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Top 4 Best Screen Recording Software for Mac

Last updated on September 12, 2019 by Eleena

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Top 4 Best Screen Recording Software for Mac

Video recording is very popular nowadays especially for students, bloggers and businessmen as they will occasionally need to make a video for more effective presentation. No matter why you need to record video on Mac, you will always want to have the best screen recorder for Mac that will suit all your recording needs, right? You may be puzzled at the plenty of options when it comes to the selection of Mac screen recording tools. If it’s the case, you can have a look at this article about the best screen recording software for Mac, including both the free and paid ones to help you make the choice.

AceThinker Mac Screen Grabber Pro

mac sgp

When talking about the best screen recorder for Mac, AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro for Mac should definitely not be ignored. It’s an effective tool for recording screen, making tutorial videos, capturing a video, movie or gameplay on Mac OS 10.8 and above. Moreover, this tool allows you to record videos along with the audio coming from the system, microphone, or both simultaneously. It also has a built-in converter that lets you convert your recorded files into different formats such as MP4, AVI, WMV, and more. Here is the simple guide on how to record using this video recording software for Mac.

Step1 Download and Activate the Application

Click the button below to download and install the program on your Mac computer (The Windows version is also available). After that, follow the setup wizard and launch the app.

Try It Free

Step2 Configure the Settings

Before the recording, you can configure the setting on the “Option” menu from the main interface. For there, you can set the output video format, hotkeys, etc.

check setting

Step3 Select the Recording Mode

Click on the “Record” button and select the recording mode according to your need. Select whether you will capture a region or full-screen. If you want to add webcam on your recording, click the “Webcam” icon.

customize region

Step4 Start And Annonate the Recording

Once you have selected your capturing mode, click the “Start” button to start the recording. If you want to make tutorials and you wish to annotate your recording, click the “Pen” icon on the floating toolbar. You can add shapes, arrows, texts, and more.

annotate video

Step5 Stop and Save the Recording

Once you are done with the recording, the recorded file will automatically be saved in your computer’s hard drive and displayed on the main interface of this Mac screen capture software.

preview video


  • Real-time editor
  • Intuitive interface
  • Offline screen recording program
  • It has a screen recording task scheduler for you to record your screen when you are not in front of your computer


  • Need to buy the full version to completely experience the benefit out of it

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screen flow

When it comes to the best screen recording software for Mac, ScreenFlow really can’t get missed in the list. It is very useful for making a tutorial or demo videos and screencasts. This tool has built-in features that allow you to annotate, add images, put background music, and transitions. In addition, it’s also capable of recording audio from microphone, system and other external audio input. Once done recording, you can save it on your computer in various formats or share it on different video sharing sites. See the steps below on how to use the ScreenFlow to record video on Mac.

Step1 Download and Open the Tool

Download the application from ScreenFlow and install it on your Mac computer (This program is only available for Mac users). Prior to recording, a window will pop-up on your screen where you can configure the audio sources. Click the square box to choose whether you want to enable the microphone, computer audio or both.

Screenflow set up recording

Step2 Start to Record

To start recording, tap on the recorder icon on the top of your screen and click the “Record” button. Once you are done recording, simply go to the recorder icon again and click “Stop Record” option.

screenflow record

Step3 Edit and Publish the Recorded Video

Once you stop the recording, another window will pop up on your computer screen where you can preview and edit your video.

screenflow edit video


  • ScreenFlow is an easy to use application.
  • It has an intuitive interface.
  • It provides various editing features.


  • Screenflow has no free upgrade service.
  • You have to pay high amount of money before you can use the application.
  • It is only available on Mac.

QuickTime Player

quicktime screen recorderQuickTime Player is a pre-installed application developed by Apple company and serves as the default media player for Mac devices. But it can also be used to record screen on Mac and we can say that it’s one of the best free screen recorders for Mac. This tool has an intuitive interface that helps the users to accomplish their recording without any trouble. It allows the users to record gameplay, footages, makes tutorials. Even the web camera, iPhone screen, and audio from a computer system or microphone can be recorded. Read the below steps on how to use QuickTime Player screen recording feature.

Step1 Start A New Screen Recording

Open the program and go to the “File” menu at the top left of your screen and select “New Screen Recording” option.

new screen recording

Step2 Select Audio Source

Click on the down-arrow beside the recorder button to choose the audio source.

quicktime Select Audio Source

Step3 Start and End the Recording

To start recording, click on the red circle “Record” button as shown below. You can choose to record a region or full screen. Once done with the recording, simply hit the same “Red” button and your video file will be saved in MOV format on your Mac system.

quicktime recording


  • QuickTime Player can be use on both online and desktop.
  • It provides an easy video editing.


  • The preparation before recording takes quite a long time.
  • It requires a streaming server to host the download.

OBS Screen Recorder

obs macOBS (Open Broadcast Software) Screen Recorder is also undoubtedly one of the best screen capture software for Mac. This tool is often used to record gameplay, as it is able to record video along with its audio. It also has functions that are good for video editing, filtering, color correction, and actual audio enhancement and noise removal using its built-in sound enhancer.

Here is how you can get started to record screen on Mac with OBS:

Step1 Select Source

Visit the page and download the program from OBS. Follow the setup wizard until the program launched. After that, go to the “Sources” menu to see a list of sources. Then, choose the “Display Capture” to open the “Create or Select” window.

select source

Step2 Customize the Display Window

After selecting the source, choose the kind of display that you want to record. If you only have one video card or monitor, you do not have to change anything on your display. However, you can add another display by simply choosing from the “Display” drop-down menu. Then tap the “OK” button.

Customize the Dislay

Step3 Adjust the Volume

From the “Mixer” tab at the bottom part of OBS window, you can adjust the volume of audio coming from desktop and external input like a mic.

 Adjust the Volume

Step4 Start and Finish the Recording

At the bottom right of the OBS window, simply click the “Start Recording” button to start the process. Then, hit “Stop Recording” when you are done with your recording.

start recording


  • OBS Screen Recorder is a free and open source platform.
  • It allows unlimited number of video files.
  • It has over 20 plugins that enhance video quality.


  • OBS Screen Recorder does not work on Windows XP.
  • It has an unfriendly interface.


We have reviewed some of the best screen recording software for Mac. As you notice, every tool has its own upsides and downsides. Now it’s your time to make the decision about which one to choose according to your specific requirements and budgets. The tool that really stands out among others is the Screen Grabber Pro Mac, as it’s designed primarily for screen recording and it has versatile features that other tools do not have like the ability to record screen activity even during your absence using the task scheduler function.

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