How to Use Screen Grabber Pro Mac

This guide will show you how to quickly work around the screen capture solution on Mac with this handy Mac screen recording tool.
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This recorder is an elaborate program for recording screens which functions perfectly with Mac OS 10.8 & above. It has the capacity to record things displayed on the screen with various audio input. This could be either Microphone, System sound or both. Also, it comes with a video converter built in that provides you with the capacity to combine video files. It also has the ability to change videos to numerous audio and video formats. The guide below will give you more information on how you can utilize this screen recorder.

Part 1. Settings Configuration

Immediately you start up the Recorder, an interface which is quite friendly will pop up. It shows the major functions in an orderly manner. Before you begin recording, it is required that you carry out a configuration of the preset settings, Select ‘’options’’ to set the precise settings as you desire.

Basic settings

You can make changes to the preset settings so they meet your requirements. E.g., you have the option to choose to display or not to display recording boundary. Additionally, mouse clicks can be animated if required.

general settings of screen grabber pro mac

Settings For Recording

You also have the capacity to select the system sound you desire as well as microphone device. Also, it allows you to preset video quality and frame rate.

recording settings of screen grabber pro mac

Hotkey settings

Perhaps you are unable to keep working with the preset hotkeys, well that’s not an issue as you have the capacity to revamp the hotkeys for Resume/Pause Recording as well as Start Recording yourself.

Part 2. How to Record Video on Mac Screen

Select a mode from the tab: Audio Input

AceThinker Mac Screen Recorder provides you with four modes which include:

  • System sound: it gives you the capacity to begin recording sounds from your Laptop or computer
  • None: This can aid you in recording only screen activities as opposed to the audio
  • Both Microphone and System Sound: With this, the sound comes directly from your system. When this occurs, recording of your narration will be done via the microphone.
  • Microphone: This gives you the capacity to create a recording of your own narration when a video is being recorded.

1. Pick the recording mode of your choice

select region


Select “Region” to record a segment of the screen. Left-click and pull the cursor to pick a region. In this method, you can equally select from presets which consist of 640X360, 480X360 among others.


This is ideal for gamers as it helps in recording games in complete size. You may be required to click the screen recorder logo on the status bar or use hot keys to manually stop or pause your recording.


When you decide to record a webcam video, you are given four choices for recording which include: Standard 240P, HD 720P, Low 120P, and High 480P.

2. Picture effect

You have the capacity to record pictures in picture videos using the Region mode. Just select the icon for camera when recording a screen portion and it will aid in recording the webcam video and desired area simultaneously. You can also change background color or size of the webcam video.

3. Begin Recording

Immediately you have chosen the recording mode you desire, it will beging recording. Choose the stop botton if you want to end your recording. Once int is done, your video will appear in the file list. You can rename, play or delete it from your disk. You can also convert it if you desire.

Part 3. Screen Annotate During Recording

During a screen capture, there are moments that you may desire to carry out some editing instantly so as produce more vivid or instructive videos. The newly incorporated function for editing in real-time allows you to do just that. You can add various shapes and insert texts, arrows and highlights to recordings.

video annotations

Part 4. Change Video File

This Screen Recorder allows for the export of Video in Mov format. You can convert the videos to other formats if you need to save them in other formats you require.

You can select video file by right clicking and selecting the convert button and then select video files from the local folder of your computer. Now select the format you desire.

If you just desire to change your videos to other kinds of formats in batches, all you need to do is to add the files you need to change and choose start directly. But if you desire to combine numerous videos into one, ensure the merge videos into one button is on before you select the start button.

Note: If you desire to burn videos into DVD, just select Burn Video to DVD icon and it will direct you to the AceThinker DVD Creator.

Part 5. Create a Timed Record Task

For lots of MAC users, they might have the need to finish recording tasks when they are not there. All that is needed is to select the create schedule tasks button which is at the bottom left of the home interface. From there, the recording time, and mode of recording can be set in advance.

  • 1. Input the name of your task
  • 2. Set up a recording time
  • 3. Select a mode for recording
  • 4. Click “Create” button as a form of confirmation. Your task will be performed by this recorder automatically at the period you set.
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