How to Use Screen Grabber Pro Mac

This guide will show you how to quickly work around the screen capture solution on Mac with this handy Mac screen recording tool.
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Part 1. Initialize the program

After first launching, you will see just how easy the program is to use and where the main control functions are placed. Before you first record, you should head into the settings to adjust them to your needs. After clicking on the “Options” button, you will see the following settings.

general settings of screen grabber pro mac

General – In the general settings, you can play with the default settings until you find the right options for your needs. Whether you want to highlight your clicks or set a recording boundary, you will find the options in here.

Record – As the name suggests, here you will find everything relating to the actual recording in terms of video and audio. As well as setting a frame rate and video quality, you can also set a connected sound device.

Hotkeys – If you want to make your experience even easier, feel free to set certain keys on your Mac keyboard to have different actions.

Part 2. Choose Recording Mode

Once you have your settings ready, you can start the recording whilst paying attention to the following.

task list of screen grabber pro mac

Audio – With Mac Screen Recorder, you have four different options available for your audio. Firstly, you can have no audio whatsoever which means that just the video will be recorded. Additionally, you can choose from system sound (records the computer sounds), microphone (records the audio picked up from the microphone), or a combination of both system sound and microphone.

Recording – As with the audio, you will also have a number of options when it comes to the video. Sometimes, you will want to record the full screen whereas others you will only want a certain section of the screen so here are your options in full.

Region – If this option is clicked, you will be able to click and drag to select the exact portion of the screen you wish to record; there are also preset dimensions based on common choices. This option comes in handy if you wish to record one tab, whilst the other remains for your eyes only.

Full Screen – As you may have worked out, this option is for when the whole screen needs to be recorded; this is especially popular for gamers who need to record all the action. If you need to stop the recording, the hotkeys need to be used or otherwise click on the logo; there will be no items in the tool bar so bear this in mind.

Webcam – If you choose this option, your webcam will record in addition to your screen. When setting, you will have different quality options to choose from ranging all the way from 120p to 720p HD.

When you have everything set correctly and you feel ready to record, go ahead and hit the record button.

Note: when it has finished recording, you will have an option to play, rename, or remove the file from your list of recordings.

Part 3. Annotate on screen during recording

When recording, you may find that annotations will enhance your video so they can be found in the real-time editing section. Included in this is rectangles, arrows, text, and even ellipse and other shapes.

annotate when recording mac screen

Part 4. Publish recording

Once your video is completed and you’re happy with the result, you can export into a .mov file. If you need to convert to a different file type, this option is also available. Start by right clicking on the video and find the “Convert” option; you will also find a “Convert” button in the main functional region which allows you to choose multiple files at once. Just click on all the files you want to convert and begin the process by clicking “Start”.

convert recorded videos on mac

In addition to this, you can also merge multiple videos into one and you should see this option near the “Start” button; just make sure the ‘Merge videos into one’ button is checked.

Part 5. Schedule recording automatically (Optional)

These four steps are all you will need when recording and publishing your videos but there is also an extra option with Automatic Screen Recording. By clicking “Create schedule tasks”, you can preset certain times for starting and ending a recording. Also, you can set the required region to record if you don’t want the whole screen to appear.

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