How to Record Video on MacBook Pro

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MacBook Pro has been gaining huge popularity due to its great look, fast running speed and other versatile features. If you have a MacBook Pro and want to record a live music video, capture an online meeting or save a web video chat you may be wondering which software is best to record video on MacBook Pro as a number of different options are available. There are plenty of recorders that can help you record video or audio on Mac depending on what you want to capture. Here we have picked 3 reliable tools that you can try for recording on a MacBook Pro.

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Best Macbook Pro Video Recorder – Screen Grabber Pro

small logo of screen grabber proRecording on MacBook Pro can be quite easy if you have a handy tool such as Screen Grabber Pro for Mac. It’s a great Mac screen recording program that allows you to record video and audio simultaneously on Mac OS X without any hassle. You can record the screen activity either in full screen, region or capture from webcam. At the same time, it enables you to record from multiple audio sources such as a microphone, the system sound or both. After the recording has been generated, you can even use the built-in video converter to change the video format to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV and more. With this, you can play the recording almost anywhere. Just download the program and follow the steps below to record a video on your MacBook Pro. (The Windows version is also available.)

Step1 Download and install the software

Install the program on your computer and launch it. Then click “Options” before you start recording to configure the settings such as hotkeys, mouse cursor settings etc.

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Step2 Select audio input

Next, click “Audio Input” to select the desired audio source. 4 options are provided: None, System Sound, Microphone, System sound and microphone.

audio input selection

Step3 Start recording

Now it’s time to choose a recording mode. To do this, simply click Record and select from Region, Full Screen or Web Camera. Once all the settings are complete, press Record to start your recording on the MacBook Pro. When the recording is done, click Stop on the control bar to finish it. The recorded video will then be displayed in the list on the main interface and you’re free to play, rename or convert it.

recording mode options

Tips: In the region mode, you can click the camera icon to insert your webcam video into the recording to get a picture-in-picture effect. Besides, during the recording process, you can do some instant editing such as adding texts, arrows, highlights etc. to annotate the video. Another feature that is worth mentioning is that this Mac screen recorder offers a task scheduler, letting you record your Mac screen even when you’re away as long as you have preset the recording start time and duration.

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Using QuickTime to Record Video on MacBook Pro

quicktime playerWhen talking about recording video on MacBook Pro for free, the first tool you’re going to use is probably QuickTime Player as it’s already on your MacBook and it doesn’t cost a penny. With QuickTime, you will be able to record video and audio on your Mac screen with ease and save the screencast as MOV files. Here are some simple instructions to capture video on MacBook Pro using QuickTime.

quicktime screen recording

User Guide:

  • Launch QuickTime Player and click File > New Screen Recording.
  • After that, the screen recording window will show up and you can then use the drop-down menu to select the audio input from the correct microphone or system sound. If you don’t need any sound, you can simply choose none.
  • Press the red Record button on the controller to start the MacBook Pro video recording. You can either double click the screen to record the full screen or drag & drop to select an area for recording. After that, click Start Recording to begin the screen capturing.
  • When the recording finishes, click Stop Recording on the menu bar to end it. If needed, you can trim the recording using the built-in editor. To save the screencast, click File > Save As to save the recording to your hard drive as a MOV file.

Note: Although QuickTime is a cost-free and quick solution for screen recording on MacBook Pro, the recorded MOV video is not compatible with some of the more popular media player and devices. If you want to play or share the recording anywhere you like, it’s recommended you use something else.

ScreenFlow – Professional Video Recorder for Macbook Pro

screenflow logo If you require an advanced MacBook Pro video recording tool, you can give ScreenFlow a try. It not only allows you to record anything on your desktop, but it also enables you to edit the recording in a professional way. With ScreenFlow, you can create screencasts on a MacBook Pro in high quality and then add annotations, transitions, captions, callouts, filters etc. to make the video look professional. Because of its advanced functions, it will take time for new users to learn how to use it before starting the video recording. Also, the price is a little high – $99 from the App Store. If you need a powerful screen recorder, you can download the trial version to test it first.

screenflow interface

How to use ScreenFlow:

  • First, you need to download ScreenFlow from its official website. Install the app and run it afterwards.
  • Next up, choose your capturing mode between region and full-screen.
  • Now to start your recording click on the camera icon at the bottom of the interface.
  • By the time you want to end the recording, simply click the “Stop Record” button and it should give you an output of video shown on the main editing window of ScreenFlow.


To sum up, all 3 solutions to record video on MacBook Pro are feasible. If you want to record easily with versatile features, Screen Grabber Pro for Mac is the best choice. If you want to get the task done without any cost, consider QuickTime as the first option. But, if you want to create professional-looking desktop video, ScreenFlow is a great tool for you.

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