, it should be displayed right onto your PC screen and you can now start streaming your favorite movies or gameplay on a much wider screen experience.

acethinker mirror interface


  • Multi-platform mirroring app
  • Control Android device with mouse and keyboard
  • Customize settings to optimize performances


  • iOS devices can’t connect via USB cable
Reflector 3

Reflector 3 is another great mirroring app for PC or laptop. It is compatible with Mac and Windows systems. The tool has an intuitive user-interface allowing you to reflect your phone onto computer without any problem. It operates the same way with the other mirroring apps which enables you to connect a mobile device to PC without the need for cables or dongles. For its added functions, Android users are able to receive and make calls. It also has the ability to record phone screen and taking screenshots is just a click away. Moreover, it features “Live streaming” which is useful especially for YouTubers as they can project their on-going screen onto YouTube directly. In this manner, you don’t need to upload your video for others to watch it.

reflector 3 mirroring


  • Has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface
  • Can stream web camera


  • Lacks some features in Windows version
  • Expensive mirroring program
WonderShare MirrorGo

Next on the list is WonderShare MirrorGo. This mirroring program works well on mirroring phone to PC which also comes with interesting features to offer. This app does not only allow you to reflect screen but also enables users to control their device from the comfort of the computer. In addition, it allows you to receive notifications like phone calls. Or, compose a message and reply to messages directly from your computer. Just like the tools mentioned earlier, it allows you to take screenshots to capture the crucial points on your screen. Using this app, you will be able to play your favorite game on a larger screen with HD quality.

wondershare mirrorgo interface


  • Stream gameplay with mouse and keyboard
  • Supports HD quality mirroring


  • Available only on Android

Another recommended mirroring app for PC is Mobizen. Using this tool, you can share your media like photos, games, videos to a larger screen PC. Therefore, you can enjoy viewing phone contents with your friends and family. Apart from this, the mobile app enables you to connect your smartphone to your computer using the same email on both devices. This works as long as your phone is connected to the same network as your computer. It also supplies you with a screen recording function that can capture the gameplay action and every happening on your phone.

mobizen mirror app


  • Transfer file between phone and PC
  • No app installation on PC
  • Has a non-stop capturing function


  • Window screen can be adjusted or resized
Screen Stream Mirorring

Last on our list of best screen mirroring apps for PC is Screen Stream Mirroring. This app possesses powerful functions and features. One, it does not require you to root your Android device to enable mirroring. Two, this tool allows you to share screen real-time to mobile devices or PC under the same network. This is possible through the help of a web browser Chromecast or DLNA streaming devices like Smart TVs. Another one is it has a screen drawing capability turning your screen into an interactive whiteboard. These reasons are enough to satisfy every user’s needs and why it is considered as the best screen mirroring app for PC.

screen stream mirroring app


  • Live Broadcast to Twitch, YouTube and the like
  • Support media streaming devices


  • Ads are overwhelming


Although mobile devices provide the convenience of portability, it’s still best to watch or stream media on a computer for a much bigger viewing experience. Now, you don’t have to settle on a small screen for when streaming media or playing your favorite games. To help you a little which one to use, we can put simply this way. Each tool is loaded with interesting and useful functions to help you with your mirroring needs. As such, it is advisable to use every tool to determine which one really suits your needs. However, if you are looking for a cross-platform mirroring, Acethinker Mirror should be your best bet.

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