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Top 5 Best Vine Alternatives for iOS and Android Devices

Last updated on October 26, 2018 by Eleena

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Top 5 Best Vine Alternatives for iOS and Android Devices

Vine is one of the best excellent video-sharing sites that is created by Rus Yusupoy and his friends in 2012. Then it was sold to Twitter. With the use of this app, you are able to send a private message to your friends and capture videos. The recorded videos will be uploaded on your “Camera Roll”. However, you are only able to record for about 6 seconds every file. And this app is only compatible on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. In addition to its drawbacks, it does not contain any filters for you to edit your videos. For these reasons, you may need some Vine alternatives that provide similar but better services. In this article, we will discuss the best 5 apps like Vine for both iOS and Android users for your reference.

Viddy (iOS and Android)

The first choice recommended as an app like Vine is the Viddy, which is available on Android phones and iOS devices. With Viddy, you are allowed to record videos for about 30 seconds per video clip. If the recording exceeds 30 seconds, the app will automatically trim the recorded video before saving. Before you can use Viddy, you need to register your Facebook account. Then you are able to follow your friends who are also using Viddy. Moreover, you can see their feeds after you created your own account. The same with the other app, this tool also offers various filters and effects which you can only add beforehand. After the recording, you can add background music, adjust the brightness and trim the start and end of the recorded file. If you want to upload your videos, you can share it to different video sharing sites connected to Viddy like Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter. You also have the chance to share your recording in public, private or just to your chosen friends on Viddy.

set the viddy page

Mobli (iOS Only)

Mobli is a social networking site that is reliable in recording, editing and sharing videos online. It seems to be the rival of Instagram and Vine since they have similar features. Before this app is only compatible with iOS devices but now it is also accessible on Android phones. With the newest version of this program, you can now do a live broadcasting. This serves as the advantage of this app to the others. You cannot just share photos but also unlimited length videos. This app has a built-in function in adding frames and filters. It is easy to use because you do not need to create an account, you just need to sign in your Facebook account. With the “Push Notifications” of this app, you are able to see the activities done by the other Mobli users whom you follow.

set the mobli  app


The next Vine alternative is the GifBoom that lets the users import the videos in various formats such as photos, videos, and GIF animations. When you are about to start your recording, you can choose from the different recording modes that this app offers like the “Stop Motion,” “Burst,” “Auto” and “Timer.” It also has 19 filters for you to choose from. With GifBoom you are also allowed to share your recorded files to the video sharing sites associated with GifBoom including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, some of the recorded files shared are not good for children because these contain pornographic materials. In this case, you can share it directly and privately with your GifBoom friends via email.

gifboom page


From 2013, over 45 million people are using Keek. Most of them are teenagers whose ages are from 14-18 years old. There are just a few adults who are interested in using this app. It is actually similar to Vines where users can create videos. The videos are possible to record for about 36 seconds and share it with their friends via Facebook’s account, Twitter or sending an email. In viewing the Keeks videos, you have several choices such as “Most Viewed”, “Latest” etc. The other Keek users can leave their comments on your videos. You can respond to their comments by sending your “Keekback”.

set the keek page


Another amazing social networking site that can be used as a great Vine alternative is the SocialCam. It can capture videos or import these videos from your phone’s gallery. The same as the other application, SocialCam also offers 16 unique filters and effects to make your videos more attractive. However, these are only available to add before the recording starts. After the recording, you can edit your videos by adding music to your output. Setting the privacy of your videos is also reliable on this app since you can share it on public or private by choosing your trusted friends whom you want to share your videos with.

set the socialcam page


As stated above, there are still many apps like Vine that have similar functions to Vines when it comes to recording, editing and sharing videos online. So you don’t need to worry about the Vine being dead or discontinued as you have a lot of other choices. Now you just need to choose the program that suits your needs and start the fun. Which Vine alternative do you like? Or do you know any other better options to replace Vine? Please let us know by leaving the comments on this page, thank you!

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