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Screen capturing is important base on the fact that it enables people to show someone else exactly what on their computer screen. Furthermore, it also enables them to create instructions for executing a task, showing an expert the exact wan an unfamiliar message appears on the system, or even take a snapshot of a funny conversation they have with someone else for the purpose of sharing. Performing a screen grab on Mac is not difficult, all you need to do is to follow the various methods provided below.

Screen Grabber Pro for Mac (Image & Video)

screen grabber pro for mac
2 - 4 mins

Screen Grabber Pro for Mac is a professional Mac screen recorder that allows you to record any screen activity on Mac OS. With this Mac screen recording program, you can capture anything on your Mac screen as videos in a few clicks. Moreover, it enables you to save the recorded videos into an array of popular formats like MOV, AVI, MP4, etc. without any quality loss for sharing with the world.

To capture screen on Mac, now all you need to do is to download, install and run this screen recorder for Mac. Then configure the audio input, choose a recording mode and click the Record button to start capturing Mac screen. If you want to finalize the recording, simply click Stop to generate the recorded files.

red-download-btn-winbutton mac

QuісkTіme Plaуer (Video Only)

quicktime recorder
1 - 2 mins
Limited Functions

This software is cost-free solution and by default Apple’s media application, QuickTime can handle the job of screen recording smoothly. After launching the application, choose File > New Screen Recording. The moment recording window shows up, use the drop-down menu to select the kind of microphone you want to use or select None if you don’t want to include recording.

Note: if you like you can even record video beyond the desktop using the Mac’s iSight camera or an external video camera by choosing File > New Movie Recording. After you click on the red recording button, you will get options to choose full screen recording or for some certain particular area of your screen.

Snagit (Image & Video)

snagit capture
5 - 10 mins

I always prefer to use ScreenFlow for my longer, more engaging video tutorials, but now am beginning to use screenshot and screen video recording application Snagit for short, quick videos which I can easily upload to blog posts.

Unlike QuickTime and Apple’s screenshot application, Snagit stores all of your recordings in a tray where you can quickly retrieve them. Just like QuickTime, you can begin screen recording process by making use of the keyboard shortcut, or by clicking the red button in the Capture window, conveniently parked on a designated side of the desktop in your system. You can decide if you want to capture the whole desktop or draw a frame around the actual part or window you want to capture.

Mac Preview (Image Only)

Solution Mac Preview
2 mins
Very Easy
Limited Functions

Apart from the screenshot tool above, there is another Mac utility tool you can use to your advantage called Preview. Unlike the first one, this tool is created and developed for the purpose of viewing images and PDF documents (Portable Document Format). However, this software can also take screenshots. Just click to open the Preview app, then click File > Take Screen Shot and choose from 3 options like From Selection, From Window and From Entire Screen. So as to save the captured screenshot, simply press the File menu and then hit save. This is a fantastic way to capture screenshots without going through the rigorous process of pressing different buttons.

Webpage Capture Online (Webshot Only)

Webpage Solution
2-3 Mins
Webpage Only

If you want to grab a webpage screenshot instantly on Mac, you can count on Webpage Screenshot Capture tool. This is a freeware online and it gives users a free cloud space with allowing them to save images taken. Furthermore, users could also share the screenshots taken on various social media platforms; examples of such sites are Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more. After successfully taking a screenshot and uploading it, if you wish to edit the screenshot that you have taken, with the help of this online editing tool you can enhance such image by including texts, watermarks, lines, colors and more. Follow the steps below to use the tool:

  • 1. Visit the link of webpage screen capture.
  • 2. Enter the URL of any webpage that you want to capture.
  • 3. Choose the screen that you want to view the screenshot with, and then click capture.
  • 4. This online app will pop-up a new window with the screenshot of webpage (including scrollable parts). You could just right-click on that image and save it to local drive.
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