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Top 6 Best Vine Alternatives for iOS and Android Devices

Last updated on May 20, 2019 by Eleena

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Top 6 Best Vine Alternatives for iOS and Android Devices

Vine is a short video sharing application launched back in the year 2012. It is app that was available only on iOS, and enables users to share six seconds long videos. Due to its immediate popularity, social media network Twitter decided to acquire it in the year 2013. Four years later, other social networking sites introduced their own version of short video sharing options. Eventually, this led to the decision of shutting down Vine for good. However, people are still able to watch Vine videos, but are not able to upload new videos. That is why other Vine users, switched platforms, and are using other apps like Vine. Continue reading to learn about some of the best apps like Vine that works on both Android and iOS device.


Coub - site like Vine First great alternative to Vine, is Coub. The application is available on both iOS and Android devices, reaching out to more users. The application was first launched in 2012 for Android users, and a year later the iOS version was released. The application allows the user to share a ten second long video, that can be a scene from videos hosted on different video hosting site or their personal videos. Coub is so famous, that their average monthly users reach fifty million. The application offers in app video editing and filter application, adding more spice to the videos being uploaded. With its smooth compatibility with both Android and iOS device, there is no wonder why people use it and that is what makes it a great alternative to Vine.


  • Enables the user to create their own theme
  • Videos can be shared to various social networks
  • Good sound quality


  • Occasional upload errors
  • Runs in the background, draining battery
  • Limited audio clips


app like Vine - Boomerang Boomerang is a stand-alone video application launched by social media giant Instagram. This is a great app similar to Vine, because it allows you to create mini videos that are in an endless loop. It can even make a loop selfie by utilizing the front camera of your smartphone. This was launched as an implement to Instagram, to give their users other options to play with when they share something on the app. Boomerang was launched in 2015 and since then, Instagram has been flooded with short looped videos that goes back and forth, as a proof of its popularity. Overall, this is a great app like Vine and will continue to be one, in the coming days ahead.


  • Does not require any account log-in
  • Easy operational buttons
  • Has reverse motion option


  • Spends too much battery life


site like Vine - Oevo If you are into social media, then you probably have heard of Oevo. This is a mini-video creating app that is similar to Vine, but also have greater features. The app even hosts a vine video making competition, promising cash prizes to the winners. This is a reason why people from all over the world are into this application, and give it their all to create the best vine videos. Launched in 2018, the site is still a rookie among other apps like Vine. However, with its unique video competition features, it rose to popularity in a short period of time. That reason is enough make it worthy of being tagged, as a great Vine alternative.


  • Gives out cash incentives to top videos


  • Continues to run in when not in use, consuming battery life


site like Vine - TikTok TikTok is probably the most popular application on the list. Introduced in 2017, TikTok has became the most downloaded app on both iOS and Android devices in the United States in just a year after its release. In 2018, the application recorded a huge 500 million users around the world, sealing its place as one of the most used apps like Vine. TikTok allows users to create short three to sixty second videos, or looping videos that goes back and forth. The thing that sets TikTok apart from others is that it allows the incorporation of audio, to their videos which adds more flavor their content. There is no doubt that TikTok is a top contender when talking about the best apps similar to Vine.


  • Famous around the world
  • Have different kinds of users
  • Has wide reach among audiences


  • Always running in the background and consumes more battery life
  • Limited audio clips can be used


socialcam app Socialcam is a social application supporting iPhone and Android devices. Similar to Vine, this program enables you to capture, play, and share some short videos from your mobile device. Using this app, you could personalize your videos using the built-in editor of Socialcam. Also, you can apply vintage and experimental filters, custom titles or select any Socialcam’s sound clip effects to play in the background. It does not only allow you to capture and share new videos, but it also lets you follow other users to see more posts in your feed, as well as leave comments and like to give feedback. One interesting feature that this app offers is it does not have any limitation when it comes to the length of the video. That means you can post longer videos on Socialcam without any trouble.


  • Offers nine video effects
  • Features unlimited length when uploading video


  • Notifications in the app are all over the place

Vero - True Social

site like Vine - Vero Last but not least, is Vero which is a social photo and video sharing app. The application works on Android and iOS device, making it a cross-platform application that offers almost the same content as Vine. The only difference is that the app is a full social network where other things can be shared as well. Vero made it to the list of great Vine alternatives because it hosts short video clips shared by its users. Most of these videos are three seconds long, and are in a perpetual loop. The popularity of this application is comparable to Instagram and other social networking sites. With an average ten million users every month, Vero deserves to be on the list of great Vine alternatives indeed.


  • Shows the latest contents on your feed
  • Able to upload large sized images
  • Does not crop the images


  • Still on beta stage
  • Android is more unstable unlike iOS


Despite being discontinued, many people still enjoy using Vine app on iOS, simply because of its entertaining and creative contents. However, being limited to iOS, it did not reached its full potential as a app. Luckily, there are other apps similar to Vine that works on both devices. Some of these well made apps are featured above, and going by their capabilities, they indeed are great alternative to Vine. This is because they have additional options that people can use and optimize. If there are apps like Vine that you know and are not included in the list, feel free to share them with us.

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