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Android’s overwhelming reputation for extreme flexibility is not restricted to the way you surf the web. This Google mobile OS lets you set whatever browser you prefer as your default browser on your smartphone, allowing third party based browsers to excel in their market in Play Store. Which one of the most reliable Android browser for you? Here some of the best browsers for Android that offer great experience for surfing the internet on Android have been reviewed. According to our own testing, Google Chrome ranks as the undisputed heavyweight browser for many Android users, though Firefox and Opera mobile versions equally deliver the goods for fans with such desktop offerings.

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If you’re sure about existing only within Google’ ecosystem and patronizing a company that have most of your details online, then it will be hard not to make Chrome your default browser. Obviously, Chrome is the go-to browser for effective mobile browsing, particularly when you are used to its desktop version. Syncing between desktop and mobile versions of Chrome can be quite helpful, giving you that option of accessing passwords that have been stored within Chrome (on the condition that you do not implement an independent password manager). As the most dominant browser within the market, Chrome’ equally the most trusted option, as all the web developers now take Chrome into account when developing a website.Chrome has got extensive features such as secure storages for payment gateways, a mode for data saving, auto translation in several languages, blocker for pop-ups and malicious ads. It is not the plenty features that come with Opera or Firefox, but Chrome surely ticks many of the boxes regarding mission-essential features. If you desire a bit of what is coming to Chrome soon, or experience those eye catching features which may never get to the desktop Chrome browser, then explore any of these three Chrome applications: Chrome Dev, Chrome Beta and Chrome Canary. Every step down trades some level of reliability, so you most likely will need the normal Chrome for more relevant tasks.

chrome mobile browser


Opera is one other mobile browser that has got a desktop version that prides all the advantages that are accessible for those using the two versions. Opera makes itself different via its data saving mode which compresses videos and standard webpages. As such, pages seem to load much faster, courtesy of data reduction, and when you lack unlimited data package, you will not be exhausting your monthly data plan that soon. Opera equally provides a pre-installed free VPN that offers you virtual IP. However, you cannot use the data saving mode and VPN together. In spite of its several features, Opera happens to be among the fewest browsers tested by me, with Chrome being the only one performing better. One feature that seems to let Opera down is the convoluted interface it has: it is easy to distract you with menus on the screen. Opera equally provides a few browser varieties. Opera Mini seem to be concerned about their data saving abilities, while Opera Touch is focused on the famous one hand browsing experience.

opera mobile browser


Similar to Chrome, there is this strong feeling to transfer your Firefox to your Android smartphone for use if that is where most of your desktop browsing activities are done. All your history, bookmarks and history will equally be transferred. For good or for bad, you could customize Firefox so it can suit your needs to a very large extent with various extensions and themes. If you like messing around with how your tabs should look on your browser, what the colors of the items should be as well as the features that should be accessible, then you certainly need Firefox. If that however sounds like it’s a disaster, then look elsewhere, because even the most basic Firefox setup needs some tweaking. Those who love Firefox, who are mostly interested in security should consider the recent Firefox Focus. Some of the functionalities common to the old browser have been removed in view of better privacy protection. Also, there are other experimental Firefox versions, Firefox Nightly for Developers and Firefox for Android Beta.

firefox mobile browser

DuckDuckGo Browser

DuckDuck Go may not be as glamorous as its competitors. However, DuckDuckGo complements its weakness by focusing on private activity. A button positioned at the search/address bar’ right will wipe off every of your activity with a single tap. DuckDuckGo is equally perfect at eliminating ad trackers that monitor your web activities, defaulting to the best encryption on any website you will be visiting. Although the browser is not sending your activities to DuckDuckGo, this is still lagging of a complete VPN. Should you want your activity to be kept secret from everyone including the Wi-Fi network or carrier, then you would need a different VPN application for such purpose.

duckduckgo browser

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has finally put their house together by delivering a superb modern-looking browser called Edge. Although the android version is yet to undergo the basic revamp which the desktop version has gone through, it still counts as a nice option for syncing up with your Microsoft accounts. Microsoft does not have extension support, but it offers a couple of additions that could be extension based within other applications, like ad blockers, password manager, translation services, and something known as NewsGuard. The last feature hooks up with news sites depending on their various “journalistic standards of credibility and transparency.” Edge has a reading list feature that is properly done, because it ensures full pages instead of abbreviated or even text-only formats of articles. If you like a more text-based version of your webpage, just click on the book symbol in its address bar to have a plain reading view. Different from the Edge’ desktop version, its mobile browser allows you to swap the preset search engine out without stress, so you could implement Google search within your Microsoft browser.

microsoft edge mobile browser


Flynx has always served as reliable Android browser that has one interesting trick. When you click on any link on Flynx, instead of dominating your screen immediately with a browser that is still loading, the link will open in a kind of bubble off on your screen’ side. When it is time to read it, you just tap the bubble, and it will become full screen. It may sound unimportant to you, but if you are doing research where multiple tabs are inevitable, Flynx approach gives you the opportunity to keep reading the real source or article. This is a real time-saver when I am joggling between so many tabs on my mobile browser. Flynx equally offers a quick inclusion to its reading function offline by double tapping on any link. Flynx cannot be the only browser on any android device given so many reasons. Since the app stands as a link opener as well as a read it when you are read tool, it lacks an address bar or an option for just launching onto the browser without having to click a link. Besides, the app finds it difficult to render web pages correctly even though it is not all the time; still Flynx provides the opportunity to launch the page inside a designated browser that can be selected in settings.

flynx mobile browser

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