The Best 10 Call Recording Apps for Android

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The Best 10 Call Recording Apps for Android

We all know that making a call with a smartphone is more convenient than the older phones. You can talk to your family and friends, and send chats at the same time. Another good thing about smartphones nowadays it allows you to record voice calls easily. You can keep all the recorder phone calls on your smartphones to listen to them later. This can be helpful when you are far from home and miss your family. To help you with that, we have searched for the best call recorder for Android in 2020 that you can use to tape any phone calls you make simply. Just keep on reading below to see all of them.

Review of Apps


The first best Android call recorder on our list is the Truecaller. It is a well-known caller ID app that helps you to identify unknown numbers. This app also has a call recording feature, which is very excellent and helpful whenever you want to record a phone call. In fact, Truecaller can also help users to ignore spam calls. However, you need to pay for $0.69 monthly for a premium subscription for you to start recording phone calls with this app. But don’t worry because Truecaller has a 14-day free trial that lets you access all of its unique features before you buy it.


Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is another app for recording calls on Android. This app allows you to record phone calls in three different modes. The first mode is the “Record everything,” which is the default mode that lets you record all calls. The second is the “Ignore everything” mode that you can use to record no calls except for pre-selected contacts. The last method is the “Ignore contacts,” which enables you to record phone calls with people who are not in your contacts. With these features, you can control the recording of whoever calls you on your smartphone. You can download Automatic Call Recorder on your Android device for free.


Cube Call Recorder ACR

The next app that you can use to record voice calls is the Cube Call Recorder ACR. This app can not only record usual phone calls, but also the calls from VoIP services like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts, Facebook, and more. Since some of the devices do not support recording VoIP calls, you can use the Cube Call Recorder ACR whenever you want to record VoIP calls. Besides, it provides high-quality sound and does not lag whenever you record voice calls. With this app installed on your Android phone, you can start recording any calls for free.


BlackBox Call Recorder

Blackbox Call Recorder is a great app to record voice calls on Android. It has a clean interface design for you to understand the app easily. Also, it has a feature that locks the Blockbox app from unauthorized access. You can also backup and restore the recording to Google Drive for you to keep them safe. In fact, this app has a feature that lets you organize your recorded calls like an MP3 player. You can sort or put a specific recording on “Favorites.” You can also whitelist contacts from being recorded. What’s more? This tool is available on Android, and you can download and use it for free.


Note Call Recorder

Note Call Recorder is a free and automatic Android call recorder that helps you to note, block, and record voice calls quickly. This app has a simple interface that even first-time users can understand how to use it easily. Also, it can record incoming and outgoing calls in excellent sound quality. In fact, Note Call Recorder uses Accessibility services. You can record VoIP calls like Skype, Zalo, Whatsapp, and Viber from Android 4.3 onwards. It can also reject and add the phone number of the spam callers. With this app on your Android phone, you can record any kinds of voice calls for free.


RMC Call Recorder

RMC: Android Call Recorder is another powerful Android voice call recorder for your Android phone. You can save your recordings to MP3, WAV, and also MP4, AMR, and 3GP file formats. It can record all incoming and outgoing calls automatically. Also, RMC can sort and search the call logs for you to find specific call recordings easily. It also has a built-in trash folder that helps you retrieved if you accidentally deleted a recording. You can retrieve the unintentional-deleted voice calls recording. You can also make a back-up file of all of your call recordings by uploading them on cloud storage like Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox.


Keku Call Recorder

KeKu is a call recording tool that has been used by many telecom companies. It provides more than ten years of international calling services around the world. This app is a calling app, and it can also record voice phone calls easily. KeKu is a trustworthy and easy-to-use call recorder app for Android that lets you call numbers from a different region. However, you need to pay for $9.99 a month for you to access its call recorder. By purchasing its PRO version, you can record all the outgoing calls for Android and iOS devices. You can archive and keep your recordings private, or share it online.



TapeACall is our next best voice call recorder tool. It allows you to record calls even if you are already on a phone call. You can also set it up to record the incoming calls in the future. Also, share your call recordings via email, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter. In fact, TapeACall is accessible in 45 countries and in 28 languages. You can start recording your phone calls on your Android and iOS phone for only $24.99. There is no time limit in recording, and you can also save the recorded voice call to an MP3 file format. If you encounter a problem with the TapeACall app, you can contact their support to help you troubleshoot the technical problem.


Super Call Recorder

Super Call Recorder can record incoming and outgoing phone calls automatically. In fact, it has some traits that make this app more advantageous than the other call recorder apps. The recorded voice sounds are clear, and it has a built-in playback that allows you to play the recorded calls immediately. You can keep the recordings to the SD card for you to listen to it offline, and you can send it via email or to Whatsapp, Viber, Hangouts, etc. So if you intend to record voice calls from your family and friends, then we recommend you to try using Super Call Recorder.


Call Recorder By Lovekara

Voice Recorder by Lovekara is a simple and yet excellent recorder that lets you record phone calls easily. Also, it has the ability to organize your recordings like sorting it by date, time duration, or playback time. Call Recorder By Lovekara can be used to record both incoming and outgoing calls automatically. In fact, all of the recordings from this app are clear and have high sound quality, which is great when you want to listen to the phone calls without any difficulty. All of the capabilities of Call Recorder By Lovekara are all free-to-use on your Android phone.


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