HyperCam for Mac – Record Mac Screen with Ease

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HyperCam for Mac – Record Mac Screen with Ease

The latest version of HyperCam is already in the works, and Hyperionics LLC is developing it, and it can be purchased and downloaded now. The new installment features a screen recording function that enables users to record their on-screen activities and save them in a variety of formats including; WMV, AVI, and a whole lot of others. The software allows users to record movies, Skype calls, and any other screen activity. You can also use the tool for presentations and video tutorials. The latest version of the software have the is equipped with a built-in video editor. With its user-friendly interface and simple command line, it sure is a great tool that is not only compact, but affordable as well. All these benefits and much more can only be enjoyed by users on the Windows platform and not on MacOS. If you are on the MacOS platform, don’t feel bad about not being able to use HyperCam as there are other programs that you can use and still have the same benefits as if you were using HyperCam.

Mac Screen Grabber Pro

On top of the best tools that work for Mac like HyperCam is Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro. This tool provide seamless screen recording with HD quality videos. There are not many screen recorders that works perfectly with Mac, and this is one of those tools. Screen Grabber Pro is equipped with many features for optimum screen recording experience. To know how to use this tool on Mac, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install the tool

Get the installer of Screen Grabber Pro by clicking the download button below and run it on your PC. Follow the setup wizard to install it properly.

Try it for Free

Step2 Run the tool

After installation, launch the tool to reach the interface.

launch the tool

Step3 Select the recording mode

To start the process, choose the recording mode on the toolbar. “Region” allows you to select a part of the screen to record, while “Full Screen” covers the entire screen.

select recording mode

Step4 Start recording

When everything is set, click the “Record” button to start the recording process.

start recording

Step5 Make annotations

During the recording process, you can add annotations to the screen by clicking the “Draw” button.

annotate while recording

Step6 Stop the recording

Finish the recording process by clicking the stop button on the toolbar and the video will be saved.

stop the recording process

Step7 Watch and locate the file

Play the file from the “Preview Panel” of the tool. On the other hand, to locate the file, simply click the “Folder” icon.

play the video

Free and Online HyperCam Alternative

AceThinker Online Screen Recorder is a functional online utility tool that helps to capture on-screen audio and video just like HyperCam or both Mac and Windows users. It has a plethora of features that are easy to use and user-friendly. A webcam output feature means the user can easily record Skype calls. With just a push of a button, the screen recording can be started without any restrictions to the size of the recordings. To know how to use this tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch the screen recorder

Open the tool by visiting its website or just simply click the button below.


Step2 Set the screen to capture

Once the tool initializes, select the part of the screen to capture by dragging the frame and click the “Record” button.

start recording

Step3 Annotate while recording

While recording is on-going, you can choose to add notes that will appear on the video. Just click the “Pen” icon, and select what you want to add.

add notes to the recording

Step4 Finish the recording

To end the recording process, simply click the “Stop” button and the file will be saved.

save the file

Step5 Preview and save the file

The video will appear for preview after clicking the “Stop” button. Keep the file by clicking the “Save” icon.

save as video file

Screen Flow

Screen Flow is a useful screen recording tool that MacOS users will be proud of. You can use it to record any on-screen activities from Skype calls to gaming sessions and lots more, the program is easy to use, with a friendly user interface that gives you several video editing options, and at the end, you can export your recordings.

start button

You can decide to record a specific area of your screen or choose to record the entire screen. The program allows users to apply mouse cursor effects, and also capture audio contents. As soon as the recording is complete, you can remove any unwanted parts from it. The interface allows users to publish their videos directly to various video sharing platforms.

start recording

It is not all rosy with screen flow, as the tool comes with a couple of cons. First, an additional driver needs to be installed if users want to record the audio on the computer. Also, the tool only allows users to export to a limited amount of file extensions. These limitations of the tool mean MacOS users are restricted in their screen recording endeavors. But notwithstanding, there are other options that provide a cheaper but more effective solution than Screen Flow for MacOS users.


If HyperCam is not working on Mac, there is no need to be paranoid since there are other tools that are other tools like it. The tools mentioned above not only provides high quality recording, but also works great with Mac device. That is why they are top choices among users of screen recording tools around the world. With the list of tools mentioned above, maybe you won’t need to look for other tools that works on Mac.

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