Top 10 Tools to Capture Mac Screen

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Top 10 Tools to Capture Mac Screen

Nowadays recording your screen activity has become a very popular way for many people to handle the expression of their activities and enhance their communication with their friends in a long-lasting way, as in case you make a copy of your activities which is later-on accessible via the created video, such as a copy of your gameplay achievement being performed or a meeting being held on the display of your Mac computer, you are able to share you experience and enjoyment with your best friends and basically anyone in the future who have easier access to see the happenings offline anytime when they open this new video. Therefore, nowadays many screen recorders have been developed to contribute to this experience, and luckily many of them are perfectly doing their job as a Mac screen recorder. In case you own a Mac computer, refer to the software presented below as we put together the list of the 10 best recorders for Mac for you.

AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online – The Best Free Mac Screen Recorder

The first and most recommended tool to record your Mac screen in an efficient way is Free Screen Recorder Online. This tool, developed by AceThinker, is a useful web-based program which is accessible online so you are not required to have any installation or anything prepared on your Mac which would use important disk space on your computer. A big advantage of this tool is that it is totally free, and you can use it to record any ongoing process on your screen and transform it into an offline video, which you can enhance during the recording process, such as with different annotation methods to have a professional video in the end.

By checking the steps below, you can learn to use this tool in a minute.

Step1 Prepare your Mac screen recording

At the first point visit the free screen recorder AceThinker webpage where you are presented the Start button which you can use directly. In case you press it, a launcher will be installed and the interface of the tool will pop up for direct usage. Here on the toolbar you are able to choose the right audio source for you among Microphone, System Sound, None or Both.

Step2 Start recording your Mac screen

After going with the most suitable audio option, simply start your activity on your Mac screen in the background and while the activity is in progress, start recording with the Record button on the toolbar directly, and press Stop once the recording is finalized in order to have you video saved in your preferred format.

PixelProspector Screen Recorder

PixelProspector Screen Recorder is an alternative Mac screen recorder option for you to have a simple and efficient way as a screen recorder which also doesn’t require any downloading or installation to have it set up before the actual recording process. You can directly visit their website and as it is done online, it is compatible with your Mac computer, so you can just do the recording from the webpage and save your newly created video in MP4 format freely from the website. However, as it is a free tool, it comes with restrictions if you don’t want to pay for the premium version, such as a limit of 5 minutes recording or the need to register a Twitter account before downloading.


Screencast-O-Matic is considered to be one of the most popular online screen recording tool which gained its popularity by having advanced features and also letting you record any sort of videos about your activities on your screen as well as including your webcam with easy user interface navigation and just some mouse clicks. However as it is also a free tool with time restriction, it can only record for 15 minutes that is not suitable for the recording of many sorts of activities such as longer meetings or calls. Furthermore, some of the disadvantages include that some of the features such as the audio file recording is only incorporated into the Windows version which might make this tool a bit more difficult to use as a Mac screen recorder.


Toolster is another very straightforward tool with a clean interface in order to have the Mac screen recording process even more easier to those who are also just doing their first screen recording or are still sort of beginners when it comes to recording their activity on their display. This is because the interface is very simple with a one-click-recording process, although ont he other hand it is still a comprehensive tool which lets you record every your webcam with your screen. However this comprehensive feature is generally pricey, therefore the free version of this program only comes with a very strict 2 minutes free recording time, which is only good for very short videos, and the videos are saved in FLV format which is the standard format for online videos, but for higher quality recordings it needs to be converted.


ScreenToaster is an additional program for display recording which comes free on their online screen recording website, however unlike the other tools mentioned before, the ScreenToaster cannot be used directly, but you need to go through their registration process in order to access the screen recording feature from the website, which on the other side is quite flexible and comprehensive as you can record either full screen or a specific preliminary set part of the screen for more specific recording experience. Furthermore, this program is designed in a more targeted way for having a smoother incorporation with online sharing tools where you can directly upload your creation to share the experience with your friends more easily. Therefore you can embed your videos directly to various websites after their creation, in case you use the upload and sharing option that is provided by the tool.

