Screen Grabber Pro Mac

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Capture and Record Your Mac Screen with Ease
  • Record any activity on your Mac screen.
  • Capture your Mac screen with video and audio together.
  • Edit your video in real-time during the recording
  • Convert recorded video to MP4, MOV, FLV, AVI etc.
  • Create scheduled task to record your Mac automatically
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Record Your Mac Screen in Versatile Ways

Screen Grabber for Mac makes it super easy and fast to record everything happening on your Mac screen in high quality. Multiple recording modes are provided to fulfil your screencast needs. You can record what happens on the entire Mac screen, select a region to capture or just record from your web camera. Also, it allows you to record your Macscreen with audio from your system sound, microphone or both simultaneously to make your video much more interactive. Now you can turn what you see on the screen to a screencast with audio synced in no time.

Annotate Recording in Real Time

Want to annotate the recorded video to make it more instructive? Now you can,this can be done using the tool throughout the recording process. This Mac screen recorder comes with some editing features, letting you create the most impressive screencast. You can add texts, arrows, rectangles, ellipses, lines, highlights etc to annotate your screen to make it look even better. With this useful real-time editing function, you can enhance your video demonstration before finalizing it and without any additional software to make it look like a professional made it!

Save and Convert Screencast

Once recorded, your screencast can be converted into a wide range of media formats such as MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV and many more using the built-in video converter. HD video output is also supported so you can save and share the video without any loss of quality. Some ready-made presets for devices and online video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo are provided for you to create videos with optimal settings. Before the conversion, you can even merge video clips into one if needed. As almost all popular output video formats are available, you can virtually share and play your screencast anywhere you like.

Easily Record Your Mac Screen within 3 Steps in Clicks

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    Professional solution for making screencast

    Following the instructions of this demo to create screencast along with sound, audio, annotation and more in professional way.

    Business Founder
    Newcastle, UK

    Best Screen Recorder Ever Used

    I think this should be the top screen recorder utility that I have ever used. It impressed me deeply in recording webcam along with the screen activity, letting me make tutorials for students easily! Highly recommended!

    Website Editor
    Cincinnati, USA

    Perfect Screen Capture Capabilities

    Basically I need a tool for creating snapshots for working communications and also making short videos in some cases. This product answers all my needs and it’s rare in the software market. Nice work, developers!

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