Our Top 10 Picks Of Browsers for Android

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Browsing the internet using your cell phone should not be complicated or difficult. If you use a good app for browsing, you will be able to improve your browsing experience by speeding up images, safely storing your passwords, and allowing for third-party plug-ins. The hardest step will be finding the best mobile browser app for your needs. We believe we have chosen the most powerful, best browsers for Android that are available. As there are many to choose from, it really comes down to which will work the best for you and will meet your ultimate goals. So, let’s look at the best browsers that we believe are excellent choices.

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Google Chrome: The Fastest Android Browser

Choosing the top browsers for Android, we decided to start off with the most popular Android browser on the internet, Google Chrome. There are many who have Google Chrome Android Browser already installed on their devices and have decided to stay with it instead of looking for something else and there is a good reason. It offers many great features including syncing with Google Chrome on your desktop along with Material Design, endless browsing tabs, excellent integration with Android, and other valuable features for basic browsing and power users. You will have 4 Chrome browsers to choose from, starting with the most stable, standard Google Chrome, followed by Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev, and Chrome Canary. You can pick which one suits you for the best web browser for Android.


Firefox: The Most Stable Browser

Firefox has been around for many years and is still very popular among users. Because Firefox for Android is extremely stable, it doesn’t matter if you have a new phone or an older phone, you will not experience a lot of crashing or freezing. It has been created for great privacy with excellent tracking protection that will immediately block areas of web pages trying to track your browsing actions. In a nutshell, Firefox does offer the best secure browser for Android. Also, its search tools can naturally guess what you are searching for based on your past searches and there are many shortcuts in place. Using Firefox for browsing, use it on your laptop or desktop although there are some better alternatives.


Opera: Best VPN Browser

If you are in the market for a browser that offers abundant features and still provides good speed, Opera is a good alternative to look into. It comes with an inherent ad blocker that rids of annoying ads while protecting your privacy. It has a built-in VPN that increases your privacy and security when you are browsing the internet. Opera also offers a personalized news feed using AI-curated news that is customized around your interests. For nighttime browsing, it comes with a night mode to make your searches so much easier along with other settings including adjusting the size of your text. If you are in the market for a good standard browser, Opera has just about everything you could possibly want along with one of the best secure browsers for Android.


Ecosia Mobile Web Browser

Ecosia mobile web browser is also known as environmentally-friendly. This browser offers all the standard features including many tabs, a private browsing mode, bookmarks, and downloads. It operates and looks like Chrome but its biggest draw is its cause for planting trees. The browser donates up to 80% of its profits for this cause. One of its most popular aspects, it’s perfect for users who do not want to browse the internet all that often but Ecosia is still a stable browser that works really nicely. Planting trees is just an added bonus that comes along for the ride!


Microsoft Edge

There are many critics that will balk the idea that Microsoft Edge is a top browser for Android. That said, it’s a decent mobile web browser. It offers an effective sync feature with the desktop version. Other features include a Hub feature, a light, QR code reader, private browsing mode, and voice search. This Android app works in both Windows 10 and Microsoft Launcher. Those who are complete Microsoft fans will probably believe its the best Android browser app on the market and will go with this browser because it will work perfectly with their other services as well. As of late, Microsoft is contemplating moving Edge to Chrome-based which means, over time, it will become even better than it is right now.


Naked Browser: Most Simple Android Browser With Speed

This browser might look very simple but in reality, it’s deceptive. It has chosen not to load up on all the latest features in order to provide speed and simplicity. This is a great browser for users who do not need all the latest features and willing to sacrifice all the bells and whistles. The developer of Naked Browser made this choice for better speed but has taken a lot of slack from various feedback. It has all your basics including shortcuts, history, and bookmarks. Scaling back means most sites will load very quickly using this browser! Users who are into all the bells and whistles will not choose Naked Browser. That said, this is one of the best and fastest browsers for Android.


Samsung Internet Browser: The Best VR Browser

Even though we questioned whether to put an OEM browser on our list of the best browsers for Android, Samsung Internet Browser is actually a very good browser. It has several great features including swipe gestures, plug-ins, quick menu, and a few Material Design elements. Some of the plug-ins offer ad blocking as well. Other features include Amazon shopping, other online shopping, and great support for 360-degree video. The Samsung Internet Browser is usually what many Samsung phone owners see before they choose to make Chrome their default. Even though it is considered beta, it’s far more stable than some non-beta browsers, including some on our list.



The Dolphin Browser is a top browser for Android and has a lot of success with a good following. The features are actually quite good including its gesture controls. If you need them, there are add-on and extension support available along with a native ad blocker. It’s not quite as intriguing as it was back when finding a good browser was a huge challenge. That said, it’s still up on our list because it’s definitely worth looking into and is a good browser. Using gesture browsing allows you to bookmark webpages with finger gestures and offers Webzine which is Dolphin’s version of Flipboard. It has accumulated a variety of more than 300 web sources in an offline magazine-like digest.


DuckDuckGo: The Best Privacy Browser

If you are someone who is uncomfortable with Google checking your every move including your searching activities, you should take a very close look at DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo’s browser is the place for anyone who is concerned about their privacy. Users can browse on their phones without worrying about Google or even Big Brother keeping tabs on them. This browser pressures websites to use encryption to block trackers, and will never track your searches. DuckDuckGo also rates websites on their privacy platforms. These sites are rated between A to E. This feature is really neat, when you are finished searching, you can just erase your activities by using the Fire button which will wipe away all or any open tabs and data with one push of the button!


Puffin Web Browser For Android

CloudMosa released the Puffin Web Browser for Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems and is an excellent alternative for web browsing on Android. It’s strongest assets are speed and the very best support for flash player to play flash contents. The Puffin browser offers a virtual trackpad and gamepad, on-screen keyboard functions, and given the option to block popups automatically. Other great features include cloud support, color themes for the toolbar and sidebar, concealed tabs, and so many more! This is one of the very best Android browser apps on the market.


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Our Top 10 Picks Of Browsers for Android

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