Note: this tool is not available anymore, please check for other solutions in this article.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro – The Most Comprehensive Mac Screen Recorder

When it comes to more comprehensive, offline screen recording tools, it is very important to mention the Screen Grabber Pro, which is a professional screen recording software developed by AceThinker especially for desktop usage on your Mac computer, which is comprehensively empowering you to capture the screen and any activity that is going on within your Mac computer in a smooth and efficient manner. The interface of the tool is very intuitive and simple to use and you can learn it and do professional screen recording within seconds after the installation and the first usage of the program, while there are many deeper options and adjustment details available for professional users too, who want to have complete control and customization over their recording.

In this case, this AceThinker tool is the top Mac recorder that you should have a look at. Simply just refer to the steps below to do so.

Step1 Download and install the tool

At the beginning just click on the orange Free Download button before anything else, and have the program be installed on your Mac computer. Once you have the interface ready in front of you opened, just press the Settings > Options to go inside the options and configure the settings for the recording process, such as the format of the output video and the directory of the output video.

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Step2 Configure the audio

After setting the general options, on the Audio Input tab on the top of the interface you can adjust the source of the audio that is going to be recorded, including choosing among the options of None, System Sound, as well as Microphone or both of these audio sources. It depends on whether you have a meeting, a video call, or a gameplay recording, which one you should choose to be the most suitable.

Step3 Perform the Mac screen recording

Once everything is set up, click on Start which is the first tab on the interface, where you can select what mode of recording you want to perform from the available Region, Full Screen, or Webcam modes, as well as other special modes.

Camtasia 2

Camtasia 2 has been on the Mac screen recording market for quite some time and therefore become in the public mind as a famous and professional tool for Mac screen recording which is however not coming for a cheap price. However, in case you are able to pay its price to get the premium desktop program in your hands, you are presented a large range of useful and handy features which can contribute to a smooth recording process as well as the adjustment and editing of your recorded video file to have a professional masterpiece as your finally resulted video.

AV Recorder & Screen Capture

In case you wish to have a comprehensive program which can record anything on your Mac screen, it is also worth having a look at AV Recorder & Screen Capture which is another widely used alternative option as a program for capturing Mac display. The video resolution in which this program can handle the recording is remarkably high with a 2800 x 1800 pixel which makes a very high definition video. Therefore it is very useful for making detailed videos in an efficient way, and the avilable editing options can help you enhance your video to the next level, creation a stunning and sharp recording from your gameplay, meeting, or anything else that you wish to capture.


If you still wish to try out other available options besides the aforementioned Mac display recording tools, Snagit is a premium display capturing tool that also needs only a one-time purchase before it can be used freely for a lifetime. This tool combined the basic editing options with some great and premium editorial features which can make it possible to have a professional video capturing and editing experience on a simple interface with easy to use method, while you are using the most professional editing tools in your hand, and therefore you have a smooth way to develop a professional masterpiece.

Screen Record Studio HD

Last but not least, Screen Record Studio HD is a mentionable program which comes in the line with the other Mac display recording tools, which has a relatively low price, but required money to be used with all of its premium features available within the frame of this comprehensive downloadable desktop program. The program makes it possible to mix two available audio sources during your display recording as well as be able to add the clicking with the mouse as an animation while the recording is in progress, which comes quite handy while you are creating explanatory videos, although a time restriction still applies to this program which is a big drawback as it is alread a paid premium program.


After you have developed a good overview about these top Mac Screen Recorder tools that are presented in this article, you can see that there are many options available which you can choose from, which all offer you to make easily a screen recording video about your Mac display, and it is just up to you which one you will choose to have the most out of your recording experience. In either way whether you go for a free online or a comprehensive offline solution, we recommend you try out the AceThinker program sas one of the best tools as Mac screen recorder.

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