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HyperCam offers multi-featured screen recording for Windows users who enjoy saving their screencasts, movies, video game wins and calls on Skype or other programs. Unfortunately, HyperCam does not function on Mac machines so you need to find an alternative.

This article will give you reviews on various different alternatives that are available to Fraps.

Free Online Screen Recorder

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2 mins
Very Easy

The first program that works very similarly to HyperCam is the free Online Screen Recorder app. It functions well on Macintosh systems and has many important features that people want. You can record your whole screen or just a part of it as well as output from your WebCam so both sides of a Skype conversation can be saved. All you need to do is press a simple button to record as much video as you want.

Desktop Recorder for Mac OS

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2-4 mins

Screen Recorder for Mac is recommended as a perfect Mac desktop recording program alternative to HyperCam. With it, you can not only capture your Mac’s screen activity in full screen or specified region, but also capture videos from web camera to achieve the picture-in-picture effect. Moreover, this HyperCam for Mac allows you to record video with audio from the system, microphone or both at the same time. Besides, the built-in video converter enables you to convert the recorded video files into popular formats like MP4, AVI, WMV, etc. so you can directly upload them to YouTube for sharing with family and friends instantly.

Benefited from its intuitive interface, all you need to do it to download, install and launch this Mac Hypercam alternative and click the Record button to capture any screen activity on your Mac.

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2 mins
Mac Only

As a basic HyperCam alternative, this program shines. In fact, it offers so much more than that program that it can truly be called a professional suite of screen recording tools. It offers high definition video capture for meetings, casual conversations, on-screen tutorials, movies and video game sessions. No matter what files and programs you have open, ScreenFlick maintains it smooth operation and high-performance output. With its neat user interface, efficient capabilities and multiple conversion and export options, ScreenFlick may be the solution you’re looking for.

With these and more powerful screen recording options available, you should stop feeling bad that HyperCam will not work on your Mac.

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